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Chapter 155 Good son-in-law accompanying mother-in-law


Tian Yuan and Pan Lei exchanged worried glances.

They had a difficult time understanding Mama Pan's ideas.

She wanted Tian Yuan's parents to join them in celebrating the New Year One family was made up of army bandits, while the other was made up of an old-fashioned middle-aged couple.

There would undoubtedly be fireworks when they faced each other.


When Grandpa Pan learned that Tian Yuan was in the hospital, his mustache flew out in rage.

The elderly man would have gone on a rampage if he hadn't heard from his third daughter-in-law that they'd taken care of it.


The Pan family, whether young or old, was a gang of warlords.

What would happen if there was an actual fight


Pan Lei inhaled deeply.

His mother was formidable, and her strength came from years of experience.

It wasn't something she'd gotten in a matter of days or weeks.

He had faith in his mother and believed there was no way she could go wrong.

In any case, this was preferable to going back alone or with Tian Yuan.

At the very least, with so many members in the Pan family and so many guards, he didn't imagine Tian Yuan's parents would dare to act cruel in Pan family territory.


"It's fine if your parents come over.

Mom is correct.

You're going to study abroad, and you'll have a lot on your plate.

It's a good idea to gather with family to ring in the New Year.

It'll be a lot of fun.

Let's do it."


"What if they start fighting"


"Then you grab my folks, and I'll grab yours.

I'm rough and tough; I can take a beating from your parents with ease.

Mom appears to have planned everything.

Don't worry; they will be greeted at the airport.

You can relax and concentrate on your work.

Everything will be taken care of by our family."


It was December, and the Chinese New Year was just around the corner.


Pan Lei dashed back to the barracks.

Before he went, he promised Tian Yuan that he would return the day Mama Tian came.

He felt obligated by love and responsibility to run to his sweetheart's side as soon as a certain dangerous individual emerged, in order to avoid any hidden threat and defend his lover.

He would rather forgo the time they spent together now and stay at Tian Yuan's side from the moment Tian Yuan's parents arrived until they left.

To protect Tian Yuan's safety, he would stick to him at all times.


Tian Yuan hated having to say goodbye to Pan Lei, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Everything was prepared for his parents' arrival.


"Everything is arranged, don't worry," Mama Pan remarked with a smile.

"They'll stay in the military complex.

I've planned with your mother to go shopping, play cards, and dance together in order to foster feelings between us old sisters.

When the moment comes, your mother will be accompanied by your eldest aunt, second aunt, grandma, and eldest sister-in-law.

I'll make sure they have a good time while they're here."


Mama Pan directed the orderlies to clean up all of the empty rooms.

They lived in a huge courtyard house that had the main house, the left and right side rooms, and a cottage area, all of which were spare rooms.


The guards could cram in by going next door to the commissar's residence.

Every room was cleaned and adorned with paper cuttings of Spring Festival couplets.


This could be viewed as Dang Hong's finest opportunity to stay with her son-in-law.

She let the car bring over the son-in-law as long as he had time.


She brought him to the flower market today and bought several pots of orchids, placing one in each room.


She took him to a tea house the next day.

There were many types of tea as well as beautiful purple clay pots.

They purchased several sets and placed one in each room.


They went to a home depot the day after next and selected a variety of quilts, pillows, and bedsheets.


Tian Yuan had a good temper and did everything his mother-in-law wanted.

"You're correct," he'd respond, and "Mom, everything's fine as long as you like it." Those who weren't aware assumed he was a filial son accompanying his mother to the mall.

There were very few sons who were so filial nowadays.


Tian Yuan also purchased a large bouquet of carnations and red roses for his mother-in-law when he went to the flower market.

It was to express his appreciation for the kindness and consideration she had showed him.

She was the best mother there ever was.


Dang Hong smiled brightly, unable to hide her joy, and took her son-in-law's arm in hers.

She walked slowly in the military compound, holding the large bouquet and refusing to take a car.

She calmly strolled around, calling out "hello!" whenever she saw familiar faces.


