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Chapter 134 Can’t walk; get piggybacked


What kind of fun could a wild, mountainous area provide


Could he conjure a wonderland from the midst of this forest It was fine as long as Pan Lei didn't abandon him there or let him survive in the wild for seven days before bringing him back.


Even the trail had vanished after they passed a little brook, walked past a tree with a crooked trunk, and wandered for half an hour.

Tian Yuan couldn't stand it any longer.


He pulled Pan Lei's arm off and sat panting on a boulder.

He felt as if he were dying.

His physical strength was lacking.

He'd die of exhaustion if he had to trek out of this hundred acres of forest.


"No more walking."


Pan Lei took a look around and asked, "Sure You can’t walk any longer"


"I can’t.

Why in the world did you bring me here I'm completely exhausted."


Pan Lei rubbed his nose. Why did I bring you here Do I even need to say it He was looking for a deserted location where he could kiss him and do bad things.

He had been at the barracks for almost a day, swaying and moving around in front of him, acting coquettishly to him, consoling him, and worshiping him...

He'd done so many adorable things.

Naturally, he wanted to find a spot where they could develop their emotions further.

If he took Tian'er back to the dormitory during training, everyone would guffaw and say that Squadron Leader Pan was hungry and thirsty, so he took his hubby back to the room to make out.

Tian Yuan had thin skin and would certainly throw him out with a kick.

He made up a convincing reason to show Tian'er around the special forces encampment and brought him into the forest to find an uninhabited area in order to do this and that.

His intent should have been clear even if he didn't say anything.


Tian'er had just stroked his shoulder, and he realized that his sweetheart was silently consoling and supporting him.

Because their hearts were linked, he understood.

His baobei was so cute! He desperately wanted to disregard the soldiers around them and hug and kiss him.


The Chief of Logistics, however, was correct.

These were hot-blooded, energetic young men who had been in closed training for at least a year.

They would spray blood from their nostrils if they saw them kissing passionately, and Tian Yuan would undoubtedly strangle him.


In that case, all he could do was take Tian'er away...



and drag him into this woodland, looking for a place where no one was around, where they could engage in a certain activity.


"Be good.

Let’s walk a little further."


Pan Lei kneaded Tian Yuan's legs as he crouched in front of him. What a lack of endurance.

This is not good.

He needs to exercise.


"I won’t.

I'm not going anywhere unless and until you explain it fully.

What lies ahead Paradise on Earth"


"I want to kiss you well."


Tian Yuan laughed helplessly as Pan Lei muttered.


"Can I count on you to be a little promising"


If Pan Lei saw him, he wanted to chew on him right away, and if he could, he wanted to kiss him. Why can't he get bored with it for just one day It's not like he needs to kiss me in order to live.

Why can't he be a little more restrained and wait until evening


"It's been almost a day since you arrived, and I haven't had a chance to properly kiss you.

Count how long we haven't seen one other.

What's wrong in wanting to kiss you I'd also like to..."


Pan Lei was convinced that he was correct.

They were a couple, so what was wrong in wishing for a kiss


Tian Yuan covered Pan Lei's mouth to keep him from saying any more nonsense.

He was certain that whatever he said next would be indecent.


Tian Yuan blushed as the tip of Pan Lei's tongue licked the palm of his hand.




Pan Lei had a tendency of kissing him wherever he could catch him.

If he seized his hand, he kissed it; if he touched his face, he kissed it; and his neck was also subjected to surprise attacks.

He kissed him all over his body while he was truly "touching."


Tian Yuan wrapped his arms over Pan Lei's shoulders for a kiss.

There was no need for him to walk any further because he wanted to kiss him.

He'd kiss him straightaway.


Pan Lei raised his head slightly as Tian Yuan approached, refusing to let him get close.


What the hell You want to flee because Laozi took the initiative to kiss you What exactly do you mean by this


Pan Lei swiftly surrendered as Tian Yuan's eyes widened in a glare.


"I'm not saying I don't want to kiss you; I'm just wondering whether you're sure you want to do it here"


Why not There is no one in sight, not even a ghost, in this silent woodland.

Isn't this the ideal location You claimed you were going to take me into the woods to kiss me.

Aren’t we in the forest We’re so deep in the forest, what are you waiting for


"I don't mind if people watch us love.

I'm scared you have thin skin and will pinch me out of embarrassment."


Whoosh! Tian Yuan abruptly stood up. Was there anyone here Where Why didn't he find it out Tian Yuan raised his eyes to the branches. Is there anyone inside hiding Or perhaps someone hiding behind a tree


Pan Lei shrugged, thinking Tian Yuan was unqualified with his level of intelligence.

He thought his baby was especially cute when he was being foolish.


He reached over and picked up a handful of small stones, tossing them in various directions.

With each stone that dropped, a thud was heard, followed by a person standing up in the area where the stones had attacked.


Swish! Tian Yuan quickly moved behind Pan Lei. Where did all of these people come from


Seven or eight persons jumped to their feet at the same time, camouflaged from head to toe as if they were covered in leaves.

They held a long spear in their hands, their faces were painted in various colors, and showed a row of little white teeth as they smiled.


"I thought I could see Squadron Leader Pan and his partner French kissing enthusiastically.

Too bad I can't."


"The sniper team is training here today," Pan Lei explained to his family's Tian'er, noting that a sniper required extreme endurance.

They could lie in the same spot for two or three days and would not move even if bird droppings fell on their heads.


"It looks like your commando encampment is riddled with traps."


Pan Lei nodded in accord with his husband's statements.

Despite the fact that it was a forest, it served as a training ground for them.


"Let us not go any further.

I'm tired and want to go back."


He had a sudden realization that this forest was just too terrifying.

The silence was deceiving, and he had no idea where individuals might appear.

