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Chapter 144 Learning to shoot


Tian Yuan had never felt so guilty as he did during the first week of recruit training, dubbed "Hell Week." Why Because neither Pan Lei nor the other instructors worked.


The two of them, together with an assistant instructor, played Fight the Landlord in the vehicle.

The assistant instructor who was driving the automobile nonchalantly played a card inside the car, while outside the car, recruits in groups of five carried a heavy sack of rice and ran for 20 kilometres.


Pan Lei didn't say anything, and he didn't let Tian Yuan peek outside since he was confident Tian Yuan would be horrified when he saw the recruits.

He'd also point to his nose and criticize him for being a despot, dictator, and so cruel that he wasn't even a human being.

Playing Fight the Landlord diverted his attention.

Tian Yuan finally showed off his terrible card skills.

He had been a huge success in the Pan family.

Obviously, it was Pan Lei who assisted him, therefore he was able to easily defeat Grandpa Pan.

Fortunately, Pan Lei was the one who won all of his money.

They were driving while listening to dynamic dance music and playing Fight the Landlord.

Outside, a group of soldiers was sweating profusely, and the blowing wind had caused hoarfrost to form on their sweat-soaked clothes.


At the time, a group of recruits was standing in the frigid lake water, carrying a lifeboat, on which Pan Lei was standing.

"Motherf**kers, if you dare let Laozi fall, you little **s can just f**king quit my special training," Pan Lei swore furiously over the megaphone.


The recruits clenched their teeth and persevered.

Tian Yuan was dressed in a thick cotton coat.

They sat to watch while the assistant instructor served him a cup of hot coffee.

Tian Yuan thought Pan Lei was too nasty.

Wasn't it evident from this that he was looking for hatred Comparison between people was the most awful thing on earth.

Wasn't the disparity between their group and the recruits too pronounced They would undoubtedly be loathed by the recruits.


Hell Week began on Monday, and many individuals had already quit.

All of the training was nearly impossible to complete since it was too challenging.

Even if the recruits passed training, it was required that meals be consumed within two minutes, and those who did not pass would be denied sustenance.

People were starving and couldn't stand the high-pressure training, as well as the abuse and beatings inflicted by the instructors and deputy instructors.

As a result, they quit.


This was taken lightly by all of the instructors.

If someone was unable to accept this type of training, they would be unable to accomplish the challenging goals entrusted to the commandos, hence it was best to leave as soon as possible.


Pan Lei was finally ready to leave the lifeboat.

He took a sip of coffee and spit it out with a "bah, bah, bah," stating it tasted like bird droppings.


"Tian'er, it appears that we will not be eating (in the cafeteria) today.

It just so happens that neither of us has had a decent opportunity to go camping or have a picnic.

You go fishing, Flat Head, and the two of us will go hunting."


Pan Lei took out a sniper rifle and slung it over his shoulder. Is this a hunting gun They don't have a shotgun wondered Tin Yuan.


Pan Lei's padded jacket was on Tian Yuan's body, and the sleeves were too long.

As a result, Pan Lei dragged him by his sleeve into the depths of the woods.


"Can we trust you two to return for breakfast"


"What are you talking about! What are you going to eat if we don't return Wait for us."


Pan Lei grabbed a cigarette and looked around for Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan had already lit the lighter and was waiting to light his cigarette.

Pan Lei grinned and kissed him after lighting the cigarette, entirely disregarding who may see it or not.

As he strutted into the woods with a gun, he looked exactly like a bandit with a new scapegoat.


"I think we need to catch some fish.

What if they seek a deserted spot for passion We'll still be waiting stupidly when it's dark."


One instructor proposed, and the other instructors agreed.

They unlocked the boot, and with the exception of an instructor who continued to supervise recruit training, the others sat down by the lake and fished.


What kind of prey could they catch this season It was almost hibernation time.

There were no rabbits to be found, and the pheasants had vanished as well.

Hunting was just an excuse.