Aiyo, my son is so thoughtful that he sent me a bouquet of roses.

My family's good-for-nothing old man has never had such thoughts in his life.

Despite her advanced age, she was overjoyed to receive flowers.


Gosh, my son is so good.

Although your son is not bad, I believe that few people can compare to my son.


When his mother-in-law boasted, Tian Yuan blushed profusely.

Pan Lei's personality was completely inherited from his mother-in-law; they both liked to brag! He wasn't a daughter-in-law, but rather a son-in-law! He was embarrassed to hear his mother-in-law sing his praises to the heavens.


Look, look, despite the fact that General Pan's family has a son who likes men, the son-in-law he has selected is just superb.

A good son-in-law is superior to a good son.

Like the saying, a son-in-law was half a son, and the entire family adored him as if he were their own.


Huang Kai's mother phoned him to indiscriminately bombard him.


Lin Mu's mother bemoaned to her son in a delicate Jiangnan accent, asking why she hadn't received a single carnation.

Did her son have any regard for his mother


Zhang Hui's mother was a tough woman.

Boy, come with me to the mall.

I will not be your mother if you do not max out your credit card.


There was a lot of admiration, jealousy, and hatred circulating throughout the military complex.


Tian Yuan was speechless as a result of this.

His mother-in-law was too good to him, so good that he was embarrassed.


Pan Lei's phone rang incessantly.

He got calls one after the other, all of them yelling angrily at him: Aren't we brothers Then you must not let your mother stimulate my mom in any way.

I bought a truckload of flowers, yet my mother still has a grumpy expression on her face...

and: Let's settle our account, brother.

My mother has maxed out my bank card, and I have no money for turnover this month; please clear the account with me as quickly as possible.

I've sent so much food to Tian Yuan that when you add the tips and the cost of the dishes, you owe me...


Pan Lei snapped off the phone, loving the chaos.

Their family was peaceful and prosperous with favorable weather[1].

The fact that his mother and his lover got along so well was the finest part.


Of course, his baby was the most endearing, so it was no surprise that his mother grew fonder of her son-in-law.

His darling was very thoughtful.


Pan Lei scratched his chin, joyfully daydreaming about his family's treasure.

He longed to go home more and more as he thought about him.


One can live in peace and contentment, as the proverb says, and a man who has a good wife will not suffer disaster.

Pan Lei laughed quietly to himself, muttering, "I can't let my baby hear me say it, or he'll explode."


It was soon the end of the year.

It was Little New Year, and everyone who should have come had.


Dang Hong decided to take the day off.

Tian Yuan went to work, only to be picked up at midday since Pan Lei's grandparents were arriving that afternoon.

They were eager to see their treasured grandson Tian Yuan.

They hadn't seen him in a long time.

Grandpa Pan had learned that he had been beaten, and the old man was understandably upset.

He called and said he needed to see his grandson this afternoon.


At the hospital, no one dared to provoke Tian Yuan anymore.

Every day, cars with military license plates came to pick him up and drop him off, and the men who accompanied him were clothed in military uniforms.

Every time, the ER doctor embraced his shoulders and laughed at him.


"Hey! How does it feel to be a third-generation celebrity Cool Why do I have the impression that you are like Cinderella who married into a wealthy family"


"Get lost!" Tian Yuan laughed and scolded.

"Don't cause a commotion.

Oh! By the way, Summer..."


The ER doctor was named Xià jì(meaning: summer.

The ER guy finally has a name!).

This guy had an unusual name, but he was content.

At least his mother didn’t name him Xia Mingjian, or he’d have a mental condition[2].



Tian Yuan spoke to Summer while collecting his belongings.


"I've been accompanying my mother-in-law for the past few days, and we talked about you.

My mother-in-law is quite interested.

You are aware that, despite the fact that our city's No.

1 hospital has a strong reputation, its internal management is chaotic.

Didn't you mention you didn't want to work here the last time we talked My mother-in-law asked me to see whether you'd like to join the Armed Police Hospital.

