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Chapter 150 Staging a major incident


Tian Yuan had spent a long time in the barracks and had witnessed the rigorous training of recruits for the special forces.

Following training, the recruits, who had originally numbered more than 100 persons, had shrunk to 20 or 30 people.

He admired this bunch of tough guys because of the intensity and difficulties they endured.

All unqualified candidates were removed in the final evaluation.

Only 20 of the more than 100 people joined the special forces.

These final 20 recruits were the cream of the crop.


Tian Yuan was by Pan Lei's side at the ceremony proclaiming their new status as official special forces.

He noticed the assistant instructors handing out pieces of paper to each recruit.


"Write your final words now."


At this solemn time, when these twenty people were jubilant that they had finally survived the inhumane hellish training and had become a certified special forces soldier, the first thing they were forced to do was to write a final note, not to swear an oath to the red flag!


The new commandos and Tian Yuan were stunned.


"You shall all go on a mission.

A mission is a life-or-death test.

You will not be able to write your farewells at that time.

Write it now, and then keep it safe in your own cabinet.

If you truly become a martyr, your parents will receive this letter.

You have the option of quitting if you do not wish to die at a young age.

It is entirely voluntary to join the special forces unit.

After all, you're still young, and dying this way is unjust.

Even the cause of death will not be disclosed to your parents, and the remains are not always whole.

If anyone does not wish to take up this challenge, they should quit immediately.

I don't want any cowards crying and complaining on the battlefield.

That'll be a disgrace for me!"


Pan Lei's expression was solemn.

Every word he spoke was both accurate and terrible.

There would be death if there was a war.

After all, the tasks that commandos were assigned to were exceedingly perilous.

If they were terrified of dying, even if they went to the battlefield, they would only hinder their companions rather than becoming brothers who aided each other.


"But we aren't on a mission right now.

Is it necessary to write this"


"You have to write it."


"This thing is pointless if nothing happens to us."


Pan Lei sneered.


"Going on a mission and returning safely the first time does not guarantee that you will be able to return safely in the future.

If it isn't utilized the first time, reserve it for the following time, and the next time after that.

If you have the ability, you won't need to use it for the rest of your life.

Don't wait until it's too late, dying without a body or even a kind word for your loved ones.

You must write it, and you must do so within half an hour."


The combat effectiveness of the trainees suddenly got odd.

Tian Yuan realized Pan Lei's testament had been written when he joined the special forces and had been saved until now.

"Write everything, don't wait until it's really needed and there are no heartfelt words to leave for your loved ones," he said, summarizing everything.


Tian Yuan sighed, hoping that none of the people there would need to utilize this piece of paper in their lives.

It was too cruel.


He had seen their development, how well they accomplished their tasks, and how they became competent special forces. Let them be safely discharged, and Pan Lei be safe till he retires.


The testaments were penned, and this set of people became the special forces' new blood, assimilating into the collective.

Pan Lei authorized the cafeteria to create extra dishes, add more meat, and let the newcomers eat anything they wanted on the first evening of becoming a qualified special forces soldier.

These people had been in misery for a month, and it was time to make up for it.


Don't even bring up rules like soldiers not being permitted to drink.

Pan Lei allowed them to drink and eat freely.

He did not reprimand anyone, making them wait outside the canteen entrance, where they could only smell the aroma.

He allowed the newcomers to eat and drink as much as they wanted.


Pan Lei no longer put on airs and wore a solemn expression.

He ate and drank with everyone, and he even initiated a drinking game after a while.


Pan Lei restrained himself a little after Tian Yuan tugged on his arm, and he stopped drinking bottle after bottle of booze.


The assistant instructors stepped out while the soldiers were drinking.

Tian Yuan was also hauled out of the cafeteria by Pan Lei.

Pan Lei's mind was cleared by the breeze, and he dragged Tian Yuan inside the office.


The instructors were also present, sipping strong tea together.

They'd all drank a lot, but there was something important to talk about, so they needed to hurry and sober up.


"You know I'm not worth putting you in risk, Tian'er."


Pan Lei appeared to be embarrassed to talk.

Tian Yuan realized right away that Pan Lei had something to ask of him.

He was a straightforward individual who never talked in circles, particularly when discussing matters with him.

Pan Lei would never do it since it would be too difficult.


"Tell me.

What do you want me to do for you"


"Doctor Tian, ​​you’re so smart."


One of the assistant instructors expressed his approval. No wonder Dr.

Tian is so pampered! He's simply chicken soup for the soul, ah.

Exceptionally intelligent, ah.


"Of course.

He’s my husband."


Pan Lei's tail suddenly raised.

His tail was wagging back and forth, and everyone could see it. This is a praise to Dr.

Tian, not to you, okay What are you showing off by hugging his shoulders


"Hurry up and start talking.

What do you want"


Pan Lei laughed mischievously, indicating that he had once again devised a wicked plan.

Everyone gathered around the table, head to head, to talk.

Flat Head was pushed away by Pan Lei.


"Stay away from my baby.

Don’t be head to head with him; only I can do so.

Don't seize the opportunity to take advantage of my baby."


Tian Yuan shoved Pan Lei aside when he heard this.


"Get out of here! You think everyone is the same as you.