Everyone knew exactly what they were going to do: they were going to find a deserted area to make out.


Others assumed that the husbands wanted to be alone in order to further deepen their feelings.

Their honeymoon period had not yet ended.

Speaking of which, their honeymoon period was quite lengthy.

They'd been together for quite some time, right How could they still be so clingy


"I said I'd bring you hunting, but there's nothing decent this time of year.

Wait for our family's busy bees to gather.

That's when you'll see some true talent.

Do you know that, despite his age, our Grandpa Guo Jing[1] can still hit two birds with one shot His vision and hearing are as acute as ever.

He raises his rifle and fires, and two wild geese fall to the ground as a result.

It will undoubtedly leave you staring dumbfounded."


Tian Yuan pictured a bunch of men in military attire, each with his own guards, both elderly and young, going hunting... I'm sure it looks like a robbery scene.


"What can I shoot right now" {Amy: Your organic gun}


While strolling, Pan Lei snapped a long branch and used it to clear the underbrush.


"We'll eat snake meat if we catch a snake.

We will eat a hare if we catch a hare.

If we don't catch anything, I'll eat you."


Tian Yuan stomped on him. Can't you be a little decent You said we’re going hunting, so We.





"Finally! There is no one nearby.

It's time for us husbands to express affection, darling.

Come here and give ge a kiss."


Pan Lei extended his hand, approaching Tian Yuan like a perverted uncle, and asked Tian Yuan to kiss him.


Tian Yuan slapped him on the back of the hand.


"Now, don't fool around.

Teach me how to use a gun."


The Pans were a military family.

Almost every member, young and old, was a member of the military.

If they went hunting, he would undoubtedly join them.

After all, what man doesn't like guns When he was a kid, he used to love playing with toy guns.

He was now looking at and touching a real gun.

One having real bullets rather than blank ones.


Tian Yuan examined the rifle with keen interest. It's made of iron.

Wow! I'm touching a real gun.


Tian Yuan's first reaction when he took the rifle in his hand was, "Wow, that's heavy."


Pan Lei stepped behind him, grabbed his arm from behind, and instructed him to hold the rifle.


"This is the scope.

When aiming at a target, your hands must be steady.

Then, release the safety, choose a target, aim, and shoot.

Count to ten before pulling the trigger.

Don't move, hold steady."


Tian Yuan complained, "It's too heavy." I'm afraid I'll never be a qualified soldier in my lifetime.


Pan Lei murmured in his ear, "All soldiers feel the same way you do when they first touch the gun: agitated and eager.

They will, however, be very dismissive after a few days.

Do you know why Because they have to hang bricks from the sniper rifle at the end.

After target practice, their arms are so sore that they can't even lift them." As he spoke, Pan Lei's hot breaths blew across Tian Yuan's ear.

Tian Yuan tilted his neck and rubbed his ear.


Tian Yuan's arms were sore after a while.


Pan Lei seemed to have picked up on something.

He took Tian Yuan's hand in his own, aimed towards the open space on the side, put his finger on Tian Yuan's finger, and squeezed the trigger.


Tian Yuan leaned back as a result of the recoil.

A flock of birds flew up from the open space at this time.

Pan Lei remained by Tian Yuan's side as he raised the gun and took aim.




Pan Lei's voice was low and deep.

Tian Yuan didn't have time to consider because his instruction came too quickly, and he pressed the trigger.


He gazed wide-eyed as two large birds dropped from the sky.


Pan Lei delightedly clasped Tian Yuan's face and nibbled heavily on his lips.


"Wow, my baby is a genius! Killing two birds with one shot with your first gunshot, huh Good, good, fantastic.

Grandpa will undoubtedly like you more when he finds out about this.

You can show off your abilities the next time he says, "Let's go hunting.""


Tian Yuan inhaled deeply.

He couldn't believe his eyes.

He killed two birds with a single shot Could it be that he was a natural mechanical genius He shouldn't be a doctor; he should be a soldier, right


Pan Lei approached, carrying the two supposedly large birds.

