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Chapter 152 Exercise’s realistic result


The door slammed shut with a thud.

Pan Lei swiftly removed his hood, raised Tian Yuan's sleeve, and checked it for injuries several times. Good, there’s no bruising.


"Quick! Get ready."


Tian Yuan proceeded to strip, shedding his jacket at lightning speed.


"Baby, I shall love you to death if you are so energetic and enthusiastic in bed."


Pan Lei scratched his chin regretfully and watched him quickly undress.

Tian Yuan would fight and flutter a few times every time they made love.

Although this was also a source of pleasure for Pan Lei, he hoped that one day Tian'er would sit on him and actively undress both of them.


It is predicted that Pan Lei would be unable to bear it and would be over excited for the entire night, much like a ravenous wolf pouncing on a sheep.


"At this moment, your head is still full of messy thoughts! Hurry up and stop creating trouble."


Pan Lei had no choice but to reach out and shove the table, creating a loud noise in the room.


"Shout loudly," he said quietly.


Tian Yuan nodded and instantly screamed at the top of his lungs.

It sounded utterly heartbreaking when heard outside.


"Not that loud; don't yell yourself hoarse.

I hope your voice becomes hoarse in bed.

What are you screaming so hard for What if you tear it You can't talk to me if your throat is inflamed."


Tian Yuan felt wronged. You were the one who made me shout.

I yelled, and now you’re criticizing me!


Pan Lei approached and yanked Tian Yuan's shirt from his trousers, tearing it into four parts.


"Damn you! My shirt is pricey.

If you tear it again, you won't be able to mess with anything else."


A shirt valued $300 or $400 had turned into rags.

They had a long life ahead of them, okay Pan Lei ripped his shirt all the time...it was too costly!


"When we get back, I'll get you a new one.

One that costs $500 per piece."


Pan Lei coaxed, but his hands wouldn't stop moving.

Rip! Rip! A nice light-colored striped shirt was transformed into a rag curtain.

Tian Yuan was agitated. Isn't this just ripping up $300 piece by piece Shit, you're too wasteful.


"Don't be angry, okay.

It’s almost New Year.

Wear this tattered shirt when we go home and ask my mom to purchase you a new one.

She has a good eye, and it's only natural for the mother-in-law to buy her son-in-law's clothes.

I guarantee you'll be outfitted in branded clothes when you depart if you arrive in rags.

It's as easy as that."


I've never encountered a son that specializes in robbing his parents before.


Pan Lei took out a packet of milk and told Tian Yuan to consume it as soon as possible.

The remaining milk was spilled on his trousers, and he then tore off a blood bag from the military doctor.


He splattered blood on his hands and smeared it on Tian Yuan's face, neck, and clothes, giving him a gory and miserable appearance.

Tian Yuan closed his eyes and left him alone to play while he drank milk.


"Not too bloody; it makes me feel like I just got out of surgery."


"It will only be effective if it's bloody."


Pan Lei took out another bag of blood, stuffed it into Tian Yuan's ripped shirt, and taped the blood bag to his chest.


He pulled out a knife, a switchblade of the retractable variety.

Even if it was stabbed into the heart, it couldn't inflict any harm because there was no knife point.


Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were having a jolly time.

Tian Yuan took a seat on a chair.

He shrieked "beast," sipped his milk, then yelled, "Let me go!" Pan Lei offered him some bread, and while he ate it, he yelled, "No, no, let me go!"


Pan Lei started destroying the room when Tian Yuan's "make-up" was finished.

As the chairs and tables collapsed to the ground, there were thuds and crashes.


Pan Lei looked at his watch and noticed that it had been more than half an hour.

He wiped off the breadcrumbs from Tian Yuan's mouth, then opened the door and pushed Tian Yuan out.


He also pretended to be satisfied as he walked out, adjusting his trousers.

Tian Yuan's blood-splattered face appeared in front of the special forces soldiers.

As he was dragged by a man and chained to a tree trunk, his expression was a little off, his demeanor worried and disturbed.


"Keep your eyes open, Doctor Tian.

We’re going to skin these beasts alive and avenge you!"


When they saw Tian Yuan's wretched appearance, everyone's eyes turned red.

Doctor Tian, who was gentle and jade-like, had been abused in this way, with blood all over his body.

They couldn't image what type of torment he had to endure to look like this.

Everyone's nerves were pulled tense after hearing him scream and cry in the room.


The tall, strong man in front of them pulled out a dagger and smirked.


"Tell me about the sentries in the military camp, including their number and location.

Otherwise, I'll kill him."


The dagger struck his heart, just where the blood bag was connected.


The recruits for the special forces gnashed their teeth.

This topic was covered in the interrogating and being interrogated course.

They'd been asked if they'd compromise or watch their friends perish if someone threatened them with their teammates.

This scenario was now playing out.


It was simple to say at the time that it didn't matter if they returned dead or alive.

But it was hard to remain calm in the face of a situation in which their teammate's life was in danger.


The recruits were all clenching their fists and gritting their teeth.


It was preferable to be flayed by Team Leader Pan than to witness this.

Regardless of the threat, no one opened their mouths.


They saw blood streaming out of Tian Yuan's body when the knife was buried, and Dr.

Tian let out a blood curdling shriek.


The group couldn't keep their cool any longer and began desperately shaking the cage, yelling "Dr.

Tian!" The group leader took a deep breath and reached out to calm down his companions.


"Let me out, I'll tell you.

