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Chapter 157 Pan Women vs Mother Tian


Tian Yuan's parents didn't dare to decline the invitation.

Dang Hong kept calling Mother Tian "elder sister" intimately and spoke in circles.

She was essentially saying: This feeling of becoming an empty-nest old couple is pretty awful.

This is also a traditional festival, so come to my house to ring in the New Year.

It's a fantastic opportunity for our family to get together.

Don’t make the children live apart for the New Year because they don't get to spend much time together.

I'll send someone to get you.


In this fashion, the decision was made unilaterally, and within a few days, the chief of the local public security bureau arrived in person and requested the two to get into the car.

General Pan's staff was already at the airport.


Father and Mother Tian, the honest and rigid-minded teachers, were thus half-coerced into boarding the plane, accompanied by a person in military uniform.

They discovered that this was General Pan's guard after asking.

He stated that he was there to guarantee that they landed safely.


They saw their son from a distance after getting off the plane, with Pan Lei in military uniform beside him.


This was most likely Pan Lei's first appearance in formal attire.

The uniform, which was pine green with golden epaulets, was flawless.

Pan Lei was tall and powerful.

When he wore this suit, he appeared to be one of the most valiant fighters.

With him, no adversaries could breach the frontier, giving people a sense of majesty, solemnity, and safety.


Tian Yuan, on the other hand, had never seen Pan Lei in such formal attire.

He was usually clad in camouflage and high-top military boots, his entire person exuding banditry but power.

Tian Yuan's eyes lighted up as he abruptly changed into a crisp formal suit and looked very handsome.


What clothing makes men look the most attractive Military garb.


The trouser lines were perfectly straight, the actions of walking and sitting were commanding, and the face was firm, serious, and majestic.


Pan Lei couldn't hug and cuddle in public because he was wearing a military uniform.

He couldn't do anything that might be unworthy of the clothes on his body.

He could, however, hold hands with Tian Yuan.


Although he didn't like his in-laws, they'd come on his parents' invitation this time, and his lover was still their son, so he had to be courteous and thoughtful no matter what.


Pan Lei saluted his in-laws.


"Hello, Mom and Dad."


Pan Lei's booming and clear voice ultimately convinced Mother Tian that Pan Lei, who had the appearance of a bandit and had left a bad impression on her, was, in fact, a soldier, and an awe-inspiring soldier at that.


Everything was done and dusted at this time.

Tian Yuan's parents had passionately opposed, tried to persuade their son, and even beat him.

He'd forgiven them, therefore there was no awkwardness between them.

Overall, this was also other people's domain.


Father Tian nodded, and Mother Tian responded with some embarrassment.


Tian Yuan's worry had finally subsided.

It had not been simple to gain his parents' acceptance.


Pan Lei squeezed his hand, knowing he was happy.

It was certainly not simple.

His in-laws' disdain towards him had now subsided.

The oppressed had risen to the position of oppressor, and his words now held weight.

As a result, he was likewise overjoyed.


He gave the suitcase to the guard on the side after taking it from his father-in-law.


"Let's get in the car, Mom and Dad.

The entire family is expecting you."


They drove two cars today.

The guards were following Pan Lei, who was driving with Tian Yuan in the front passenger seat and his parents in the backseat.


"Where are we going, Xiao Yuan Your father and I should stay at your house."


Pan Lei drove extremely fast.


"Mom, this year, we’ll celebrate the New Year at the military complex.

My grandparents, uncles, and aunts are there to greet you.

We won't be staying at home, so we'll be concerned if you stay there alone.

Let's have some fun while we're here."


That is to say, for this year's Spring Festival, we must eat at the same table as that warlord in-law and his wife, who aids the villain in his evil deeds, and discuss our everyday lives! This...how is it possible I'm terrified of them.

If we can't agree on something, it's likely we won't be able to leave the military compound.


Mother Tian tugged Tian Yuan's shirt; Tian Yuan smiled at her.


"Don't worry, they're all wonderful.

The room has already been tidied up, and everything is ready.

It’s not good if you don't go.

We discussed this about a month ago and decided to listen to the elders.

It’ll be a boisterous affair.

It’s rare for the entire family to gather together."


My son was bribed, and he is now on the side of the other party.

I beat him, and we drifted apart as a result.

How can you be like this, my good son, my well-behaved and obedient son Sigh.

Let it be, let it be.

It's too late now.


Pan Lei's intentions were wicked.

Actually, he was looking forward to witnessing his mother's battle with his mother-in-law.

What a scene that would be! He was curious to see how his mother would handle his mother-in-law.

Wasn't spending New Year's together going to be like watching a soap opera called 'Mother-in-law meets Mother' He was looking forward to seeing these two old ladies duke it out.


If Tian Yuan knew what he was up to, I'm sure he'd tear his face apart.

This evil thinking was unbecoming of his uniform.


Pan Lei entered the military compound and pointed to the sentry stationed in front of the gate.


"Please do not leave this gate unless you are accompanied by me, Tian'er, or someone from the family, Mom and Dad.

You will be detained.

If you resist, you will be arrested and charged with assassination.

However, if someone questions, as long as you say you're General Pan's in-laws, you'll be alright."


Mother Tian shivered with fear.

They were ordinary citizens who had never even visited the Public Security Bureau.

Could this be a military stronghold Was this the reason that unconcerned people were barred from entering


Tian Yuan pinched Pan Lei, who was frightening his in-laws and using the occasion to exact retribution and vent his resentment.


"Let's go to Tian Yuan's place to stay, old man."


