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Chapter 159 Making the two mothers happy


Tian Yuan was depressed, really depressed; so depressed that he couldn't sleep.


The elders were all asleep, and the lights in every room were turned off, because the older generation had spent the entire night playing mahjong the night before.

Only this young pair had not yet drawn the curtains or shut off the lights.


Tian Yuan's stomach was a little queasy, and the prospect of having to run the next day gave him a stomachache.

His stomach hurt even more when he remembered his mother's and mother-in-law's fighting abilities.

He almost dashed out the door, thinking about his hill-like dinner bowl.


Pan Lei was also uneasy.

He sat next to Tian Yuan and touched his cheek, very concerned by the bitterness on his face. Damn, he's suffering.

It's the New Year, and I've allowed him to be unhappy.

Maybe we should just go back to the barracks and celebrate the New Year there.


"I'm going to take you to the hospital.

I don't want a sudden flare-up of gastritis.

You've always been conscious of what, when, and how much you eat.

You can't handle eating so much all at once, and it'll be bad if it creates any problems.

Let's go right away."


When Pan Lei observed Tian Yuan's bitter expression, his too rich imagination took flight, praying that he would stop hurting right away.

He stood up to change his clothing and get his car keys.


Tian Yuan knew himself and understood that this was a mental issue.

It was simply a reflex of his own body.

He grabbed Pan Lei's arm and wouldn't let go.


"Come back.

I'm not in pain anymore.

Let’s go to sleep.

We have to go jogging tomorrow."


"I'd better ask my mother to examine you.

There must be a wide range of medications available at home.

Let my mother administer an injection to you."


"Have you seen the time! Come here and relax.

Let’s go to bed, alright"


What he needed was relaxation and comfort.

No drugs would be of any assistance.


Pan Lei had no choice but to listen to him.

He stripped naked, climbed into bed, rested against the headboard, and held Tian Yuan in his arms.

Tian Yuan leaned lazily in his arms, his back on Pan Lei's chest.

Pan Lei unbuttoned Tian Yuan’s pajamas, placed his hand on his stomach, and gently rubbed it.


"Isn't tomorrow simply jogging Don't get out of bed in the morning.

I'll inform Grandpa that you have a stomach ache and are unable to get up.

Grandpa isn't going to whip you."


"Who dares to resist grandpa, eh"


"Actually, it's okay to go.

You run half a lap first, and I'll finish the rest for you.

It’ll be fine as long as you don't goof off in front of Grandpa."


Pan Lei nipped his ear and patted him on the head.


"All right, this is settled.

Then there's the issue of our two lovely and mighty mothers."


Tian Yuan groaned.

He was powerless to stop those two ladies.


"It's simple to do.

I'll accompany your mother in the morning, and you'll accompany mine; we'll go with them on a stroll.

You'll talk to your mother in the afternoon, and I'll talk to mine.

We'll do something together in the evening.

Just don't leave them alone with each other.

They're both educated.

It's not like they're going to tear each other's clothes or grab each other's hair and fight like shrews.

Oh, that's right! Let's take them to the mall.

We'll purchase new clothes for the New Year, and we'll buy identical outfits to avoid bias.

Tian'er, it's just that you'll have to spend a lot of money as a son.

Do you have your bank card with you I gifted you money for the new year and transferred it to your bank card.

With this money, we can make the entire family happy.

We'll go all out on New Year's Eve to wish Grandpa and Grandma a happy new year.

When they’re happy, the red envelopes will naturally be generous, and we’ll be able to recover some of our losses."


Tian Yuan couldn’t think of a better idea and could only agree with Pan Lei’s plan.


After talking and knowing the countermeasures, Tian Yuan's stomach didn't hurt as much anymore.

He leaned back against Pan Lei and began to doze off.


Pan Lei extended his arm and switched off the lights.

The last lamp in the military compound had gone out.


However, this did not imply that everyone had fallen asleep.

Tian Yuan's parents were staying in a wing room, and they couldn't sleep after a long night of tossing and turning.

The elderly couple sighed in unison: forget it, forget it.

Their son was grown and they were staying with their in-laws.

What could they possibly say It is what it is.


Grandpa Pan blew a short whistle in good spirits at six o'clock, before the sun had even risen.

The lights in all of the rooms suddenly turned on, and everyone in the rooms began to move.

Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan outside and ran.

He buttoned his shirt and tied his shoelaces.

When the cold wind blew, Tian Yuan shivered and awoke.


The last time he was a spectator.

The Pan men ran and he followed the old man as a supervisor.

When he arrived at the military complex this time, Grandpa Pan informed him that he would also have to jog.

That is to say, he was unlucky this time and couldn't merely saunter.


The Pan men, with the exception of Pan Zhan and Pan Ge, were all present.

The activities in the courtyard jolted the Tian couple awake.

When they got up to see what was going on, they noticed that everyone was standing at attention.

It was merely that their son stood a bit awkwardly...


Grandpa Pan was very pleased.


"In consideration of Tian Yuan, you’ll run five kilometers today and won't carry any weight."


The Pan men saluted, turned around, and began running.


Running five kilometers is a piece of cake.

The old man is quite gentle today ah.


"Grandpa, Tian'er had stomach problems due to overeating yesterday, so let him run one kilometer today and I'll run the remainder for him, okay"



Let’s go! The young man should get more exercise.

