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Chapter 156 Dear, the family is our backing


The car doors opened, revealing not only Grandpa and Grandma, but also eldest uncle and aunt, as well as second uncle and aunt.

The uncles explained that they had come over to celebrate the New Year and had taken advantage of the holidays to get quickly at the military compound.


The house was buzzing with activity as a large throng had come for the New Year's celebrations.

Eating was lively, playing mahjong was livelier, and the morning jogs also promised to be a real blast.


Grandma Pan grabbed Tian Yuan's hand as soon as she saw him.


"You've lost weight, my dear grandson.

You have suffered, child.

Your parents are simply good-for-nothings.

Take a look at how Grandpa and Grandma avenge you."


Tian Yuan gave a bitter smile. Grandma, the people you're disparaging are my own parents.


Grandpa Pan patted Tian Yuan's shoulder.


"I heard you went to the barracks to get a taste of life.

You deserve to be called a member of our family.

A real man.

When you have time, let's go hand-to-hand.

Let me see what you've learned in the army company."


It's good to be lean, eh Only then will you grow in strength.

Grandpa Pan believed that every man should serve in the army.

Only after undergoing training and toughening up under the supervision of the barracks could he be considered a real man.

This was the reason why everyone in the family, from young to old, served in the military.

This grandson-in-law was deemed half a soldier now that he had lived in the barracks. Not bad; he has carried on my Pan family's excellent revolutionary tradition.


Eldest Uncle spoke out.


"Tian Yuan, isn't living in the barracks quite good During this period, Leizi has been training new special forces, and you must have learned a lot as well.

Have a boxing match with your Eldest Uncle!"


Second Uncle wanted to join in on the fun as well.


"That is, when Father orders us to run with a load, Tian Yuan can join us! It is beneficial for youngsters to exercise more.

It maintains the body's health."


Tian Yuan's shed tears in his heart. Can I return now Wouldn't it be fine if I didn't celebrate the New Year with them I went to the military camp for my honeymoon, not to train as a recruit.

I want to be the best cardiothoracic surgeon in the world, not a commando.


"Okay, okay, let's go in, everyone.

Why are you standing at the door"


Dang Hong felt that Tian Yuan was very pitiful.

It seemed that her good son-in-law was going to train with the Pan family men.


I hope this small body can hold up.


Even though they'd arrived in the afternoon, it was still lunchtime.

Dang Hong hurriedly asked someone to arrange the meal.

The entire family sat down to dine.


Tian Yuan was also busy helping out.

As for the mother-in-law loving her son-in-law…in the kitchen, Mama Pan handed Tian Yuan a bowl of fish balls.


"First, eat a little to pad your stomach.

Don't worry, Grandpa will not have you run cross-country with a hefty bag.

Pan Lei will return tonight, and your parents will arrive tomorrow.

They'll arrive right on time.

The house is finally teeming with people, and bustling with noise and excitement.

It hasn't been this lively in a long time.

In the past, Leizi was sometimes on duty and couldn't return.

Your father went to the military area to express his sympathies, and I went to the hospital for rounds as well.

It's a busy New Year's this year.

Usually we came home to a deserted house.

Except for ours, every residence was noisy.

It made me sad.

It’s great this year; everyone is here.

This is the blessing that my good son Tian Yuan has brought me.

Everyone likes you, so they want to celebrate the New Year together."


Dang Hong gently stroked Tian Yuan's hair and smiled kindly at him.


Tian Yuan ate the fish balls while feeling unsettled in his heart.


"My parents…"


"Don't worry.

Grandpa and Grandma are here to keep an eye on things.

They’re stronger than us.

Besides, who doesn’t want to have a jolly time during the New Year’s celebrations It’ll be fine."


It would be thus since Mama Pan said so.

Tian Yuan, however, was still concerned.

He didn't know what he'd do if they got into a serious fight.


Pan Lei didn't return until after ten o'clock at night.