There, the work is relatively a little easier."


The ER doctor burst out laughing and teased Tian Yuan.


"Why do I have the feeling that someone has attained the Dao and I am the dog who ascends to heaven** Despite being preoccupied with your own affairs, I know you spend the entire time talking for my benefit.

Well, as far as this year's New Year's schedule, I'm back on the New Year's Eve night shift.

I'm not interested in staying here at all.

So, you go first.

Go ahead and pave the way.

I'll follow you there if I can't go on here.

Then I'll have someone who gets me a government position."


"The moment you open your mouth, you infuriate people."


Good doctors should not be overlooked or treated unfairly.

Dean Zhao had no reservations about using single doctors.

He believed that because they were not married, the important festival shifts should be reserved for unmarried doctors.

This may be interpreted as expressing concern and care for married folks, but why didn't management feel sorry for single doctors Reacting was pointless, as was expressing rage.

If the single doctors had the option to change employment, they could go to a town hospital and become the director of the department, but no one liked the idea of leaving a well-known hospital, such as the city's No.

1 hospital, and going to town to practice medicine.


Tian Yuan smiled at Summer as he put on his jacket.


"Think about it and let me know what you decide."


"Have you submitted your resignation"



I'll be studying abroad after the new year, so there's no need for me to stay here.

Everything has been planned by my mother-in-law."


"How I wish I also had a Li Gang[3] as a member of my immediate family."


Tian Yuan punched him and told him he was talking nonsense before waving goodbye.


This was the coworker with whom he had the best rapport in this hospital.

He had medical skills as well as medical ethics.

He would like to stay here if it weren't for the heated competition between factions and the intense internal conflicts.

His mother-in-law had planned everything, and he intended to grow more and more successful.

He hoped that his friend would improve as well.


Tian Yuan initially thought he was only joining his mother-in-law to go shopping and buy flowers on the street during this time.

His mother-in-law, on the other hand, was a person who valued talent, and this utterly fierce lady was no average housewife.

She probed about their hospital's internal matters by going around in circles.

Because he was close to his mother-in-law, he opened up to her and told her everything.

He told her of a colleague who worked tirelessly to save lives and treat the injured.

When Dr.

Li, the surgeon, stated that she would not conduct the surgery, he elected to execute the procedure himself, despite the risk of disciplinary action, in order to buy time to save the patient.


Mama Pan said this was a talent when she heard it.

She immediately asked Tian Yuan to check with the ER doctor to see whether he was interested in joining the Armed Police Hospital.

They'd welcome him with open arms.


Tian Yuan and Dean Zhao had no grudges, but he hoped that his friend's abilities would be recognized more and more.


The car drove right into the army facility.

Everyone knew by now that this young man would purchase flowers for his mother-in-law and go shopping with her.

Tian Yuan had spent the entire time in the military compound preparing for the upcoming New Year festival.

Every day, he would go for a walk with his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

He was also acquainted with all of the uncles and aunts.


He got out of the car and said, "Hello uncle," to the neighbor next door.


What a well-mannered child! It would be fantastic if this were his own son-in-law.


A convoy of five or six vehicles drove in and stopped in front of the Pan house before he could enter.


Tian Yuan immediately grinned.

Grandpa and Grandma had arrived.


[1] This is a little amusing because the phrases used by Pan Lei are used to describe a prosperous and happy nation.

[2] Mingjian, as far as I know, refers to a sword.

It would have been a terrible name.

There could be embarrassing homophones of mingjian, but I'm not aware of them.

姓 夏 名=Xia ming jian.

[3] Netizens designated Li Gang one of the "Four Famous Dads." He is key to the "My Dad is Li Gang" affair.

Li Gang is the former deputy director of the Baoding Public Security Bureau.

After hitting someone while driving under the influence of alcohol, his son uttered rash words.

In short, the son assumed that because his father was a government official, he would get away with murder.

**I believe you are aware of/have deduced the meaning of this sentence.

Summer is essentially saying that TY has attained success and that he is riding on TY's coattails.


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