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Chapter 147 A unique method of practicing marksmanship


During shooting practice this time, instead of holding a gun, the trainees aimed at the target while lying on their stomachs on the ground.

Each individual fired ten shots.

After one group of people finished shooting, the next group took their position.

The trainees rotated in this manner for practice.


It should be noted that the trainees were shooting with genuine bullets, not the type meant to deceive people.


The trainees were putting their skills to the test under the supervision of the assistant instructors.

The instructors kicked them if their posture was improper or their pistol grip was not standard.


Tian Yuan was likewise lying on the ground on his stomach at the far end.

Pan Lei, however, did not want him to do this. The ground is so cold, ah.

I hope it doesn’t freeze him.


He purposefully brought a military overcoat, intending to place it on the ground so Tian Yuan might lie on top of it.

Who knew Tian Yuan's obstinate temper would rear its head He insisted on following in the footsteps of the trainees.


He didn't require any special attention.

He, too, could withstand adversity.


Pan Lei squatted alongside him, trying to restrain himself but giving up.

Tian Yuan's current posture made it impossible for him to hit the target.

When he shot, he was actually shooting at other people's targets.

As a result, other people's targets had 12 shots, while his target didn't have even one hole. This is simply embarrassing.


Pan Lei extended his hand and assisted Tian Yuan in supporting his gun.


"Come in a little closer."


"Didn't you say to aim My aim is very accurate."


Yeah, yeah, your aim is spot on.

You hit other people's targets with pinpoint accuracy.


Pan Lei directly lay on his stomach on the ground, just like Tian Yuan.

To be more specific, he was half-pressed onto Tian Yuan.


The assistant instructor standing to the side coughed and raised his head.


Please, Team Leader Pan, behave! Are you showing us what position you and your hubby use at night How can you teach him to shoot like this! Just instruct him, okay There’s no need to press him like this.

This is called harassment, you know.


"Don't press me."


F**k! Tian Yuan grumbled. You press me at night, and now you want to press me in the middle of the day You want to press me constantly, right I know this isn't the right way to teach shooting.

I've never seen an instructor educate soldiers to shoot in this fashion.

This is too ambiguous, okay


"You’re thinking too much.

I’m just showing you how to aim.

Everything - your sight, scope, gun head, and bullseye, must be in a straight line, not an inclined straight line.

Just aim at the place I tell you.

That’s it.

Just aim there.

I promise you’ll hit the tenth ring."


Tian Yuan still had faith in Pan Lei's marksmanship, so he straightened his posture in accordance with Pan Lei's directions.


Pan Lei remained on top of him, refusing to get up.


This guy! He’s so heavy…


"Get up."


Pan Lei abruptly lowered his voice, leaned into Tian Yuan's ear, and whispered in a serious tone, "Are you flustered, baby"


It was nothing.






flustered despite lying on the ground which was a little shady.

After all, it wasn’t a Simmons mattress, but the ground, right


"I mean, aren’t you flustered that your little head is being squeezed"


F**k you, you little uncle.

How can you say such obscene things in such a serious tone Why the hell are you talking like this when I’m practicing marksmanship! Troublemaker!


Tian Yuan's eyes were almost shooting flames.


"You f**ker, get lost! Go as far as you can imagine.

Go! F**k off!"


Tian Yuan gritted his teeth, itching to destroy him. Decent.


Can’t you be decent!


Pan Lei was still in deadly earnest.

He thought what he said was very proper.

There was nothing frivolous about it.


"It’s a problem with a man’s body structure.

Don't be angry; I’m telling you something serious.

It’s quite hard to lie on your stomach like this, especially on the ground.

The issue is the center of gravity.

It’ll constrict your small head.

Don't be embarrassed! Let me tell you, all male soldiers who practice shooting will dig a small hole in the place where the small head is to avoid pressuring and hurting it.

They all dig a hole, so I’ll dig a small one for you.

I bet I can take care of it with a single punch.

I’m too familiar with your body; I know best how big that place is.

My punch will make a large enough hole for you to use."


Tian Yuan desperately wanted to bite him.

He'd never seen such a hooligan before.

How did he come across someone like him


He was serious about talking to him about his size! And he even said he knew it best What the hell does he know! This pervert! Bastard! Hooligan!


"Get the hell out of here!"


Kneeling on a washboard No way! That was too light.

He was going to pin him on a peg board and chop off this b**tard’s thing. He’s so infuriating!


"See, see, you’re getting angry again.

Don't be upset; I'm doing it for your own good.

It’ll be sore under pressure.

It’ll be all swollen when I inspect it at night.

Won’t that be a little too serious Come on, don't be embarrassed.

How about this If you're embarrassed, I'll make a hole for you discreetly.

Turn your body to the side, blocking everyone's view, and I'll settle it with a single punch."


Pan Lei did it all by himself.

He used one hand to flip Tian Yuan over for half a circle, allowing him to block the eyes of people beside him.

Then he raised his fist, found the correct position, and bang! smacked his fist on the ground, creating a hole just as he'd indicated.


Then he allowed Tian Yuan to rest on his stomach once more.

Little Tian Yuan had a place to rest this time...


He pressed again on Tian Yuan's body, moving his body from side to side.


"Don't be restricted and injure yourself.

It is neither too large nor too little.

I can tell if that place is too small by a centimetre.

I know your body from head to toe."


He had flaunted and now sought praise.


Tian Yuan returned his gaze with ferocity. If you speak another word, believe it or not, I'll knock you out with this gun.


Pan Lei did not receive the compliment he had hoped for.

