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Chapter 154 Playing CS with father-in-law


Everyone in the special forces, notably Pan Lei, felt reluctant as Tian Yuan prepared to leave. Forget about it.

Why should I make things any more difficult than it is Pan Lei felt suffocated as he witnessed Tian Yuan's unwillingness to part and saw Tian'er open his mouth to speak only to hold back.

He made a dramatic gesture with his hand.


"Brothers, I'm leaving on a vacation."


He hopped into the car, grabbed Tian Yuan, and fled while shouting-


"I'm on vacation, so don't bother me unless it's an emergency.

Don't dare look for me for trivial matters.

The recruits have been trained, and they can now be assigned general missions.

This Third Young Master Pan is an instructor, so only tell me the vital information.

Don't you dare to ruin our honeymoon.

Don't show up in our lives, or Laozi will kill and bury you."


Tian Yuan was delighted.

He could not only visit family and see what life was like in the army, but he could also kidnap Pan Lei. Not bad, not bad.

Tian Yuan's smile blossomed like a flower as he thought about how Pan Lei would still remain by his side for a few more days.

He was overjoyed.


Pan Lei may be thought to be understanding.

He knew his sweetheart was too easily coaxed, too easily joyful, and his demands were too little.

He didn't want anything and wasn't very concerned about anything.

His smiles would be exceptionally bright if he could just go home more and stay by his side more.


Pan Lei was similarly convinced that he was a failure.

He wanted a career, but it didn't leave much time for him to be at Tian Yuan's side.

It was tough for the two of them to meet their modest little wishes, the minor things that everyone who dated could satisfy.


He took Tian Yuan's hand, squeezed it, and placed it on his lap before loading a CD into the car's player and singing him a love song.

Tian Yuan's eyes curved as he smiled.

The sweetness of this calm moment appealed to him.


"I'm not going anywhere when I retire; instead, I'll be waiting for you at home.

Every day, I will do the laundry, cook, clean the house, and pick you up and drop you off at work.

To assure your comfort, I will knead your waist, massage your legs, and serve you.

I won't be able to earn anything at that point.

You must look after me and not resent spending money to support me."


Tian Yuan smiled.


"Okay, I'll wait for you to retire and then enslave you."


"Then you must also give me pocket money."


"That’ll do."


As long as he retires and stays by my side all day, that's fine.

It doesn't matter that I have to wait.

As long as he comes back safe and sound, I’ll wait.


He returned Pan Lei’s clasp and gave him his brightest smile.


Pan Lei raised his hand and kissed the back of his hand, then kissed the palm of his hand before dropping kisses one after the other on the inside of his wrist at the shirt cuff, so that the markings would be exposed when Tian Yuan stretched his arm.


Tian Yuan pecked his cheek lightly yet firmly.

The CD player's track changed at this point, and Xiao S's for my husband (you are my sweetheart) began to play.

Tian Yuan sang along as he bobbed his head.

It goes without saying that his singing was off-key.

He was terribly out of tune, but because this was a slow song, his singing added a new flavor to it.


I just want to pester you every day and listen to your sweet words

I just want to hold you tight and smell your breath

I'm not afraid of growing old, I'm not afraid of dying

I'm just afraid you won't love me when I'm alive

I'm afraid of parting, I'm afraid of forgetting

I'm not afraid of going to heaven with you

Thank you for loving me, thank you for adoring me, and most importantly, thank you for being there for me.

Let me take care of you, let me protect you, let me try my best to love you.

You’re my love; I’m your love

This is the most beautiful dream I’ve ever had

We must be happy, hand in hand

And love one another until the end of our lives.


Tian Yuan was unable to sing in rhythm and had modified the lyrics, but Pan Lei enjoyed listening to it.

He liked watching Tian Yuan sing while nodding his head and singing the sweet love song in a cheerful attitude.


Pan Lei held Tian Yuan's hand and crooned along with him: I can't help but adore you; I won't abandon you.