Be good, and let's get down to business."


Flat Head looked down his nose at Team Leader Pan. Heh, you also have someone you need to obey.


"Despite having completed subjects well and being excellent in theory, this bunch of inexperienced recruits lacks practical combat experience.

They appear to be overly self-assured to me.

They believe that joining the special forces entails becoming the best troops, and they must be delivered a blow.

Tian'er, we're going to pull a trick on them, and you'll be the trigger to put them to the test.

Can you do it"


When Tian Yuan heard this, he was intrigued.

He was excited to take part in this combat practice.


"Can you describe the specific arrangement"


Pan Lei called out to them.

Everyone huddled around a paper-covered table as Pan Lei illustrated the concept with gestures and sketches, quickly detailing the details.


Tian Yuan slammed on the table and made the final call.


"All right, let's do it!"


Flat Head gazed admiringly at Dr.



"Team Leader Pan, every year this military district recognizes the top ten excellent servicemen family members.

You should register your family this year.

This is without a doubt the best military family member.

He works with us and assists us in training new recruits and treating their injuries.

This type of military family member is ideal."


"I'll sign up! I want my family's hubby to win a red pennant to display on the wall."


This was an honor.

Tian Yuan was torn between laughing and crying.

They were discussing servicemen's wives, but he had nothing to do with it!


He'd go play and see how they might torment the newcomers.


The following day went exactly as planned.


Tian Yuan appeared to be departing after grabbing a little duffel bag.


Pan Lei straightened his collar.

Everyone had grown accustomed to these small intimacies.

The duo appeared to be saying their goodbyes and appeared to be unwilling to part ways.


"The clothing is quite thick.

Wear wrist guards and other protective equipment.

They are strong.

Don't allow them to injure your arm by scratching you.

Forget it; I'll handle it.

I'm confident I won't cause you any harm.

Remember that you must act panicked and flustered.

Don't let them notice any flaws."


"I know, I know, let's get going."


Tian Yuan was eager to give it a shot, but Pan Lei wrapped his arms around his waist and stopped him.


"Oh, my darling, you must act as if you are reluctant to part with me.

I feel you're going to run away with someone because you're so happy.

Be a little depressed, a little saddened."


Tian Yuan slapped him.

What the hell did he mean when he said he was going to elope with someone!


"We'll be closely following you and will catch up with you soon.

Don't be scared.

They are all our people."


Then Pan Lei stroked his cheek.


"Wouldn't a kiss goodbye appear more genuine"


"We'll discuss it later.

I can hardly wait."


In truth, he was the one who wasn't afraid of anything major.


Pan Lei took his hand and stood on the stand, facing the twenty people who had assembled.


"My love is returning today.

I have a commitment that prevents me from dropping him off.

You've been in the military camp for quite some time.

Escort him to the city; it will be considered your weekend relaxation.

Remember to send him home safely.

Otherwise, be prepared to deal with the repercussions."


The newbies exchanged glances.

What exactly did Team Leader Pan mean Deploying twenty special forces soldiers to bring his husband...

This escort was way over the top.


"It's not a very peaceful time right now.

It is said that a gang of criminals from Vietnam moved into the city, looting and committing crimes.

I have some work and won't be able to personally send him home, so help me in taking him home.

Oh! It's also better to be safe than sorry.

If you come across them by chance, dispose of them immediately.

It is preferable if you do not meet.

He'll return home safely, and your goal will be completed.

Consider it as escorting valuables."


Team Leader Pan gave an order, and they could only carry it out.

They boarded the minibus armed with guns and daggers.


Pan Lei patted Tian Yuan on the back.


"Go, my precious." {Tl: Gollum, anyone}


Tian Yuan grinned at him, climbed into the bus, waved, and the bus drove away.

Tian Yuan exhaled a sigh.

He would really be leaving the barracks in a few days.

To be honest, he did not want to leave. It's no surprise that White Head sobbed so bitterly back then; it's all too easy to fall in love with the troops.


"Do you have to return back now, Doctor Tian Why don't you stay a few more days"


Tian Yuan and the recruits were friendly since he had assisted them in some way.

They'd known each other for about a month and always said hello when they ran into each other.

He was really nice, despite the fact that he was Devil Pan's lover.

He was diametrically opposed to Team Leader Pan.

He was gentle and courteous.


As Team Leader Pan was not present, and they were all acquaintances in this escort, they naturally gathered to converse.

They were less restrained in the absence of supervisors.


"My leave is coming to an end, and I'm going to return to work.

Despite my reluctance to part, I am not from the military district."


The automobile moved at a moderate pace.

There was no risk in this assignment; Team Leader Pan was only concerned since he placed too much importance on his lover.

There was no need to be alert.


"Do you have a large number of nurses in your hospital, Dr.



They were all in their twenties - the oldest was only twenty-three - and had never been in a relationship.

They were tired of watching Team Leader Pan being in love with Dr.

Tian every day.

They admired, envied, and hated.

Why didn't anyone like them when the harsh Team Leader Pan was in love


Tian Yuan chuckled, thinking that he could talk to his mother-in-law about this.

Wasn't it possible to rescue single police officers online In that case, it was entirely possible to devise a plan to rescue single soldiers as well.

The military district had far too many bachelors.


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