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Chapter 16: The Master Bites Once Again

Tian Yuan froze for a moment before he set forth to go down as he became aware that he is currently sitting on top of the other man’s waistline.

This position is extremely ambiguous.

Who knew that he had just gotten up when Pan Lei’s hand tightened around his waist.

Pan Lei sat up and buckled the back of Tian Yuan’s head with one hand.

Tian Yuan was startled and asked him back.


Why Do not know.

Pan Lei didn’t waste words and just showed him through his actions what he wanted to do.

Pan Lei opened his mouth and made a gesture of biting the other guy’s mouth.

Still the same as the old routine of yesterday, he directly bit.

He first affixed his mouth to Tian Yuan’s soft lips, then he quickly opened it to bite those lips.

Feeling the pain, Tian Yuan cried out in alarm.

He vigorously pounded Pan Lei’s back with his fists, but all his struggles were suppressed by him.

Pan Lei’s both hands tightly fastened Tian Yuan’s head and mercilessly kissed him.

The bloody taste inside their mouths were gradually mixing together as the kiss intensifies.

By intensifying the kiss, it will help Pan Lei to convey his inner thoughts to the man in front of him.

‘Do not struggle.

Do not resist.

Be obedient, and I’ll be gentle.

Be careful.

If you pound on my back again, I’ll let you taste another bite.’ Pan Lei didn’t let any of those bloody saliva inside their mouths to flow out as he swallowed all of them down.

Finding the tip of the tongue that was wading around, Pan Lei desperately moved to suck it in.

He kept pulling the tongue in but the other side kept resisting.

So Pan Lei simply bit the evading tongue and directly led it into his own mouth.

And just like that, their tongues began to intertwine.

The hand that fastened Tian Yuan’s head began to move downwards on his back, enclosing it.

He was eagerly pressing himself against the other man’s body, so that in addition to their clothes, their bodies would also be closely attached to each other.

The other hand propped up Tian Yuan’s waist so Pan Lei can make a nice angle to violently kiss him.

He grabbed Tian Yuan’s hand that was on his back and guided it down to his waist, creating the same posture as himself.

They repeatedly caressed each other’s bodies as they pressed on to the other.

It would have been best if they could lift their clothes and touch each other’s skin directly.

Tian Yuan was, at first, struggling because he was really unaccustomed to being kissed by a man, but his efforts were futile.

Pan Lei was still so fierce in kissing him!

Pan Lei’s stubble that’s sliding on his face and puncturing his chin, was slightly painful.

But his lips were in much more pain, ah!

This animal, did he not learn how to kiss Did he not know that kissing is not the same as biting He had bitten him twice, and now his mouth is full of cuts.

He will have to forbid him to kiss him later on.

He does not want to have a mouth that’s covered in scars.

Where would he get the courage to face people in such condition

The air was becoming insufficient for Tian Yuan to breathe, and his head was getting dizzy.

His eyes were seemingly seeing stars, and his body had turned weak and limp.

He could only hold onto Pan Lei’s waist to stabilize his body, but then he realized that he did not know how he would snuggle into Pan Lei’s arms.

So just like a woman, he tried to go deeper into Pan Lei’s arms and then he slowly raised his head to receive his intoxicating kiss.

Pan Lei’s arms are wrapping around him tightly, but they don’t actually hurt.

He can not break free but he knows that this man will not let him suffocate.

The solid world that he is currently standing on was built solely by him using his own hands.

Similar to this man, though his arms are tightly wrapped around him, being cuddled up inside provides him inexplicable security.

The tingling sensation on his face was no longer uncomfortable.

It could even be said that it gives him a bit of impatience.

There’s no smell of powder on Pan Lei’s body and same as him, Pan Lei’s lips are not soft, but firm.

It would not let him think that the person embracing him now is a woman.

Rather, it was an evident proclamation that the person cuddling him was definitely a man.

A man with stubble is now kissing him in such a messy manner.

This violent kiss could be considered tolerable.

However, he must tell Pan Lei to get rid of the biting ritual at the onset of each kiss.

Without that, everything else was warm, passionate, dazzling and intoxicating.

When Tian Yuan was finally able to breathe out, Pan Lei’s mouth didn’t stop and instead, went on to linger on the nape of his neck.

The piercing stubble moved on to Tian Yuan’s white skin, leaving light pink scratches and Pan Lei’s biting left purplish hickeys.