There were a lot of people and a lot of training activities.

He was frightened and believed that strangers were still watching them from the woods.


"It's not a problem.

We'll arrive at a quiet river after another two kilometers of walking.

I'll take you to a fishing spot."


"Reporting to Squadron Leader.

The task force is practicing amphibious operations on the riverbank today."


That's great; nowhere is safe today.

People are eavesdropping in the dormitories; people are hiding in the woods; and if we go to the river, there will be observers as well.

There isn't a single good place in the barracks.


Pan Lei felt helpless and wronged.

Did they have to wait until all of these b**ta*ds were asleep before launching Operation: Conjugal Love This was just too aggravating. Please remember that we're newlyweds, that this is our little reunion, and that I'm a hot-blooded man, okay


He was missing their home dearly at the time.

Although it was modest, it was only the two of them, and they could go wild on the sofa, master bed, or bathroom.

There were too many people and eyes here, all of which were fixated on the couple.


The feeling of being watched was too uncomfortable, especially because they were all observing their love play.


He had no choice but to turn around and walk away.


Tian Yuan lacked stamina.

He wasn't someone who worked out on a regular basis.

His physical strength had been depleted by walking such a long distance.


He trailed after Pan Lei, retracing their steps.

He couldn't see the hiding snipers disguised as greenery after turning a bend.

He came to a halt and stated, "I'm tired.

I can't walk any longer."


I've dragged you all the way here, and I'm bringing you back, but you haven't said anything.

Do you think I'm still clueless about your little scheme, baby Pan Lei crouched down and patted his back.

"Come on, let's go." Pigsy had a lot of experience carrying his wife[1].


Tian Yuan dashed forward, climbed atop his back, and grinned joyously.


"Hurry up! Don’t wait until it's dark and we can't get out."


"Then we'll spend the night in the woods.

We haven't tried this and that out in the open.

Let me tell you, everyone will be back at the dormitory at night, and no one will hear us making noise in the woods."


Pan Lei had a broad and muscular back.

Carrying Tian Yuan was as effortless as carrying a big backpack.

His steps were solid, and he moved at a steady pace.

His boots made cracking noises when they stomped on dead branches.

Tian Yuan bit his neck while he lay on his back. You're talking rubbish! Why couldn't he be a little more decent Wouldn't it be shameful if others heard this


"Hey, hey, hey, don't bite solely on one side! There must be symmetry."


Pan Lei chuckled happily, not taking his bite seriously at all.

So what if there was a hickey So what if clothes couldn't conceal it What was there to hide He'd show up at training the next day with a circle of love bites and see who dared to say anything.

The more hickeys his family's beloved left, the more he adored him.

Just consider him.

He enjoyed nipping and biting Tian Yuan, leaving hickeys all over his body.

It was like scrambling to lay claim to new territory.

Leaving traces on him indicated that Tian’er was his man.


Getting mad at a shameless person was the same as getting furious at yourself.

Tian Yuan stopped his biting and leaned against his shoulder, listening to his breathing.

He was in a good mood.


"We have a kennel here, baby.

Do you have a fear of dogs I'll take you to view the little dog."


Tian Yuan was intrigued when he mentioned this. There are lovely creatures here! Puppy What is its age Is it adorable He liked small animals, but he was concerned that due to his lifestyle, he wouldn't be able to raise a puppy.

His working hours were uncertain, and he sometimes stayed at the hospital all day.

He couldn't care for a pet, so he didn't have one.

There were stray dogs in the neighborhood, and when mischievous children hurled stones at them, he would sometimes bandage them.


"Its eyes are black and alive.

Its innocent and foolish appearance reminds me a lot of you.

This small stuff is not kept by the special forces.

Another company has it.

I'll take you to see it."


"What do you mean it's like me" Tian Yuan smacked him across the back of the head.


"This is domestic violence! I'll inform your mother-in-law that you abuse me."


"Then go to the Women's Federation and sue me."


Tian Yuan was confident in the knowledge that he had support.

He wasn't afraid of Pan Lei, let alone hitting him, so he slammed his fist into Pan Lei's shoulder.

Pan Lei cocked his head and bit the back of his hand.

Tian Yuan cried out in pain as Pan Lei accelerated and began sprinting with Tian Yuan on his back.


When Pan Lei was walking, he didn't feel like a burden, but when he sprinted like this, Tian Yuan was startled.

Pan Lei yelled joyfully and dashed out of the woods, howling like a wolf...


...to see the entire special forces unit staring at Squadron Leader Pan as if he were a strange beast.


What…what the hell What thrilling event prompted Squadron Leader Pan to run out of the woods, carrying his lover on his back Or was Dr.

Tian thought to be amusing by Squadron Leader Pan Or was there something dreadful lurking in the woods


Squadron Leader Pan had long been known to be completely submissive to his lover.

As it turned out, it wasn't as simple as becoming entirely obedient.

This sweet enthusiasm and this kind of loving affection made people admire and envy him.


"What are you looking at Have you never seen a couple having fun Leap-frog 10 km with a 50 kg load.

Get going!"


Has no one informed Squadron Leader Pan that since his family arrived, he's gotten more severe, his training has also escalated to the next level, and he has truly become Devil Pan QAQ


[1] Pigsy is a Journey to the West character.

Pigsy takes a fancy to a woman named Gao Cuilan from a good family and transforms into a handsome boy, winning her parents' approval.

Pigsy's actual form is revealed in drunkenness on the day of the marriage.

The girl's family is terrified.

The Monkey King is escorting the Tang monk through this area at this time.

The Monkey King transforms into the woman and requests Pigsy to carry him back, while playing tricks on Pigsy along the way.

I suppose the author is implying that Pan Lei, like Pigsy, has duped Tian Yuan numerous times.


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