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Chapter 160 Dad’s gift is the best


What a backache-inducing shopping mall visit this was! Tian Yuan admired women's purchasing power greatly.

He couldn't believe Dean Dang Hong and Mother Tian were trying to grab peanut oil from a crowd of middle-aged and elderly women.


Pan Lei couldn't stand it any longer as he stood outside the supermarket.

Could someone possibly tell him what drove these women to battle so ferociously for small gains They all ran up, just short of shouting and killing, to grab a few bottles, whether she was the dean of the Armed Police Hospital or an old retired teacher at home. How much money can they possibly save!


We should let these women run over to the Japs like this.

They'll scare the ** out of them, and we'll defeat the Japanese devils exactly like Grandpa wishes.


"We should walk outside and wait.

This is far too thrilling."


All of the men had retreated a long distance.

No one dared to enter the fray after seeing this bunch of middle-aged and elderly women battling with glinting eyes.


Tian Yuan wanted to go out and wait in the car as well, but the group of middle-aged and older women was too intimidating.

He was concerned that they would shove their mothers out of the way, resulting in sprained ankles.


Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei after seeing his mother-in-law, who didn't go to the market very often, being pushed out.


"Go get them out."


Pan Lei's mouth dropped open wider than if he had choked on an egg. I have to go in! He, a young and vigorous special forces instructor, tall and strong, had to fight over something with a bunch of middle-aged and old women Someone, please kill me.

This devaluation is too much! Everyone is going to despise me.


"Just go, will you.

Grab two barrels of peanut oil with your left hand, and drag the two old ladies out with your right hand."


It was no problem to ask him to go to the battlefield.

There was no issue apprehending drug lords in Myanmar's drug zone.

But there was a difficulty here.

He'd be cursed at by a gathering of middle-aged and old women, and he'd have to cover his head and scurry like a rat!


Tian Yuan suppressed a smile.

His face looked solemn, but the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.


"Go quickly and complete the glorious task that has been assigned to you.

Do it in thirty seconds, then quickly turn around and drive home."


Kill me! God, oh god, this mission is so hard to do!


"Oh, baby, at the very least get me some headgear.

The sort that can be used to conceal the nose and face."


"Hurry up and go! And see that our mothers are not hurt."


Pan Lei had little option as Tian Yuan shoved him in.

His eyes narrowed as he thought, Forget it.

His face was so thick that even a drill bit couldn't get through.


He dashed over, grabbed two barrels of peanut oil in one hand, reached over and grabbed his mother-in-law, and hauled her out before dragging his mother.

He rushed up and ran before this gathering of middle-aged and older women could rage.


Pity him, a special forces instructor who had to compete with a swarm of aunties for promotional goods.


Tian Yuan hurried up to meet him and took the peanut oil to check out, while Pan Lei dragged his two mothers into the car swiftly so he didn't make an exhibition of himself.

Or, if the two husbands worked well together, even if he lost face, he'd be losing face jointly.


Tian Yuan returned, huffing and puffing as he held the oil in his hands.


"Run for it! An old lady is chasing after me, scolding us for not knowing how to cherish the elderly and respect the worthy."


Everyone burst into loud laughter.

This shopping trip was a lot of fun.

The two mothers-in-law may be thought to have found a common topic: buy so and so to save so and so, and suggestions on how many test samples were required for skin care products.


Pan Lei and Tian Yuan glanced at each other, helplessly smiling.

They were powerless to stop it.

Sons should be filial to their mothers in this manner.

Shopping with them and hearing their mothers happily remark about how they saved a few bucks.


Tian Yuan's bank card had maxed out. This shopping trip was quite damaging.



Let it be.

I was able to buy gifts for everyone, including LingSi'er.

I can't miss buying a gift for the youngest family member just because the child keeps calling me little aunt all day.


Grandma Pan received an especially lovely brooch.

Dang Hong liked a light tan cashmere dress, so they purchased four pairs at once.

Mother Tian and the amazing ladies were all the same.

If the four ladies wore the same outfit, they would appear to be four sisters.


Tian Yuan gave each of the four female seniors a magnificent brooch with a unique shape.


When Pan Zhan arrived with his wife and daughter and saw his four elders wearing the same clothing and competing for beauty, he hastily took his wife to the mall and purchased four shawls of different colors.

The female elders praised him for giving Grandma Pan a mink fur shawl.


Pan Ge arrived late and noticed that, with the exception of him, all of the juniors had presented gifts. Okay, then! I'd better get a pair of shoes for each female elder.


As a result, Pan Ge accompanied them back to the mall, where they each chose a pair of shoes as his New Year's gift to express his filial piety.


These older charming beauties looked stunning after changing into the same outfit, adding a shawl, a brooch, and matching shoes.

They even went out to show off once, which drew a lot of jealousy and resentment.


In the military compound, the Pans became the family with the most laughter, the most people, and the most happiness.


Isn't the year coming to an end as well Come on everyone, get some loose change, and let's play some mahjong.


They even neglected to eat.

Father and Mother Tian gladly joined them, calling on the neighboring political commissar's family and so on, playing mahjong, and enjoying dinner before retiring late at night.


Tian Yuan was finally free of all anxieties.

He went to work cheerfully, knowing that when the time came, Pan Lei would pick him up and bring him back to the courtyard.

The old and the young gathered around, and as he saw their happy family laugh and play, he would foolishly smile and grip the hand of the man next him tightly. Everything is great.

Please let our family be joyful like this forever.


Tian Yuan looked at Pan Lei, who grinned back.


It's all good.


Every day was a blur of noise and excitement.