I can't be with you all day to take care of you right now, but you must wait for me.

We'll absolutely love one another until the end of time.

When you close your eyes, I shall be there to accompany you.


You're always in my heart, and I spoil you so much that you're afraid of it.

We'll be together whether it's heaven or hell; it doesn't matter.


All Tian Yuan had asked for was this.

He wanted nothing more than for Pan Lei to be with him at all times.

Neither of them could abandon the other midway.

In this life, he didn't want to be handed that final letter.

All he desired was a normal life with Pan Lei as they grew older.


When they returned home, Pan Lei turned into the househusband.

He pulled up his sleeves and began working.

He mopped the floor, went grocery shopping, and prepped the ingredients.

Tian Yuan just sat on the couch.

When Pan Lei mopped the floor beneath his feet, he elevated his foot and encouraged him lovingly.

Pan Lei received a kiss and worked even harder, as if he'd been given a stimulant injection.


Mama Pan called just as he was ready to start cooking.


"I heard Tian Yuan returned today; hurry home; your dad says he hasn't seen you for too long and misses his boys."


Pan Lei asked warily.


"Dad won’t cause trouble for no reason, right" Like the battle array when we came home the last time Tian’er was terrified.


"No, your grandparents and uncles aren’t here.

It’s just us old couple."


Mama Dang Hong laughed and said that her son should not be afraid.


"That's great.

We’ll be there soon.

But mom, please prepare a double quilt for the two of us.

The standard military quilt is too small."


"I’ll arrange everything.

Come home quickly."


We're going to the military compound at this time Forget it.

Mother-in-law has spoken.

Let’s go see them.


Tian Yuan was a true professional.

Whatever happened, all he had to do was stride into the house.

It didn't matter if the welcoming party was like a war film or a Hollywood blockbuster; it had nothing to do with him.


Pan Lei remained on high alert since his father...well, he wasn't exactly normal.

Pan Lei pushed the door - no sword slashed horizontally at him - and stepped forward cautiously.


To his dismay, a grenade was thrown over.


Pan Lei quickly found a shelter.


"Dad, mom said you weren’t going to play any tricks today!"


Tian Yuan continued to stroll in without even a sidelong glance.

His father-in-law appeared to be making a big play, but it was completely unrelated to him. My favorite is my mother-in-law, ah.


Someone shot at him, much to his amazement! The bullet brushed near his ear and sped by.

Pan Lei swiftly pulled him over, and they hid together in the yard by the water tank, just like the last time.


"Why on earth did you attack Tian'er, Dad"


The wicked laughter of Papa Pan floated over.


"I heard my son-in-law went down to the company(of troops) to experience life and trained with the special forces.

I also want to test my son-in-law’s skills.

It’s 3vs2 today.

Two of my guards will join me, and you and Tian Yuan will work together as a team.

Let's go to war!"


F*ck me! Father-in-law is too unreasonable! He’s regarding me as a soldier as well I went to visit my family okay, not to train with them.

Am I supposed to dodge bullets! Blank bullets are also very painful. Didn't his mother-in-law say he could just walk into the house and not have to worry about anything How did he get involved, eh


Pan Lei pulled out two firearms.

Fortunately, he'd trained Tian Yuan to shoot when he was in the army.

Even if he wasn't competent, he could still play with them.

They'd play this dull game with his childish old man.


Said childish old man was in great spirits, and the two guards joined the battle as well. Okay, alright.

Father-in-law wants to play CS, so let's play a round.


Tian Yuan, his blood boiling, pulled the safety lock, stood up, and fired the trigger after pointing God knows where. Bam! Bam! He fired all the blank shots.


His body was rapidly covered in gunshot marks caused by empty bullets.

That is to say, he was shot as he was attacking.


This was the courage of the Anti-Japanese War back then - the spirit of self-sacrifice for others and the 'dashing forward bravely with no thought of personal safety' thought when being injected with chicken blood.

