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Chapter 145 Baby, start running


Humph! Isn't it only two kilometers Tian Yuan couldn't possibly be intimidated by that.

When the recruits awoke in the morning, they completed a five-kilometer long-distance run in addition to the other routines.

Running five kilometers in the morning and evening was their most basic training.

They weren't permitted to eat if they didn't finish the run in the allotted time.


Tian Yuan was a sedentary white collar worker.

How could his physical strength be as good as theirs If that were the case, Pan Lei would stop nagging him to work out.


Tian Yuan had agreed to jog on the spur of the moment.

Their conversation about returning to the military compound for the Spring Festival also influenced his decision.

Grandpa Pan would obviously be present, and he would undoubtedly have to train with all of the uncles and cousins.

Tian Yuan reasoned that he should get used to it sooner rather than later.

He had been saved from undertaking a cross-country run with weight the previous time, but he wouldn't be able to escape it the next time.


The recruits were in the lead.

Tian Yuan revved himself up, inhaled deeply, and began jogging! Pan Lei trailed behind him.


This was a trivial affair to Pan Lei, just like eating and sleeping.

Tian Yuan's pace was slow, and he could easily keep up by taking a few fast steps.

In actuality, this wasn't jogging for Pan Lei; it was just brisk walking.


Tian Yuan had already begun to gasp for air in the second half of the first lap.

He could no longer run.

His heart and lungs hurt like they were going to burst, and he couldn't get enough air even with his neck stretched out.

In truth, he'd run less than a kilometer.


Pan Lei stood by him, encouraging him.


"Only one more lap, darling, you only need to run one more lap.

Come on, jiayou!"


"Add your uncle's head! I'm exhausted.

I'm dying! I won't run; enough...this is enough!"


He couldn't run any longer.

It was something he couldn't do.

He couldn't even move his legs because of tiredness.


"Where are you going, baby A man of character follows through on his promises.

You stated that you wanted to run two kilometers.

Take a look at those people; they've all surpassed you by three laps.

Are you not embarrassed Run! It's only two kilometers.

You'll get it done shortly.

Look! They're nearly here, and they're all laughing at you.

Let's get moving.

Don't let them make fun of you."


Pan Lei stood by his side, fists clenched, encouraging him.

There wouldn't be someone quitting every day if he showed the new group of soldiers even 1% of the patience he showed Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan gritted his teeth and ran for five minutes more.


"I...I don't give a damn what they say.


I can't run any longer.

Let them mock me."


Dying...I'm dying from exhaustion.


Pan Lei ran ahead of him, clapped his hands, and stretched out his arms, like a young parent letting a child who had just started walking wobble over, with a smile and encouragement on his face.


"Baby, here, here! I'm waiting for you here, come quickly, come quickly!"


The passing special forces soldiers were speechless, their eyes round in disbelief as they watched this scene. Oh my god! What exactly am I seeing Is our Team Leader Devil Pan actually Tian Yuan's father, rather than his lover Is that really Team Leader Devil Pan, with such patience and loving actions The Devil Pan who makes us train until we vomit blood This is so weird.


In front of the lover is a good man, and in front of them is the devil. Ahhh, this is too unjust.


"I… F**k your uncle! What ‘waiting for you’, beat it!"


It was not shameful for him to give up halfway if he couldn't run, but Pan Lei's current appearance was The.





Tian Yuan couldn't stand upright.

He was preparing to throw his buttocks on the ground.

As he panted, he forced himself to stay on his feet, hunched over his waist, hands on his hips.

He was dead tired.

Jogging was far more exhausting than having two surgeries in a succession.

He was going to kill him.

He had the sensation that his blood vessels were about to burst.


Pan Lei scratched his head. Too bad I couldn't fool him. His gaze roamed about them, catching sight of the general company training in the distance.

Along with the soldiers, Black Lady was receiving instruction from her trainer.

Puff! Pan Lei's mind was once again filled with wicked schemes.


He whistled loudly while putting his fingers in his mouth.