Despite the fact that there was less time for the two to be alone, it felt fantastic.


When they got back to their room, they'd hug each other tight and whisper in the quilt.

Tian Yuan nestled on Pan Lei's arm and listened to his heartbeat.

Even if he had to jog every morning, he hoped their days would be like this forever.


Pan Lei, on the other hand, seemed a bit downcast.

Tian Yuan planned to travel abroad after the New Year.

In the last few days, he went to the hospital to finish the last bit of work, filed his resignation letter, and had it approved by the hospital.



A year is such a long time.

He hasn’t left yet, but I'm missing him already.

This is bad.


There is a connection between a father and his son.

With Pan Lei's gaze fixed on Tian Yuan and pursuing him all day, how could Papa Pan miss what that meant


Papa Pan summoned Pan Lei to the study discreetly.


"What's the matter, son Why do you appear to be unhappy when the rest of the family appears to be having a good time"


Pan Lei took out a cigarette and searched his pockets for a lighter for quite some time.

He yelled to the outside as he opened the couplet plastered door.


"Tian'er, baby..."


LingSi'er came prancing over.

Her great grandparents, as well as all the other grandpas and grandmas, referred to her as "baby." She raced over, her pigtails bouncing, thinking Pan Lei was beckoning her.


"Why did you call me, Little Uncle"


"Go play on the side.

Don't come running the next time I yell out "baby." I'm calling your Little Aunt."


Tian Yuan was indeed standing outside the door.

Pan Lei raising his neck and shouting "Baby!" could only imply one thing: he wanted to smoke but couldn't find his lighter.


Pan Lei could now say whatever cheesy things he pleased, regardless of who was there.

He was still shouting, 'baby', even when his mother-in-law, aunts, mother, and sister-in-law were all present.

Tian Yuan flushed the first few times and felt embarrassed, but was it of any use After Pan Lei called him baby five or six times a day in front of everyone, his face thickened over time.


When Pan Lei called him baby, he would occasionally respond involuntarily.

Those that are close to cinnabar turn red, while those that are close to ink turn black[1].

After spending so much time with such a thick-skinned man, his own skin had also thickened.


"Isn’t it better to have the lighter yourself"


Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan as he lit him up.


"I call you whenever I want to smoke so you know how many times a day I want to smoke.

Don't you know I enjoy listening to you nag me about smoking less"


Tian Yuan didn't have the heart to reprimand him any longer, so he accompanied LingSi'er to play.

Little LingSi'er was hurt.

Seriously injured.


"Little Aunt, am I not a baby Dad said that I’m also a baby."


"Don't listen to your little uncle; he's shameless.

LingSi’er is the best baby ever."


Papa Pan chuckled. My son and son-in-law's feelings are quite good.

They keep playing around.

It’s really a bit cruel to separate such an affectionate young couple.


"How can I be happy when I think about him studying overseas for a year Dad, being an army family member, my mother followed you around all the time.

We are different.

He wants to be a good doctor, which is wonderful, but we don't have much time together to begin with.

I hate the thought of being separated for another year."


Papa Pan was in the same boat.

They were apart for a long period when Dang Hong went to school.

He couldn't join his wife because there were a lot of things to take off in the military region at the time.


"If I were an ordinary person, if I didn't wear this uniform, I'd go abroad with him for a year and then return together.

But I'm not Zhang Hui, Lin Mu, or Huang Kai, so I can't just leave whenever I want."


When soldiers traveled abroad, they had to submit their applications ahead of time, which were then reviewed and authorized at all levels.

The final approval took several months to obtain.

This document required time, but missing your loved one did not.


Pan Lei's head drooped.

He was dejected and helpless, and he even considered removing his military uniform and joining Tian Yuan right away.

Alas, love blinds people.


Papa Pan smiled, looking like a thief.


"You must thank your mom and me for this, son.

We understand the misery of missing and being apart from your lover, therefore I discussed it with your mother and gave you a little back door."


Papa Pan pulled open a drawer and displayed a piece of paper.

His demeanor was mysterious and flamboyant, as if he were teasing a child.


Pan Lei's eyes glowed. Is it a special amnesty A gold medal to clear customs


"I know being separated in two places will be difficult for you as a couple this year.

Your feelings are strong, and a year apart will be agony for both of you.

So, I discussed this with the leaders of your military zone and obtained this piece of paper from the chief of the logistical department.

You can travel overseas once a month with the signatures of these individuals.

You can remain for up to a week at a time.

This is a particular exception for the special forces; otherwise, if you want to go overseas for a week, you must request for permission at least three to four months in advance, and you may still be denied.

This is a one-of-a-kind pass for you.

Are you happy now He'll be gone for a year, and you'll be able to see him twelve times, just like now."


Ordinarily, he might not be able to return every month, and each time he did, he stayed for a week.

This pass was similar to a special waist tag in ancient times, a waist tag for entering and leaving the palace at will!


He was a special forces instructor.

Could he freely travel abroad given his extraordinary identity


There is a saying that having an elder in your home is like having a treasure[2].

There were a lot of seniors in the Pan family, which meant there were a lot of riches! This was, without a doubt, the biggest surprise.

Tian Yuan would be away for a year, but he could see him twelve times, each time for a week!


Pan Lei whooped and rushed over to his father, tightly hugging him.


"I love you so much, Dad."


[1] Idiom: nurture shapes a person's character; different environments provide different influences.

[2] Living with your parents/elders can provide benefits, not financially, but because they have more experience and can advise you on certain aspects of life.

Pan Lei, however, appears to have taken it literally.


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