The house was brightly lit when he arrived home.


It was difficult to keep a full staff over the holidays, and Grandpa Pan would naturally take advantage of the holidays to play mahjong.

After a late lunch, Grandpa Pan directed that the mahjong tables be set up, and he eagerly began playing.

Dinner was served at the mahjong table at ten o'clock in the evening.


This time, there were less individuals playing mahjong.

There were only two tables set up.

Tian Yuan was excluded because Grandpa Pan resented him for not paying attention to the game of mahjong and instead constantly checking the clock.


As a result, Tian Yuan was immediately booted out from the game.


Tian Yuan found it funny but also incredibly embarrassing.

He was staring at his watch while he waited for Pan Lei.

He stated that he would return home today - because his parents were arriving tomorrow - and stay at least a week before returning to the barracks.

In other words, they would spend many days of sweet time together.


Pan Lei didn't even stay for two days the last time he sent himself back.

He missed him even if they talked on the phone every day and made frequent video calls.


It was hard for Pan Lei to get a long leave.

Could Tian Yuan's thoughts be on the mahjong table He kept looking at the clock and peeking outside the door.

As a result, Grandpa Pan barred him from playing.


Grandpa Pan and his three sons enthusiastically played mahjong at one table, while Grandma Pan and her three daughters-in-law played at another.


Tian Yuan walked around the door many times while wearing a light jacket.

He'd contacted Pan Lei about a half-hour before, and Pan Lei had comforted him, saying, "Baby, I'll be home soon, I'll be right there." Tian Yuan was no longer concerned about him because he knew he would return.

He just kept telling him that it didn't matter if he was a bit late.

He'd wait for him at home.


A party of elders had gathered, but Pan Zhan and Pan Ge had not arrived.

Tian Yuan was the lone member of the family's younger generation.

He sat in front of the television, went to the kitchen to make tea, and poured water for them.


Grandma Pan appeared to have won.

She sipped the hot tea made by her grandson-in-law and stuffed 500 bucks into Tian Yuan’s hands.


"Good child, here’s a bonus from grandma."


This is great! I can make money even if I don't play mahjong.


Tian Yuan sprang up immediately when a car honked outside. He's back! He made good time.


He didn't bother to put on his coat, and walked quickly to the door.


"Look! These young couples are simply different.

Tian Yuan must be anxious.

Children these days, ah, you can tell who they like and who they love at a glance." Grandma Pan sighed as she looked on, "It's nice to be young."


"Mom, they're still in the midst of their honeymoon period.

It's when their feelings are at their peak."


Yes, this is true.

The old lady kept playing mahjong.


Pan Lei took large strides towards the entrance as soon as he entered the yard.

There were no fireworks to greet him when he returned home today.

He wouldn't have to star in a martial arts chivalry or war film.


However, it was now a romantic movie.

As soon as he walked through the door, he noticed his baby approaching him with a smile on his face.

Wasn't this how it was depicted when lovers hadn't seen one other in a long time Romantic, warm, and emotionally stirring…


Pan Lei took a step forward and hugged his Tian'er fiercely.


"Were you waiting for me anxiously Did you miss me, baby"


Tian Yuan hummed as he lay in his arms.

I'm not sure if Pan Lei heard it, but Pan Lei was overjoyed and held him hard, kissing his cheek.


"Let’s go in quickly.

It’s almost New Year; don't you know you should put on a coat when you go out What if you catch a cold"


Pan Lei drew him back into the house with long strides.

The elders were really outrageous.

They hadn't seen their grandson/son/nephew in a long time, but now that he'd returned late at night, they didn’t show the slightest enthusiasm.


Pan Lei greeted them one by one, but they only gave him a glance.


"When you're hungry, eat; when you're tired, sleep.

We'll be playing into the wee hours of the morning.

You youngsters go and rest; don't wait on us."