Tian Yuan was panting and paying no attention.

The only idea that sprang to mind was that he needed to teach Pan Lei a lesson.

He couldn't wolf whistle no matter how attractive a woman was!


Black Lady was an extraordinarily smart dog.

She shook her neck and bounded over to Pan Lei as soon as she heard the whistle, breaking free from the rope in her trainer's hands.


Black Lady was ferocious.

Despite having a cute name just like King Kong's, she was a purebred Tibetan mastiff.

A mastiff capable of killing a wolf.


She was swift, looked fierce, and raced over with her tongue lolling out.


Pan Lei hugged Black Lady and petted her head.


"Good girl.

Nip Tian Yuan's butt and make him play with you.



Black Lady’s favorite person was Pan Lei.

When Pan Lei gave an order, Black Lady made sure to execute it promptly.


She didn't know who Tian Yuan was.

All she knew was that Pan Lei was punishing the individual who was seated on the ground panting.

This guy smelled of Pan Lei, albeit it was a little weak.

But Pan Lei was asking her to nip him, so she would nip him.


Black Lady dashed towards Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was under the notion that the dog wanted to play with him.

He had no clue, not the smallest idea, that Black Lady would pounce at him with bared teeth.


Who wouldn’t be horrified to witness a purebred Tibetan Mastiff the size of a calf, pouncing at them with bared fangs.

He had only played with Black Lady once, and he was well aware that this dog only recognized two masters in her life.

Last time, she didn't bite him because of Pan Lei's face.

This time he couldn’t say for sure...


Whoosh! He got up from the ground lightning fast, and hurriedly went away a few feet.

Black Lady chased after him with little steps.


"Pan Lei, Pan Lei, take it away right now!"


"If he doesn't run, Black Lady, go after his a*s.

If you stop, Tian'er, it will bite you.

Make a run for it!"


Tian Yuan made three circles around Pan Lei, and Black Lady followed him three times.

Black Lady refused to go, whether it be by kicking her or driving her away.

As soon as he came to a halt, Black Lady bit his pant thighs.

Her canine teeth were incredibly sharp.

Tian Yuan could feel her teeth scraping the skin of his legs.

It was quite frightening.


Pan Lei burst out laughing, pleased with himself.

The audacity!


"Run for it! The dog is chasing you!"


Tian Yuan was forced to be helpless.

He had to take to his heels and flee, as Black Lady chased and sprang after him.

Black Lady would nip the calf of his leg if he slowed down a little.


"I greet your eighteenth generation ancestors, Pan Lei! You bast*rd, bast*rd!"


Tian Yuan began to run away with tears in his eyes, while Pan Lei trailed behind him, laughing hysterically.

Black Lady, who had been set free, joyously followed him.

She would bite Tian Yuan as soon as he slowed down, her fangs opening wide to bite at his pant legs.

“Ahhh!” Tian Yuan would scream and dash away.


This trick worked better than any other.

He didn't whine about being fatigued, and he didn't declare he couldn't run any longer.

He scampered away at breakneck speed.

Despite his harsh reprimand, he would be able to complete two kilometers of jogging today.


The special forces soldiers were once again petrified as a group.


Team Leader Devil Pan remained the Team Leader Devil Pan.

He was such a douche to his lover! He even let a Tibetan mastiff chase after him to get him to run, not to mention them...


They weren't a couple; they were foes, right That Tibetan Mastiff appeared to be around 150 kg in weight.

It was enormous, with front claws as thick and solid as an adult man's arms.

It would undoubtedly take off a portion of flesh if bitten by those sharp canine teeth.

It was too cruel to use this Tibetan Mastiff to chase after your sweetheart and train him to run.



Tian, on the other hand, was extremely rude and straightforward.

The entire audience could only hear Dr.

Tian's commotion as he raced away quickly while abusing their Team Leader Pan.

At the moment, he was greeting Pan Lei's ninth generation ancestors...


The audience scratched their noses. This couple is bizarre.


Pan Lei had laughed himself to breathlessness.