Tian Yuan, you can return after running a kilometer."


Tian Yuan readily agreed. Hehe, Grandpa loves this grandson the most.


He'd run with the recruits before, so he figured he'd be able to finish the run easily and went for a run gleefully.


This time, Grandpa replaced him with Father Tian as the supervisor.


Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan in a circle after evading the old man's surveillance range.


"You sneak home from here by the back door, and when Grandpa returns, you pretend you've finished running."


Wow, he loves me so much. Tian Yuan had barely begun when he realized he didn’t need to run anymore.

He realized they were alone and wrapped his arms around Pan Lei’s neck to give a big, loud kiss.


He waved his hand and sneaked away.


It's nice to have someone to cover for you.


Grandpa Pan and Father Tian chatted while walking, and Tian Yuan went around them in a circle, coming home through the back door.


Tian Yuan laughed mischievously when Dang Hong booped his nose.


"Let's go shopping after breakfast, Mom.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with Pan Lei.

It's the New Year, so we should buy some New Year's gifts for our elders as sons."


Dang Hong gave a nod.



I promised to get you some new clothes, so let's go shopping today."


Everyone got ready to head out after breakfast.

The males, of course, were not going.

Pan Lei was, because, as his mother put it, "you're such a tall, grown-up man! Do you want us old ladies to carry things Come with us and carry our bags."


The young couple proceeded to change their clothing in their room.

Tian Yuan put on a white turtleneck sweater, while Pan Lei put on a black turtleneck sweater.

They were both dressed in the same short jacket and jeans.

Tian Yuan appeared very gentle in white.

In Pan Lei's eyes, he was like the teddy bears that girls liked. So cute! Pan Lei hugged and kissed him several times before letting go.


Couple outfits! They wore couple outfits and just swaggered into the shopping mall.


Dang Hong took her in-law's hand in hers and readily addressed her as "Elder sister."


Pan Lei clasped Tian Yuan's hand in his and followed after them.

There were a lot of people, but they walked hand-in-hand into the mall with their mothers.

Anyone who wished to watch them was welcome to do so.


"Look at these two youngsters, elder sister, they are so sweet.

In fact, love is a private matter between the two of them.

But because they want to be together for the rest of their lives, it becomes an issue of two families uniting.

Our two families have reached an agreement, and the children are also free and happy.

Look how Tian Yuan is smiling with delight.

My Leizi is more than just a bandit; he is really good to Tian Yuan."


Finally, Mother Tian nodded.


"As long as the children are loving."


Dang Hong smiled and patted Mother Tian's hand.


"That's correct.

Come, let's go get some clothes."


Mother Tian's heart's sore spots had all been soothed, and there was no longer any need to compete.

Mothers are all the same, and their way of loving their children is likewise the same; the only difference is the style of teaching.

The Pan family's parenting approach was free-range, whereas the Tian family’s was confined.


Dang Hong had promised to buy Tian Yuan clothes, and stated that she would dress up her son-in-law.


The gang arrived at a store selling men's apparel.

Dang Hong chose a knee-length beige coat with a belt.


Tian Yuan was slender, and black made him appear cold and gloomy.

The beige one was popular and also made him appear warm, which suited his nature.


Tian Yuan had no choice but to go in with his clothing when Mama Pan told him to try it.


Mother Tian picked a long black coat and handed it to Pan Lei.

Her gaze was no longer hostile or evasive.

She looked at Pan Lei with the expression of a mother.


"Try this."


Pan Lei was a little bewildered. Is it possible that my mother-in-law is going to give me a gift for the first time


Dang Hong nodded at him, and Pan Lei grabbed his clothing and entered the changing room, the same place Tian Yuan had entered.

Tian Yuan was undressing when he went in and quickly shut the door.


How large can a dressing room be It was naturally cramped with two men standing in it.


"Get out! Why are you huddling and changing clothes here"


Pan Lei couldn't contain his excitement and hugged Tian Yuan tightly.


"Baby, pinch me.

I want to see if I'm dreaming.

My mother-in-law, my mother-in-law wants to buy me clothes! I can't believe it!"


For a brief moment, Tian Yuan was stunned.

He stopped struggling and hugged Pan Lei fiercely, his heart completely relieved.

His parents would not argue or be unhappy.

His parents had truly forgiven them and accepted the fact that they were together.

Treating the man he loved as though he were their own son was a subtle way of expressing their acceptance.


This is fantastic.

Our relationship is now complete.

Your parents agree, as do my parents; your relatives agree, as do mine.

There is no discrimination, and no one is upset. It was a hard-won mutual love.


There was no impediment that couldn't be overcome, and even the most difficult-to-agree parents were no longer an issue.


Someone was carrying clothes to the dressing room from outside.

Dang Hong and Mother Tian reached out to block that person's approach to the dressing room before the attendant could even open their mouth to stop him.


"Sorry, mister.

My sons are changing inside.

Please go to the dressing room next door."


That man seemed baffled.


"Whose son is he One person has two mothers!"


Yes, he has two mothers.

Both mother and mother-in-law are mothers, aren’t they {T/N: aww}


Finally, the lovey-dovey couple emerged from the room.


Mother Tian straightened her son's collar and tugged Pan Lei's sleeves as they stood in front of the mirror together.


"My sons are so handsome."




I cried happy tears at the end of the chapter.

Mother Tian has come a long way.


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