The premise is that you will not hurt innocent people again."


Everyone was shocked, including Pan Lei, who was dressed as a bandit.

If the group leader truly did expose something, this guy would be unable to remain in the special forces.

Even if the danger was directed at his family, he couldn't reveal a single secret.



Let him out."


The cage door swung open.

The group leader gave everyone a meaningful look before turning to glance at the bandit who was standing outside the cage with an AK47.

The group leader was hauled in front of Pan Lei.


Pan Lei walked around him in circles.


"How many sentries do they have, how many troops do they have, and how are they distributed"


"Can you guarantee you'll release Dr.

Tian" the group leader coughed and asked.


Pan Lei erupted with laughter. Not bad.

At the very least, they knew how to keep hostages safe.


The group leader approached fast and punched Pan Lei's chin, taking advantage of Pan Lei's laughter.

Simultaneously, the others in the cage reached out and grabbed the guard by the neck, putting him in a stranglehold.

Someone promptly snatched the guard's gun and knocked him out with a single punch before pointing the gun at the cage's lock and firing twice.

The lock snapped, and the recruits rushed out, kicking the cage door.


Could Pan Lei let this man hit him Obviously not.

He ducked to the side, the blood in his veins blazing with combat fervor.

He hadn't faced a well-matched opponent in a long time.

He might have a good fight this time.

In a violent struggle, the group leader and Pan Lei traded punches and kicks. Not bad, not bad, the group leader's abilities are pretty good. He felt a little comforted after witnessing the group leader deal with the problem calmly.


Pan Lei's motto was "I'd rather make you puke blood on the training field than salute your corpses."


He believed that rigorous training will result in world-class abilities.

They were elite soldiers, regarded as the best of the best.

They must be the best, regardless of their skills or general traits.

That's what it took to be a trained special forces soldier.


When these savage infuriated tigers were freed, they became an unstoppable force.


The recruits rushed forward.

They numbered twenty, while the bandits numbered ten.

It was a two-on-one situation, and it swiftly turned in their favor.


Someone pulled out a gun and pointed it at Pan Lei.


Tian Yuan saw it and couldn't care anymore about the plan.


"Guys, stop! Pan Lei, Pan Lei, stop!"


F**k this nonsense! He couldn't stand the thought of someone shooting Pan Lei.

He was terrified that this might turn into his worst nightmare. It's merely a practice run.

Just stop, okay Don't fight for real.


Tian Yuan's screams brought everyone to a halt, including the man brandishing a gun and threatening Pan Lei with a single shot.

The fighting abruptly came to a standstill, and the recruits looked blankly at these "bandits."


The gang of bandits burst out laughing, and they all removed their hoods.

The recruits recognized they were familiar with these criminals.

They were the instructors and assistant instructors with whom they dealt on a daily basis...


Pan Lei patted the group leader on the shoulder with satisfaction.


"Good boy.

Well done.

You’re promising and a good group leader.

This time, it's just an exercise to put you through your paces.

Even if you’ve qualified for the special forces, it was all on the training grounds.

What you lack is practical experience.

Only real combat will allow you to mature and grow.”


"But you still have a lot of shortcomings.

Line up and get on the bus.

We’ll return for a meeting."


Pan Lei dashed off to untie Tian Yuan.

He'd tied Tian Yuan loosely so Tian Yuan could untie his own bindings.

He unbuttoned his shirt and tossed the blood bag aside, casting a chilly glance at Pan Lei.


"I knew there was going to be a fight, but didn't you see him point a gun at you! Why didn't you take action to protect yourself Were you going to let him shoot you if I didn't ask you to stop Was that the plan Explain!"


"It's not a big deal.

There are just three real bullets in the gun.

The others are empty shells."


"Be careful for my sake.

Are you that careless when you're on a mission Please pay attention to safety, okay."


"Yes, yes, I promise.

Let's go back now, shall we Change your clothes quickly.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think something bad had happened to you."


The recruits finally came to their senses on the way back. F**k! The instructors were acting...no, they played us! Doctor Tian, the gentle one, is also a part of it! It was the kind Doctor Tian who took off his torn shirt, changed his clothes, and wiped the blood from his face. What the hell is this


Pan Lei responded to this activity by pointing out several obvious flaws.

For starters, they were not alert.

Second, there was a lack of calm thinking.

Third, they were not agile in their thinking - when they were scared, they forgot what they had learned.

Fourth, they were not calm in the face of danger and turmoil, did not examine the situation at the time, and plunged into danger.


In light of these failures, each recruit wrote a 5000-word critique before leapfrogging 10000 times with a load and running 5 kilometres cross-country as punishment.


"What they are missing is actual combat.

Recruits and veterans will be thrown together the next time they embark on a mission.

They will not be anxious after a few missions, and they will know how to cope with problems."


Pan Lei wrapped his arm around Tian Yuan's shoulder and spoke with the assistant instructors about it.


The dialogue then took an unexpected() turn.


"I think my hubby is the most outstanding performer in this exercise.

Did you see his great acting! If he goes into showbiz, he’ll have no trouble winning the little golden Oscar guy.

That little look, those terrified little eyes…too tempting."


The assistant instructors exchanged glances, said nothing, and then left.

It was time for Team Leader Pan to brag about how amazing his husband was, that is, for the couple to flirtatiously banter.

Outsiders needed to leave.



Tian Yuan scowled at his abductor, nudged him hard in the stomach, snorted, and walked away. Go ahead and flaunt on your own.


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