Is it possible that Pan Lei is the most unloved member of this family


Tian Yuan took Pan Lei into their room and ordered him to take a shower and change his clothing as quickly as practical.

He entered the kitchen.

They had an auntie who cooked at home, so they didn't have to do any of the cooking.


The cook came in as soon as Tian Yuan did.


"Auntie, get some rest.

I'll prepare something for him to eat."


"That’s out of the question.

Your and madam’s hands are very precious.

I’ll do it, I'll do it."


Tian Yuan felt a little self-conscious.

Pan Lei appeared to have never eaten the food he cooked.


He really loves me a lot.


What can he eat at this late hour


"Let's make some noodles.

Cook a little more, he has a big appetite."


The auntie dashed off to start the stove and fetch the noodles.

Tian Yuan had just washed the mushrooms and was about to chop them with the kitchen knife when Pan Lei walked in.


"Put the knife down!"


Tian Yuan was startled by Pan Lei's loud voice, and the knife almost landed on his finger.

Pan Lei reached for the kitchen knife.


"Auntie, go rest; I'll cook on my own.

By the way, have you prepared any late-night snacks for them"


"I've got some wontons wrapped up."


Only then did Pan Lei allow the auntie to return.

He bared his teeth as he turned his head to face Tian Yuan.


"It's a knife.

I don't know how many times I've told you not to handle this thing.

What if you hurt your hands Be good and take a seat.

I’ll cook for myself."


Pan Lei washed a handful of cherry tomatoes and handed them to Tian Yuan, inviting him to join him while he ate.

Tian Yuan sat quietly on the stool next to the small table.

Pan Lei never allowed him to touch the kitchen knife and strictly controlled it.

Let it be.

Anyway, his culinary skills were insufficient to prepare a delicious bowl of noodles for Pan Lei.

It was preferable for him to simply sit and eat cherry tomatoes.


Pan Lei would steal one at a time, spin around, kiss him, and then snatch the cherry tomatoes from his mouth.


Nobody knows who ate the tomatoes, but their lips were glued together.

Tian Yuan raised his head and clasped Pan Lei's waist as Pan Lei wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's shoulders.

They French kissed in the kitchen, the tips of their tongues entangled and their lips pressed together, intimate and heated.


Pan Lei would have carried Tian Yuan back to his room if he hadn't been for the noodles on the stove.


They were on their honeymoon and had a little separation, so they missed one other greatly.


Pan Lei added some wontons after the noodles were added and waited for the soup to boil.

In ten minutes, the wonton noodle soup was ready, and Pan Lei poured it into a large bowl.


He handed Tian Yuan a small bowl, and the young couple sat at the kitchen's little table and began eating.


Pan Lei ate quickly, devouring his noodles.

Tian Yuan wasn't that hungry.

He took a bite of a wonton and a sip of soup, swallowed it in little bits, thought it tasted excellent, and took one, sending it to Pan Lei's mouth.

Pan Lei ate it in one mouthful and smiled at him as he stroked his cheek.


"Are you mentally prepared for my parents' visit tomorrow"


"It's nothing; I'm not afraid.

With so many people in the family, what can they possibly say Just enjoy spending the new year together.

Don’t stress yourself out.

Let me tell you, our family is made up entirely of monkey spirits[1].

Your mother's level is too low, so she can only concede defeat."


"I just hope that everything goes smoothly."


"What are you afraid of now that I’m here Come on, eat quickly.

Let’s rest early once we eat.

They can play crazy all they want.

They’ve finally gotten a break from work, so everyone wants to relax and play mahjong all night.

We can't hold a candle to them."


"But, Grandpa told me today that in the future, I must join the Pan men in their running practice."


Pan Lei almost sprayed out the soup as he tried to stop himself from laughing when he heard Tian Yuan complain aggrievedly to him. Yes, he certainly cannot stand that kind of training.


"You’ve got me, haven't you.

I’m a resourceful guy."




[1] Monkey spirit refers to a clever and naughty person.


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