When he saw Tian Yuan's angry expression, he coughed quickly and pretended to be serious.


"Aim, I'll help you practice aiming," the guy in need of a good spanking stated.


This guy climbed all over him after being given face for a few days.

He wouldn't know what's what if he didn't teach him a lesson.


Everyone fired.

Tian Yuan fired the gun as well, guided by Pan Lei's hand.

Six of the ten shots hit the eighth ring, three hit the ninth ring, and one hit the tenth ring.

Tian Yuan delivered the best performance.


"Now pick up your bullet casings and put them in front of me."


Pan Lei ordered the group, but luckily the casings were not very dispersed.

Soon, bullet shells began to pile up in front of Pan Lei, forming a little hill.


Pan Lei kept these shells in a tiny oil barrel.

Tian Yuan gave him a perplexed look.

What in the world was Pan Lei up to Why was he gathering so many shells Was he going to return and count the casings to figure out how many rounds were consumed today


The numbers were then reported by everyone.

The results were revealed, and Tian Yuan came out on top.


Pan Lei clasped his hands behind his back, his look indicating that he hated iron for not becoming steel[1].


"Let's talk about you guys.

The country spends a ton of money on you and provides you with bullets to help you improve your marksmanship.

Great! I got real guns and live ammunition for you, and this performance is how you repay me You’re a disgrace! Your marksmanship can’t even compare to a layman’s shot.

He can get the tenth ring.

What about you How many of you have such good results It's too embarrassing and wasteful! You’re a bunch of cowards and fools! After today’s 10 km load run, continue forward crawl for another 2 km.

Finish it before it gets dark, or else you losers beat it!"


All of the trainees dared to be angry but didn't dare to say anything.

The instructor's words had the force of an imperial edict.

Whatever they said had to be done, no matter how rational or absurd it was.

They were people who were truly oppressed, despite the fact that it was purported to be for their own good.

Once an order was issued, they had only one mission as a soldier - to obey.


They’d go run and crawl forward.

Who asked them not to have the instructor’s special guidance, the kind where the instructor pressed their bodies… Forget about it! Who dared, ah Who dared to approach this tiger They were terrified to even meet and greet him.

His grandeur made people’s legs weak.

After all, he was an ancient mythological beast.

He was far too ferocious, reverable, and admirable.

None of them were brave enough to try to worm their way into befriending him.


Tian Yuan believed he was being too harsh, but when he thought about it, he realized that all training was a form of toughening for them, allowing them to complete risky and nearly impossible tasks and truly was for their own good.

He couldn't say anything as an outsider.

He'd simply taken advantage of the situation and seized the opportunity to play in the barracks.

This type of training was not available to everyone.


What Tian Yuan could do was sneak a few steamed buns during the evening meal and then surreptitiously hand them over to the soldiers who had been sentenced to stand still as punishment and were not allowed to eat dinner.

After all, eating a cold steamed bun was preferable to staying hungry all night, right


Pan Lei, in reality, knew everything.

He was the one who was most familiar with Tian Yuan's appetite and understood that Tian'er couldn't possibly devour five or six steamed buns in one sitting.

He turned a blind eye and let it go, allowing Tian Yuan to feel sorry for those soldiers.


So after they finished eating, he would leave first, and Tian Yuan would purposefully dally, claiming that he hadn't finished eating and asking him to go ahead.

Once Pan Lei was out of sight, he dashed out with the steamed buns - one for each person - said nothing, and swiftly beat it.


Or, he was a doctor and someone got hurt - this kind of training injury happened all the time.

He'd get the first-aid kit, go to their dormitory, and bind their wounds.

If there was no medicine, he would direct Pan Lei to the military doctor.

"I've been much more at leisure since your spouse arrived," the military doctor added with a smile.


These soldiers, in turn, developed a good rapport with Tian Yuan.


Tian is a gentle soul.

It's a shame he was ruined by that ancient beast," they remarked.


Pan Lei, as usual, left first after they finished dining.

Tian Yuan grabbed eight huge steamed buns because so many people had been punished today, amusing the cafeteria's head cook.

Tian Yuan's efforts were reminiscent of a good Samaritan delivering goods to disaster victims in the olden days.


After sneaking the buns, Tian Yuan changed the troops' dressing and went to the dormitory once the check-up was over to find Pan Lei toiling away at the desk, tinkering with something.


In front of him were a mound of bullet shells, the ones used for shooting practice today.

With 502 glue[2] in one hand, he examined the so-called sketch next to him and began very carefully smearing each bullet casing with glue before carefully bonding them together.


"What are you doing"


Can a tall and burly man like Pan Lei execute such exquisite handwork He was convinced that Pan Lei could carry a gun and always hit the tenth ring, but his hands were not the hands for such delicate work.


"I’m making a gift for you.

It’s a special present that can only be made in military camps."


Pan Lei appeared mysterious.


"With a bunch of bullet casings"


It's not that I underestimate him, but I just don’t see it.

What’s there to show off


"You’ll have it when you wake up tomorrow."


This guy appears to be staying up all night That's odd.

He's so excited that he's foregoing sleep to finish this homemade gift instead of dragging me to bed What exactly is it


"Go to bed first.

I'll sleep after I finish."


Tian Yuan had no choice but to take a bath and rest.

Pan Lei hadn't sought him to get intimate for the first time in his life. Let's see what he makes.


Pan Lei worked with unwavering dedication.

His face was solemn as he meticulously prepared the gift.

He was completely focused, gluing the bullet shells together while Tian Yuan just waited to see what it was.



[1] Idiom: to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement.

[2] A Cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Google it for more info.


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