He was having a good time watching Tian Yuan flee and listening to his scolding.

He'd never seen Tian Yuan so animated before.

Indeed, a genius needed to be provoked in order for their potential to be stimulated.

He refused to jog no matter what, he couldn't be persuaded or enticed.

Take a look! Wasn't he running perfectly well now Look at how the two legs are sprinting away, and how swift they are. Today, I'll give Black Lady a kilo of beef as a reward.

This girl is incredible.


Tian Yuan said he couldn't run any further after the first lap of this two-kilometer run.

Despite Pan Lei's coaxing, he refused to budge.

The special forces guys overtook him by three laps, but he continued to run slowly.

However, with Black Lady's assistance, his speed matched that of this batch of recruits, and he finished his run fast.

Pan Lei stopped him and held him, explaining that because he didn't work out regularly, if he worked out too vigorously all of a sudden, his muscles wouldn't be able to handle it.


"All right, Black Lady, all right, quit making trouble."


Black Lady desired to continue the chasing game and bite Tian Yuan's pants.

Tian Yuan was so terrified that he clung to Pan Lei's body. Please don't bite my pants! How could he see people if she ripped his pants off! Don't tell me I’m going to get bitten


"Black Lady."


When Pan Lei admonished Black Lady calmly, she whimpered and sat alongside him, her head lowered.


"It feels fantastic to workout until you start sweating profusely.

Come on, let's go.

I'll help you in walking around and relaxing."


Tian Yuan may be said to have tapped into his potential before being abruptly powered off, and he couldn't stand up no matter what.

He was panting for air, sweat trickling from his brow.

He was originally fair, but after sweating so profusely, he resembled a delicate and lovely jade fished from the water.

After seeing it, Pan Lei was enamored.


"Get lost! Get out of your a**, bas*ard.

F**k your uncle! You’re a villain, you a*sh*le.

Go away! Don’t let me see you."


To put it mildly, this chap, Pan Lei, was a scumbag.

Tian Yuan was threatening Pan Lei with a scalpel while Pan Lei…fell in love at first sight.

That small glance of his was breathtaking, and he was especially majestic the night he told Pan Lei about his family rule.

Pan Lei was perplexed as to why he enjoyed witnessing his rare display of might so much.

Pan Lei's heart was in a mess by his furious little expression, his wrathful but perfectly sparkling eyes.


When he was docile, he was like water, his soft and sticky "ge" enough to confuse and disorient Pan Lei.

But this little expression of his was like being inflamed by hot peppers, making him delighted from head to toe.

He couldn't possibly love him enough.

He adored every aspect of him.


"Yes, I’m an a*sh*le teasing my baby."


Pan Lei leaned over and gave him a fawning kiss, regardless of whether anyone was looking.

Tian Yuan shoved him away with ruthlessness.


"Get lost!"


He'd never seen somebody nastier than him, and he even let a dog chase him! He stood there laughing heartily, as if he were enjoying a wonderful show, while he lost his face.

He'd entirely lost his face.


Pan Lei's face was calm, and he smiled apologetically.


"Baby, if you can't stand up, why don't you let me piggyback you"




Tian Yuan turned aside and snorted dismissively a few times.


Oh! Oh! Don't be so coquettish. This sound was like a little claw scraping Pan Lei's heart, making him itchy.


"I'll knead your legs, pound your back, and massage every sore muscle.

Forgive me"


"F**k off!"


Tian Yuan pursed his lips in anger and ignored Pan Lei. So annoying.


Tian Yuan was forced to look at Pan Lei, who pinched his chin.


"Let me see what your anger looks like.

Oh~ pouty mouth.

You're expecting me to kiss it, right Baby, good baby, give ge a kiss and stop being angry.

I'll carry you back and give you a full body massage, okay Ge is wrong, I won't tease you like this again.

Be good, trust me."


Tian Yuan bared his teeth and puffed and blew at Pan Lei's chin for a second before biting it. You let the dog bite me, a*sh*le.

So I'll bite you.




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