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Chapter 151 Tragic graduation mission


"Yes, the young nurses are all very cute.

I’ll introduce you guys if I have a chance.

Our hospital’s nurses worship the special forces."


Everyone burst out laughing.


Tian was a good man, a really really good man.


Tian Yuan glanced out the vehicle window.

According to the plan, it should begin soon.


Sure enough.

The driver was the first to notice something was awry.


"There’s a car following us."


As a result of this sentence, the atmosphere in the bus became tense, and all of the troops drew their weapons.

Tian Yuan was going to stand up, when a soldier pressed down on his shoulder.


"Doctor Tian, we promised Team Leader Pan that we would send you safely home.

Don't move.

Whatever happens, lie down and don't move."


Two special forces soldiers approached, pulled out their guns, unlocked the safety catch, and stood guard over Tian Yuan.


The conversation and laughter abruptly came to a halt.

Everyone was tense.


Tian Yuan bent, lay on the seat, and waited.

He wasn't sure if it was exhilaration or nervousness, but his heart was beating wildly.


The car with the smeared license plate that was following them drove quite fast and soon approached their minibus.

The driver pressed the accelerator to speed, but a car appeared out of nowhere in front of the minibus and braked, coming to a stop directly in front of it.

The minibus's driver slammed on the brakes in haste, and the vehicle lurched, nearly colliding with the automobile in front.


Thump, thump, thump...

Tian Yuan's heart was pounding. Isn't this just a play Why is it so lifelike ah!


A car obstructed their retreat, while another car outflanked them in front.

Ten people emerged from the vehicles, wearing black hoods and wearing black clothing.

Each man was holding an AK47 as they quickly surrounded the minibus.


The special forces personnel loaded their weapons and prepared to fire on the ten people.

Muzzles were facing muzzles, just like a special forces soldier was confronting a criminal scene.


A man wearing a hood fired a shot targeted at the minibus's wheel, causing the vehicle to shake severely.

At the same time, a man jumped onto the minibus's roof and hung upside down.

His gun was aimed at the people inside the minibus, and half of his body was suspended outside the window.


"Don't move! If you move even slightly, I'll turn you into a sieve."


The special forces personnel came to a complete standstill.


A tall man with a black hood on his head walked out at this time.

His physique and bandit-like aura reminded them of their team leader, Devil Pan.


With the AK47 in his hand, he knocked on the bus door.


"We already have you under our grasp.

We have a grudge toward Pan Lei.

We've learned that his lover is in this vehicle.

All we want is his lover.

I'll let you go as long as you hand him over."


His words were purposefully mingled with some odd Hokkien.

He spoke in low tones, and no one could determine who he was.

His words were simply awkward.


They'd been hunted down not long after leaving the military district.

Were they prepared for a long time, or was there a spy among them


Tian Yuan was surrounded by special forces personnel who leaned in.

Tian Yuan was in a corner when one of them nudged him, motioning him to slip under the seat as soon as possible.

They were not going to hand over Doctor Tian.

Giving him up meant betraying Team Leader Pan and, more crucially, being unworthy of their training.


"Chief, that man is in the car."


The bandit on the roof reported.


The bandit, who was tall and robust, snorted.


"Hand him over quickly, or I'll blow up the bus and kill you all!"


"We don't have the individual you're looking for.

Who are you I advise you not to act rashly.

You're barely 5 kilometres from our military base.

You can't run away if something bad happens."


Could these be the Vietnamese fugitives who, according to Team Leader Pan, had infiltrated the city They suddenly realized why Team Leader Pan had assigned twenty of them to escort Dr.


The person who arrived at the door was most likely an old adversary.

In that circumstance, it was even more critical to protect Dr.



"Humph! Refusing to a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit[1]!"


The tall, burly man snorted as he punched the door.


"San'er, move!" {T/N: San means third}


Before they could figure out what was going on, they observed the person hanging outside the window toss a smoking grenade into the bus, which caused the bus windows to crash shut one after the other.


The special forces personnel opened fire in unison, but the rounds only hit the window panes, which did not shatter.


Shit! No! How could they have empty bullets at such a critical juncture!


"Stay down!" Someone yelled.

They'd thrown in a grenade, and it was smoking! It would undoubtedly explode.


Everyone dropped down, but they didn't hear the expected explosion.

Instead, everyone began to feel dizzy.

They exchanged puzzled glances before collapsing unconscious on the ground one after the other.


Before they fainted, there was just one thing going through their heads: they were doomed.

Even if they were fine, Team Leader Pan would skin them.

They were a bunch of morons; twenty people didn't even guard one individual!


Tian Yuan coughed as he came out from beneath the seats.

At this point, the vehicle door slammed open, showing the tall and strong bandit, who had already removed his hood and showed his face.

Who else could it be than Pan Lei


"Are you okay, baby Did you hit your head You're choking! Come on down and get some water."


Pan Lei pushed his way past the morons in the aisle and grasped Tian Yuan's hand, terrified that they'd injure his precious darling.


Tian Yuan coughed violently.

He'd taken the antidote ahead of time, so he wouldn't be knocked unconscious by the gas, but the stench was off-putting.


When Tian Yuan got out of the bus and stood in the open space, the folks around him took off their hoods and grinned as they glanced at him.