At the very least, it's safe; there are no armed individuals roaming the streets.


Pan Lei's yelled out, "It hurts!" in his hurt, and thought his husband was far too violent.


He stepped on the gas rapidly and arrived at the door.


He opened the door for his in-laws and invited them inside.


Dang Hong, who was in the room, noticed them and dragged Papa Pan out to greet them.

After all, they were related through marriage.

They couldn't possibly be lacking in politeness.

Whatever they(TY's parents) did, they were the hosts, so they had to be warmly welcoming.


Dang Hong grabbed Mother Tian's hand in greeting.


"I've been expecting you.

You've finally arrived.

Please enter the house.

It's so much fun, elder sister, to get together.

We have a large family, and Leizi's uncles and aunts are all waiting for you.

They all agree that Tian Yuan is such a good child; it's clear that his parents raised him well.

Let them see how amazing Tian Yuan's parents are."


Tian Yuan, who had his ears pricked, was perplexed as to why his mother-in-law's words sounded so gritty.

It was like taking a bite of fragrant rice and then finding it strange after chewing it in the mouth.


He didn't say anything and just walked into the house.

Pan Lei was trying hard not to laugh.


Mother Tian's expression was similarly off, but Mama Pan's smile was warm, so perhaps she was overthinking it.

Papa Pan hadn't picked up on his wife's ability to be smooth and slick.

When he met Father Tian, who was equally taciturn, he just nodded.

Father Tian nodded back at him.


This 'meeting your in-laws' stuff is embarrassing.


Father and Mother Tian were led into the crowded house.


Papa Pan invited his in-law to join them in their small circle.

Grandpa Pan sat in the master's chair, holding a purple clay pot and taking little sips of water.

He appeared to be full of vitality, yet his attitude when he looked at Father Tian was unpleasant.

Who gave them permission to bully his good grandson Tian Yuan


Dang Hong smiled and introduced her in-laws to Mother Tian.


"This is Leizi's eldest aunt, this is his second aunt, and this is our three sisters' mother.

This is Tian Yuan's mother, Mom.

Didn't you say you wanted to meet her yesterday."


The old lady was making paper cutouts and raised her head when she noticed Mother Tian.

She held the paper with arrogance, letting some of the juniors experience what it was like to be a stately elder.


Nobody in the esteemed Pan family, whether elderly or young, was easy to deal with.

Ever since they accepted Tian Yuan, he was no longer a part of the Tian family; he was now a member of the Pan family, and no one could bully the Pan family, beat their child, and beat him so cruelly.


Tian Yuan's parents were such worthless nobodies, judging by how skinny he was.


"Take that far away seat." {T/N: “坐, 大老遠的.” literally translates as: "Sit/take a seat, very far away." lol.

Maybe it can be phrased politely but I thought this was fun.}


The elderly lady set the scissors down and spread out the red paper.

The paper-cutting had only a few words: Love the motherland's next generation.


Mother Tian couldn't put her finger on it, but she had the impression that this family was peculiar.


"Our children are together, and we've become family.

Let's get to know each other.

Leizi, go get some fruit for your father and the others.

Tian Yuan, bring your mom a cup of tea."


Dang Hong smiled and turned to face Mother Tian.


"Tian Yuan is a very loving child.

He’s been here with us for a long time.

When it’s time to eat and he hasn’t returned, his father asks someone to pick him up quickly.

He’s become more like a son to us than Leizi.

He spends the entire day with us, brings fruit snacks when he gets home from work, buys tea, gives me a bouquet of flowers, takes me for a stroll, and even goes shopping with me.

There’s nothing bad to say about this son.

My old man and I both adore him.

My family’s Leizi had fool’s luck and brought us such a good son.

We’re content, too content."


Mother Tian's expression was stiff.

Was this woman strutting her stuff in front of her Her own son was so close to some other guy's mother Didn't this make his biological mother feel envious, jealous, and hatred


Eldest Aunt smiled.


"This is determined by the children's upbringing.

I heard you and your husband are both teachers, elder sister.

Teachers, as expected, can raise such a well-behaved child."


"There is no doubt that Tian Yuan received a solid education.

You have no idea, elder sister.

We were all following our husbands around and couldn't take care of our children back then.

They all grew up like wild children.

Nowadays, children have individuality.

We three sisters have a pretty straightforward way of thinking.

Children have their own lives and courses to follow.

They are free to do whatever they choose.

It's perfectly acceptable to fall in love with anyone, male or female.

As parents, we don't mind as long as they're happy."


"Yes, as parents, we will accept it as long as the children are happy."


"Don't be too orthodox.

You're not even as accepting as this old lady.

Let's go, Xiao Yuan.

Grandma will get you something delicious to eat."


Mother Tian finally got it.

It was all nonsense talking about celebrating the New Year together.

The four women gave her an initial show of strength as soon as she entered the door, joining hands to offer her a political lesson.

It deserved to be termed a military aristocratic family.

Everyone had their own set of theories.


Mother Tian was filled with all kinds of envy, jealousy, and hatred, but what was the use She had a son, but he grew up to be a caring and good son of others.

This was a mistake on both sides.


But what could she do when she’d come to someone's home Endure it.




Mother Tian is being bombarded with tongue in cheek remarks.

So far, Mother Tian: 0; Pan Women: 4.

Grandma Pan’s paper cutting was hilarious.


Google 'Chinese paper cutting' and check out the amazing results.

Some of the paper cutouts are really pretty.

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Make sure to check it out.

I adore IHSC's MC; he's a riot.

The ML is a yandere.


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