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Chapter 135 Gathering to eavesdrop


White Head's dorm room was just next to Pan Lei's.

They'd finished training and had also finished eating.

It was now late in the evening.

The barracks were bathed in lights that had been turned on all throughout the area.

Tian Yuan headed to the dormitory while Pan Lei and the deputy instructors talked about business in the office.

There were veterans who were about to be discharged, and they needed to take new recruits.

There were many things to do, but Pan Lei kept checking the time.

Within a half-hour, he checked his watch twenty times.


He didn't want to talk about official affairs any longer, even though it was only half past eight o'clock.


Pan Lei stretched his body and said, "Okay, we'll call it a day here.

Let's discuss this tomorrow.

I'm going back to my dorm."


White Head, Flat Head, and the others looked at the clock.

It was still early.

They normally stayed until ten o'clock before going back to their dorms and showering.

Why were they dispersing this early Oh~~ got it.


Hehe, they all got it.


"Yes, sir.

I'm guessing your family is hoping for you to return sooner rather than later"


Pan Lei got to his feet, grabbed a file folder, and smacked his head.


"Tut! You're asking a question when you already know the answer.

Pay attention to what I'm saying.

Don't squat outside my dorm room door.

If I find you, I'll make you turn the horizontal bar 1000 times.

Then you can spend the rest of the day dizzy.



Finally, with a glint in their eyes, they all returned to the dormitory.


Pan Lei could finally get down to proper business now that it was dark.

He couldn't endure any longer.


His sweetheart and he hadn't seen each other in a long time.

They were in their honeymoon period, okay Lovers who are separated briefly cling to each other more than newlyweds, okay Please understand, okay


Pan Lei walked away, and the four deputy instructors exchanged mischievous laughs.


"Well, it's still early.

Let’s go to my room and play a round of Fight the Landlord" White Head made the suggestion, and the other instructors all nodded eagerly.


"Let’s go, let’s go, I haven't played in ages.

Hurry up!"


In this way, four big guys pushed and shoved, hastened their pace, and marched towards White Head's room.

They were starting to go completely bad from the bottom of their hearts but were still mighty and unyielding on the surface.


They craned their necks and looked at the room next door, which was Squadron Leader Pan's.

The curtains were closed tightly, the lights remained on, and the door was securely locked.

Would they be able to catch anything They entered the room quickly.


They held their breaths and strained their ears to the wall, hearing faint sounds of the inside conversation.


Just kidding.

It was a wall, no matter how thin it was.

How could it not be soundproof The couple's room door was firmly shut, the curtains were drawn, and they weren't arguing.

Pan Lei had a booming voice, but he always spoke softly to his husband.

How much could they possibly hear


"What are they talking about"


These four big guy's stances were a sight to behold.

They all looked like geckos, with their ears pressed against the wall, necks cocked, and buttocks jutting.

Their necks would undoubtedly hurt after a while.


Heh! It was thrilling to come there instead of sleeping at night to eavesdrop on the pair.


"The bugs are at the warehouse.

If I had known earlier, I would have planted one in their room."


White Head knew it was too late to have regrets.

What could they do Plaster their ears like gum to the wall of course.

What a pity they could only hear faint sounds.


"We're screwed if Squadron Leader Pan finds out."


They envisioned Squadron Leader Pan roaring at them to leapfrog 10,000 times with a load, complete with a furious visage and a loud voice.

They'd die from exhaustion.

They were listening in on the wall and even contemplating the installation of bugs.

They were determinedly seeking death.


"Don't be noisy.

Speak softly.

There’s some movement over there."


White Head and Flat Head again pressed their ears on the wall and listened in with pricked up ears.

Their human ear was pricked so long that it resembled a rabbit ear.


"You're back Have you finished discussing work"


Tian Yuan was resting on the bed.

He'd showered, changed into pajamas, and sat on the bed to play computer games.


Pan Lei shut and locked the door, glanced out the window to make sure no one was lurking, then drew the curtains to ensure there was no gap, and sat by the bed, caressing Tian Yuan's cheek.


"Did you eat your fill at dinner I noticed you ate a little less than usual."


"I ate my fill.

See My belly is bulging.

Now get up and take a shower.

You're completely covered in dust.

Don't go near the bed and get it dirty."


Pan Lei turned his head to the side and kissed him once again.

He kissed him repeatedly, pecking him all the way to his ear.


"I won't allow you out of bed unless we dirty the bedsheets today.

They'll get soiled sooner or later.

Instead of fretting about the bedsheets, you should be concerned about whether or not you will be able to get out of bed tomorrow."


Tian Yuan's face flushed bright red in an instant.

He blushed and his ears heated up every time Pan Lei lowered his voice to tease him in his ear.

He pushed him away and handed him the change of clothes that was lying on the bed.


"Go take a shower.

Hurry up."


"Be good and wait for me in bed, baby."


Pan Lei pinched his cheek, then took his clothing and grinned as he went to the bathroom.

When he passed the closet, he opened it and brought out the newly purchased double quilt, which he wrapped around Tian Yuan.


"Don't freeze.

Drill in and wait for me."


Tian Yuan was wrapped in a quilt, and his face was flushed.

He had to admit that he missed Pan Lei as well.

Those passionate nights, those collisions, those gasps for breath, his kisses, his breaths, his strong and muscular body, and those continuously surging feelings...

Tian Yuan buried his face in the quilt, his entire body radiating heat.


He wriggled silently in the quilt, removed his pajamas and tossed them out, then removed his briefs and tossed them out as well, before covering his head with the quilt and rolling himself into a pupa.

His head was within, and his feet were as well.


He was being so bold for the first time.


Pan Lei took a super quick shower.

Wet, soap, clean, and done! He was in a rush because his long-lost love was waiting in bed, ah.