"What is this odor It's similar to a poison gas bomb.

Cough, cough...

Oh my God, that stinks!"


He grumbled as he attempted to take a deep breath.

Pan Lei gently patted him on the back and held a cup of water to his mouth, waiting for him to stop coughing so he wouldn't choke.


"It’s a mix of black pepper, Sichuan pepper, and other things like ether.

Does it smell good"


Tian Yuan, whose snot and tears were on the verge of falling, gave him a filthy look. This miserable little appearance is truly heartbreaking, ah.


"What's next, Team Leader Pan"


Flat Head inquired as he kicked the unconscious recruits. What a useless bunch! After a month of training, this was the result Trash!


"Follow the plan.

Make these fools complete a ten-kilometre cross-country frog jump after it's over.

These **s are an utter disgrace."


Pan Lei despised them for falling short of expectations, wishing he could hang them up and whip them one by one a hundred times.

This month's training had been a waste.

Every single one of these idiots was a total embarrassment.


Could they survive if this was the battlefield


Pan Lei and the instructors climbed into their vehicles.

They instructed the driver to follow them to a decrepit farmhouse, where they threw the newcomers into a cage like grain sacks.


They had been abused in this manner and had yet not awoken!


Pan Lei instructed everyone to disguise themselves and wear hoods.


"Act nervous, frightened, and horrified, and then scream and struggle when I pull you, but don't yell my name.

Do you understand"


Tian Yuan inhaled deeply and nodded.

"I'm ready.

Stop nagging and get on with the main event."


Tian Yuan couldn't wait any longer and ordered Pan Lei to hurry up and stop dithering.


Trigger warning: It's all a ruse.

Proceed cautiously, just in case.


Pan Lei motioned to the other instructors, who fired water cannons and sprayed water on the 20 unconscious people's bodies.

The deluge of water jolted them awake, and they immediately sprang up and looked out the cage.

They noticed Tian Yuan, who was alone in a cage, standing there with a horrified expression on his face.


The newbies grew alert and fiercely rattled the cage.


"What are you trying to do, damn it! Hurry up and let the innocent people go."


Pan Lei was dressed in a hood, and none of the recruits recognized him.

He approached Tian Yuan's cage, blade in hand, with a casual demeanor and spouting nonsense.

He didn't even have to pretend to be a bandit.

They were little more than a gang of bandits.


"Pan Lei and I have a deep blood feud.

He killed my brother back then.

Now I want him to lose not only his lover, but also his brothers!"


Pan Lei pretended to be the bandit boss and opened the cage containing Tian Yuan.

He grabbed his wrist, realized he hadn't found the right spot, let go, and grabbed it again, this time content with holding him by the wrist guard on his wrist, and pulled with a little force.

Tian Yuan cooperated wonderfully with him and stumbled out of the cage after him.


"What are you doing Go f**k yourself! If you dare to touch me, I’ll let him kill you."


"You wanna know I’ve heard he loves you to death.

They say you’re a couple.

Then I’ll also taste you.

Do you think he’ll still love and want you if I f**k you"


Tian Yuan pinched his waist, angry that he was still saying indecent stuff at this time. Has the b*st*rd gotten we’re acting!


"He’ll kill you! He’ll slash you up and hang you to dry! He is a hero.

His thoughts are not as low-class as yours!"


Pan Lei chuckled softly and pressed against Tian Yuan's ear.


"I like it when you compliment me like this baby."


Tian Yuan raised his foot and kicked him. Get the hell out of here! Get serious and act!


"Then let's try and see if he still wants you."


Pan Lei laughed nastily and carried him to the rundown house.

Tian Yuan struggled, shouting and screaming, but couldn't break free.


The special forces newbies went mad with rage, shaking the cage and attempting to break the door, but they couldn't get out.

They cursed wrathfully, "Beast! Don't even think about touching Dr.

Tian, you ba*ta*d! Come fight us if you have the guts!"


"Save me, save me!"


Tian Yuan clutched the door frame, trying to yell at them, looking at them helplessly and pitifully, almost making that bunch of manly men cry.

They were special forces that saved individuals in peril, but now when someone was in danger, all they could do was stand there and watch helplessly! This kind of defeat, this kind of powerlessness, made them want to kill themselves! Why should a good man like Doctor Tian be subjected to such cruelty He had the warmest smile and was lavished with attention and care by Team Leader Pan.

He should be lead a happy life.

Was this going to ruin everything They were completely inept.

They would not have been trapped in this situation and reached this point if they had acted quickly to save him.

They could only stand there and watch Dr.

Tian being carried in.

The man laughed as he wrapped his arms around Dr.

Tian's waist and slammed the door shut.


"Doctor Tian, ​​we’ve let you down!"


Everyone cried in agony.

They'd let him down, were inept, and had allowed his life to be wrecked.


With so much training, such rigorous training, how could they fail to perform when their lives were in danger They had learned how to rescue hostages.

They had practiced how to respond when facing criminals.

How could they collectively react so slowly in the face of a sudden incident When the grenade-like thing was thrown in, they instinctively laid down without thinking it through.

They may have had an opportunity to throw it out, but they ignored it.

They were now imprisoned and watching Dr.

Tian getting humiliated.


They were simply too ashamed to live.

They were such failures...


[1] to put off doing something until forced to do even more.


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