With just a slight stimulation, Tian Yuan quickly held on to Pan Lei’s shoulder and made an effort to tilt his head following his instincts.

This is, undoubtedly, more convenient for Pan Lei to kiss and bite.

“Tian’er, my baby, you are my little candy.

I really want to swallow you and see if you are as sweet as candy.” Pan Lei mumbled to himself.

His baby, his little candy, his Tian’er.

He really wanted to just hug him and kiss him, stay by his side, see him smile at him and watch him live happily in front of his eyes.

It is indeed amazing how he had fallen in love at a single glance.

He only needed one look, and he had found the love of his life.

No matter how old he would become, he would still want to hold him in his arms and love him dearly.

Just like this, leaning on his embrace, and simply allowing himself to be romantically infatuated, as if he’s living in a glittering mountain of flowers.

He feels that his life is now complete.

He is absolutely not a great writer, but a typical boorish man.

He wants to make his baby feel delighted but he does not know what language to use for his words to qualify as flowery words.

But one thing he is confident about is that he knows how to be good to him for the rest of their lives.

“Go away! Disgusting, don’t you feel sick And even using candy to compare me with Do you think that I am a woman” Tian Yuan gasped to breathe in.

He heard the low tone of Pan Lei’s voice that repeatedly mumbled on his side at the edge of his ear.

Listening to it, his face color changed from pink to red.

Candy Isn’t this the word that usually appears in romantic novels When he was in college, he was also disgusted to say this to the girl he liked.

Pan Lei smiled while feeling very satisfied.

He was waiting for his family’s wife to beat him up for kissing him the second time.

But then, he got a scolding instead.

A kiss in exchange for a scolding, not bad.

It was actually very cost-effective.

Pan Lei moved in closer to him and wanted to kiss him again, but Tian Yuan hurriedly looked up.

“You are not allowed to bite my mouth again.

Today, everyone in the hospital knows that I have a passionate girlfriend.

If you bite me, how would I go to work tomorrow A urologist will certainly give me Liu Wei Di Huang Wan [1].”

Pan Lei got distracted for a moment, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Why will he take that medicine if he was bitten But that wasn’t a bite, it was a kiss!

“Your body is uncomfortable, let me off.” Tian Yuan struggled to get up from him and stood up.

As he was getting up, he slanted his eyes and gave Pan Lei a quick look.

This look made Pan Lei’s heart and soul began to flutter and float in a disorderly way.

That was way too seductive! His eyes were watery and glistening brightly.

He glanced at him shyly, but with some annoyance, and these made him a hideous mess.

“Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is used to cure kidney deficiency.

The urologist will exhort me to not let my sexual intercourse be too intense.

Even if the girlfriend was enthusiastic, the guy must also need to take care of his body.”

After hearing his explanation, Pan Lei laughed and rolled around.

“Tian’er, do I look like a woman You come and touch me and see if I look like a woman.

After you have gotten your confirmation, you go back to work tomorrow and tell them that it was not a girlfriend, but a passionate boyfriend.”

Pulling away his hand from the grip of a certain rogue, Tian Yuan particularly wanted to kick him away with his foot.

How could he still not know him, this old rascal If he let him grasp his hand, he will not let him go anywhere.

Touch it Touch where He doesn’t want to.

“Can you not do it Every time you bite me, it leaves a mark.

How can I have the face to go to work Even the president asked me what happened to the wounds on my mouth.

I can’t even make an excuse that it was scratched by a cat.”

Pan Lei thinks that his future prospects are excellent.

The first time he kissed him, it was a stolen kiss.

This is the second time that he can’t control himself. Tian Yuan did not particularly forbid him to kiss, but only disallowed him from biting, which means that Tian Yuan had already agreed with this kind of intimacy!

“I wanted to leave a mark, so as to prevent dubious people to come hovering near you.

That is to tell everyone that you have a master.

Clearly, you are mine.”

Why won’t he bite He was especially proud of the wounds he had left on Tian Yuan’s lips because only he can bite him and kiss him.

Men are all ferocious animals, for example, tigers and lions, and puppies too! Puppies usually urinate around a certain area to establish their territory.

Using the same reasoning, Pan Lei’s marks would serve as establishing ownership over his domain called Tian Yuan.


Notes:[1] Liu Wei Di Huang Wan – It is one of the most famous and frequently used formulas in Traditional Chinese medicine.

It is also known as Six Flavor Tea Pills, Liu Wei Di Huang Pian, and so on.

For more information, click here.


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