How could he have the thought to take a bath with care There was proper business to attend to.

He needed to get out of the shower as fast as possible.


He walked out flippantly without any clothes on after casually wiping his body.


He turned off all of the lights in the room, except for a small lamp on the desk.

The orange double quilt bulged in the shape of a human figure.


Pan Lei grinned contentedly, turned off the small desk lamp, and yanked on the quilt.


"The air inside isn't good, baby.

Don't cover your face."


"I want you to take care of it."


Tian Yuan didn't say anything else.


Pan Lei yanked open a little gap, inserted a head and a hand, and touched him. Wow! My baby is in his birthday suit.

Great, truly fantastic. He didn't need to remove his pajamas any longer.

The small space grew somewhat, he got halfway in, Tian Yuan pushed him hard, Pan Lei grabbed his hand, the quilt trembled, and they both slid into the quilt.


"Let's see where this is...oh! It's the small back of my baby.

So, if I do down...there's your little bottom.

What if I go a little lower"


Pan Lei pretended it was too dark to see and groped aimlessly.

He was more familiar with Tian Yuan's body than his own.

He could determine which part of his body he was touching even with his eyes closed.

Before reaching out to explore, he lowered his hand and pinched his butt cheeks.


Tian Yuan's body tensed and twisted beneath him.

When Pan Lei's other paw reached his waist, Tian Yuan instantly relaxed, and he let Pan Lei do what he loved.


"My baby is so good that gege can't bear to part with you.

Darling, ge’s good baby, ge misses you terribly."


Pan Lei pressed Tian Yuan under his body.

His hungry and thirsty body was like a beast bursting free from a cage as soon as he touched Tian Yuan.

He couldn't keep it in any longer.

The body he caressed with his palm was his man, and he always made him feel as though he hadn't loved him enough.


Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan's neck, stroked his waist and abdomen, and touched him from head to toe, as if patrolling his own territory.


"I miss you too."


He missed him greatly, especially when he came home from work, especially when he couldn't fall asleep.


Pan Lei kissed him fiercely.

How could he not fall deeply in love with someone like Tian’er He made him fall for him harder and harder.

No matter how deep his love was, he felt it was insufficient; no matter how much he treasured him, he felt it was insufficient.

He could only affirm that Tian'er was his by thoroughly possessing him.


He gathered Tian Yuan's legs around his waist.

Tian Yuan panted as a result of his French kiss.


"It’s, it’s under the pillow," Tian Yuan mumbled.


There was no need to elaborate.

Pan Lei realized the lubricant was hidden beneath the pillow.

It didn't matter how gently he kissed or caressed him; it would still hurt.

But Pan Lei didn't want him to suffer through it.

He wanted Tian’er to enjoy it with him.


"Ge’s good boy, good boy."


Pan Lei smothered him in kisses.

Pan Lei kissed him regardless of where it fell or whether it would leave a mark.

Tian Yuan whimpered and grabbed his shoulders as his palm glided across Tian Yuan's arm.

Pan Lei's body was scorching hot, and the heat scalded him.

His body's heat erupted and burst into flames.

He wished to burn with him; burn with fervor.


Pan Lei squeezed out a large glob, rubbed it over Tian Yuan's behind, and entered shallowly.

Tian Yuan wrapped his arms about Pan Lei's shoulders as his body trembled.

Only his shoulders and head were pressed against the pillow, and his back was straight.

His body made a beautiful arc.

Pan Lei wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist and slowly squeezed his heroic general in.


He licked Tian Yuan's small fruit and lightly bit it with his teeth, sucking it repeatedly before suddenly entering fully.

Tian Yuan groaned.

It was too intense, and the stimulation caused darkness to flash in front of his eyes for a split second.


"Ge loves you so much, baby, my good baby, sweetheart, darling, my good baby.

I’m crazy about you."


Tian Yuan gasped violently, his chest furiously undulating.

Excitement, pain, numbness, and other sensations mingled, transforming into hunger and thirst.

He needed to move.

His body desired to respond to the most primitive rhythm.


He took a long breath and relaxed, taking it even deeper.

This was an invitation.

Pan Lei clutched his waist and slammed forward, brushing up against the most sensitive spot.

Tian Yuan let out a cry, feeling as if Pan Lei was about to thrust his heart out.




Pan Lei pulled away and slammed in again.

His pace was slow, and Tian Yuan could clearly feel the pulsating blood vessels and enlarged shape of his c*ck.


"Does it hurt"


Pan Lei clenched his teeth and restrained himself.

He couldn't let Tian'er suffer.

He rocked slowly.

Every time he pulled out, he exposed a section of the most sensitive nerves.

He pushed them back in when he thrust in.


"No, it doesn't hurt.

Faster, ge, move faster!"


Tian Yuan couldn't take it any longer.

His intense desire caused him to sob and beg to move faster and with more ferocity.


Pan Lei clenched his fists around his hip bones.

His movements were wild, like a piston moving in and out.

He charged in, running over the sensitive point, then rapidly withdrawing before plunging deeply again.


Tian Yuan bit his lips at first to prevent himself from making a sound.

The closer he got to climax, the less he could control it.

He scratched Pan Lei's back, leaving deep traces on it.

He made a choking sound every time he groaned.


"Ge, it's too much; ge, it's too deep; ahhh, ge, slow down, please slow down!"


"More, shout more, let me hear it.

I like to hear it!"


Call, call harder, call me ge.

He loved it when Tian Yuan called him ge as he moved.

It drove him crazy every time.


Tian Yuan let go of his restraint.

He shouted out "ge" with each thrust, every impact, his body quivering as he begged his ge to spare him, pleading "don't" "slow down" "hold me tight" and "kiss me".


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