They were, in fact, mallards found in this area.

There was a lake nearby, so the presence of mallards was unsurprising.


Tian Yuan, who was still holding the gun, was thrilled when he saw the prey brought over.

It was not simple for him to achieve such fantastic results; after all, it's my first attempt.


He jumped up and kissed Pan Lei swiftly.


Pan Lei pushed him against a tree trunk and drew him in for a deep kiss.


"My baby is really talented.

My judgment is absolutely first-rate.

I'm so lucky that such a gifted individual allowed me to kidnap and capture him."


Pan Lei pressed their foreheads together and talked quickly while taking quick breaths.

He didn't shy away from praising Tian Yuan at every opportunity.

His husband was unquestionably the best, so he heaped praise on him.


Tian Yuan wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's neck and leaned forward to rub their noses.

Tian Yuan was well aware that it wasn't his skill that was commendable, but rather Pan Lei's.

He couldn't have caught a single bird feather, let alone killed two birds with one shot, without Pan Lei's help.


"I am a genius." Tian Yuan was immeasurably self-satisfied as a result of Pan Lei’s doting. 

Pan Lei kissed his smiling face.

"Absolute genius.

So, Mr.

Genius, if you can do in one try what takes rookies a long time to learn, how about you run alongside them in tomorrow’s training.

They run twenty kilometres, you run two kilometres, and I will accompany you, okay"


"Fine, I'll run.

Who is scared of whom"


He would run because it was only two kilometres and he had someone to join him.

Wasn't it just jogging


Pan Lei was overjoyed.

He'd tried several methods to get Tian Yuan to toughen up his body, but he refused to exercise.

Because he didn't work out much, performing two surgeries in a row caused him to lose all of his physical strength.

He happened to be in a military camp, and seeing the recruits jog even when they were exhausted and gasping for air had inspired him.

He agreed to jog for two kilometres because it sounded reasonable to him.


"We'll also practice military boxing.

I'll show you a few tricks.

If you come across a lecher when you're on your own, you can send him flying with a single kick."



In any event, I don't get to vent my rage every time I kick you.

I'd like to kick you against the wall in particular.

Nobody dares to touch me.

You're the only big lecher, so I should learn to deal with you."


Pan Lei stared blankly for a moment, wondering if this was a case of reaping what you sow.

It didn’t matter, though.

He intended to teach Tian Yuan some self defense techniques so that he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage in the future.

After all, he wasn't around all the time.

Tian Yuan came home from work alone and didn't know how to drive.

He was quite concerned.

Besides, even if he taught Tian Yuan the full repertoire of military boxing, Tian Yuan would be unable to defeat him without the assistance of an expert.

He'd just stand there immobile, allowing Tian'er to kick him.

He was rough and tough, and he'd be alright.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, could sprain his ankle or injure his wrist.


Tian Yuan was excited to give it a shot.

He was happy and eager to learn a set of Shaolin Kung Fu from the movies. When Pan Lei annoys me, I can easily throw him aside with a single kick.

That would greatly alleviate his anger.


"You'll wake up when I do tomorrow.

We will accompany them as they train."


Tian Yuan gave a nod.


"Don’t harass me tonight.

Let me have a good rest so that I can be full of energy tomorrow.

Also, stay away from me at night for the duration of my training."


Pan Lei slammed his head into the tree trunk.

Reap what you sow.

He was only paying the price for his deeds.

He simply took it upon himself to toughen up Tian Yuan, forsaking his nightly welfare in the process. This is too unfair!


[1] Guo Jing is the fictitious protagonist of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, a wuxia novel.

Guo Jing is one of Mongolia's best archers.

He once shot down two eagles in the skies with a single arrow when he was young.


Woo~hoo~ Guys, this is the 100th chapter of IDYTRAA that I've translated, and it's also my blog's first birthday! What a coincidence, isn't it I absolutely did not plan it in this way on purpose.

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