{T/n: stimulant}


Papa Pan stood up and laughed heartily, declaring that his son-in-law's bravery was unparalleled and that he deserved to be praised for it.

He was daring but not particularly astute.


"Good job, young man! You have Huang Jiguang’s[1] shadow from back then.

However, you shot so bravely but not a single shot touched us son.

You’re brave but foolhardy, ah.

You’re better off talking about scalpel skills with your mother."


"Nonsense! He came to see me.

We’re still in the honeymoon phase.

Of course he had to experience company(of troops) life for himself.

Baby, does it hurt Empty bullets also hurt like hell.

Look at how dirty your clothes are."


Dad is so old, how come he doesn't greet us normally It’s fine for him to sit on the sofa, sip tea, and read newspapers while putting on his General airs.

But he pulls something like this every time I come back.

Who dares to return


Dang Hong pursed her lips and smiled as she saw Pan Lei bring Tian Yuan into the room.


"Mom, look! Tianer's only decent shirt is completely soiled.

What is he supposed to wear now"


"Never mind, never mind, just take a day off Tian'er.

Mom will buy you clothes."


Pan Lei winked at Tian Yuan. Look! Someone will spend money on new clothes for you.

Tian Yuan found it funny.

Pan Lei had truly come to rob his parents.

He wanted his parents to have to pay for his clothes.


Dang Hong patted her son-in-law’s body to remove the dust.


"It hurts, doesn’t it.

Your dad, that old man, just has itchy hands.

He wanted to make trouble."


"It was good fun.

Pan Lei taught me to shoot when I was in the barracks."


"It appears that I did not do a good job of teaching it.

There was not a single shot that hit the target."


"Mom, didn't you say that dad won’t play tricks"


Mama Dang Hong looked innocent.


"When we found out Tian Yuan was staying at the company, your father was eager to put his skills to the test.

It's been over a month; he must have learned some military skills.

You know your father can be inventive when he wants to play crazy.

Go ahead and freshen up.

Let's eat; we're hungry."


Tian Yuan got the impression from the Pan family that Papa and Mama Pan were friendly and laid-back.

Although their brains were abnormal on occasion, Pan Lei's brain was abnormal on a regular basis, therefore he didn't mind.

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan sat down to dine after washing their hands.


Papa Pan began to inquire if military life was enjoyable, and that he'd been aware of Tian Yuan's presence since the first day.

"The commanding officer of the military base promptly phoned me.

I told him he shouldn't bother you young couple, so he didn't come to see you on purpose.

Were you happy during these forty days You must have realized how much of a bandit Leizi is."


Tian Yuan replied to his father-in-law's query with a smile.

The barracks were excellent, everyone was nice, and he enjoyed his stay there.


Dang Hong smiled and added veggies to her son-in-law's bowl.


"Why did you ask us to visit, Mom"


Pan Lei removed a fish bone for Tian Yuan and double-checked to make sure there was no fish bone before delivering the fish to Tian Yuan.


"Isn't it nearly the New Year I'd like to speak with Tian Yuan.

I think you should bring your parents over to the military compound to spend the New Year with us.

I also know Tian Yuan will be quite busy at work, and his parents haven't seen their son in quite some time.

You're on duty every year, aren't you.

Hospitals are like this; they like to order about single doctors during the holidays.

You don't have time to pay them a visit.

Your parents miss you dearly.

I spoke with your mother a few days ago, and she is hoping to see you.

Here's what I think.

Tian Yuan will be unable to visit his parents because he will be preparing to study overseas after the New Year.

So why don't you invite them At that time, your grandparents and uncles will also join.

Such a large family reunion will surely be lively!"


Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were both stunned.

Bring Tian Yuan’s parents over for New Year’s celebration!


Are you sure you guys won't fight


[1] A highly-decorated Chinese soldier during the Korean War. Wikipedia entry.


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