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Chapter 130 This is my lover


"You guys have a good relationship."


Tian Yuan wanted to avoid talking with this individual so he looked out the window. Why hasn’t he come yet He didn't want to be interrogated.




"Don't be nervous.

I'm simply curious," the man said with a ‘I wanna gossip’ look on his face.


Squadron Leader Pan, the devil who could train people till they vomited blood, had a lover who was also a man.

This was major news!


"Ask him if you have any questions.

I don't know anything."


Tian Yuan was at a loss for words. Why aren't you here yet, Pan Lei Come fast and help me in dealing with this guy.

He's far too enthusiastic.

His enthusiasm was unbearable.


"Is he so irritable at home as well Squadron Leader Pan and I are old colleagues who have become friends.

You don’t have to be nervous."


It’d be a wonder if I'm not nervous.

What if you refuse to allow us to see each other What exactly do you want to know I’m not going to tell you anything.


Pan Lei, hurry up! He couldn’t hold his own any longer.

He’d said ‘spouse’ wasn’t going to work.

But Pan Lei didn’t believe it and insisted on filling in the relationship between them as spouses.

Well, he wrote it, and now trouble was on its way. This rascal who doesn’t think twice when handling matters! Let’s see what he’s up to.


He saw a swiftly approaching vehicle from a distance.

It drifted[1], the sound of its tires rubbing against the ground accompanied by the smell of burning rubber.


Pan Lei, clothed in an army camouflage uniform with a tightly tied belt displaying his waistline, his sleeves pushed up high until they touched his elbows, a black beret affixed to his shoulder, and wearing black ankle-high military boots, appeared as soon as the jeep door opened...

He looked tall and powerful, wearing black sunglasses and holding a piece of straw in his mouth.


He threw open the vehicle door, hopped out, removed his sunglasses, and walked into the communication room with big strides.




Pan Lei's voice sounded anxious but pleasantly surprised.

He walked in after opening the door.

He smiled as brightly as the sun as soon as he saw his family's adorable sweetheart sitting there obediently.


Tian Yuan sighed in relief. He’s finally here.


Pan Lei took large strides to his side, wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist, hugged him tightly, and whirled around a few times before Tian Yuan could stand up or smile.

Just like that, he hugged his baby high and joyously spun around in circles to demonstrate his excitement in front of the few others in the communication room.

He didn't care if anyone was watching.

His expression betrayed his excitement.


"My darling, you’re here at long last.

I’m sure you’ve missed me to death."


Tian Yuan put his hands on Pan Lei's shoulders and smiled gently at him.

Pan Lei had hoisted him by the waist, and he was now more than a head taller than him.


It’s been far too long.

I missed you so much.

He’s thinner and darker. The more Tian Yuan looked at him, the happier he smiled and the hotter his eyes got.


Tian Yuan was overjoyed.

You could see he was overjoyed.

His eyes, brows, and lips were all lifted in a smile.

The arms that held him were so powerful, and his chest was so buff… Man, he’s so handsome!


He enjoyed the delightful sensation of being held up like a child.


"Put me down."


Tian Yuan was a little embarrassed when he realized they weren't alone.

Other soldiers were present in the room.

Would there be any problems if Pan Lei was so forthright That guy from the logistics department, who had been intrigued the whole time, was staring at them as if they were a novelty.


Pan Lei put him down and touched his cheek.


"You’ve lost weight again.

Look at you, you won’t take care of yourself if I'm not home."


Tian Yuan drew his hand down.

He had just noticed someone smiling.

Even though he wanted to touch him, he had to wait till they were alone.


"Come on, I'll take you to our dormitory and show you around."


Pan Lei naturally clasped their fingers as he took up his luggage with one hand.

Tian Yuan, however, evaded it.

He was afraid of causing Pan Lei any trouble.


Pan Lei glared at the apple of his eye. Why in the world are you avoiding it They hadn’t seen each other in a long time, so wasn’t it appropriate to hold hands first


"So he’s your lover, Squadron Leader Pan."


The logistics guy approached, eager to gossip.


Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan towards himself and placed his arm on his shoulders.

He proudly raised his chin after embracing him.


"He’s my lover.

Do you have any objections"


The logistics guy instantly waved his hand.


"No objection, I’ve absolutely no objection."


Pan Lei snorted, nudged Tian Yuan, and reprimanded him while grinning like the rogue he was, "See There are no objections.

Why don't you let me hold your hand We’re a couple."


Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan's hand and shook it, letting everyone see them holding hands.

Their fingers were entwined, making it impossible for Tian Yuan to break free.

He strutted to the vehicle, holding Tian Yuan's hand.




Tian Yuan chastised him.


"So that’s Squadron Leader Pan’s nickname."


The logistics guy pushed his neck out and yelled before laughing mischievously and retracting his neck.

Pan Lei shut the jeep door and grabbed Tian Yuan’s shirt, kissing him across the gap between them.


"I had a terrible time waiting for you to come.

I really miss you."


Tian Yuan panted angrily, his lips swollen red from the kiss.


"I was scared to death.

I thought I wouldn't be able to get in.

How can a male lover visit a male officer That guy kept asking me questions, and I had no idea what to say."


"What are you scared of I’m here.

They are just asking out of curiosity.

I took the leave permit, kicked their doors open, knocked on the table, and asked them to sign, which they did.

Didn’t I assure you You can certainly come in for sure to see family.

My dear baby, you’re finally here.

I haven’t been able to sleep since yesterday since I’ve been missing you."


Tian Yuan smiled and leaned in for another kiss.


"Fortunately I can come in."


"All right, let’s go.

We’ll put the luggage away first, and then I’ll show you around the barracks.

You haven’t seen a real barracks before, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

They are a bunch of huge gents who can speak coarsely at times.

Don’t take it to heart."


"I'm not afraid of anything with you."


Pan Lei kissed him again as he finished this statement.

He couldn't get enough kisses in.

His Tian'er was as soft and sweet as fruit candy.

He was his family's precious darling, whom he loved with all his heart.

It didn't matter how much he loved him; it wasn't enough.


Tian Yuan crawled across the area between the seats.

The more they kissed, the more heated things became, and the more he craved touching and hugging Pan Lei.

They hadn't seen one other in a long time.

His longing for Pan Lei made him hungry and thirsty.

He wished he could lean into him and shower him with affection in a hundred different ways.


Pan Lei couldn't help himself and reached into Tian Yuan's clothes.


At this point, the jeep window was repeatedly rapped, and the hateful logistics guy waved to them.


"Guys, this is a busy road.

You may want to fool around and have car sex, but won't the bunch of young and vigorous boys who have been held back for at least a year have a collective nosebleed if they see you The national blood bank has limited resources.

Wouldn't it be preferable if they donated blood It is too wasteful to spurt blood."


Then he hummed a little tune and strolled away.


With his hands clasped behind his back and dressed in a military uniform, no one could detect his wicked character.


"Who the hell is that"


"The chief of the logistics department, surnamed Chen.

He’s a typical smiling tiger[2].

He’s a real gossip."


Tian Yuan nodded.

He’d noticed it.

That guy was too gossipy.


They shouldn’t kiss on the road, so it was better for them to leave.

Anyway, Tian Yuan would be staying for forty days, right


Pan Lei didn’t drive fast this time.

He took his time, driving slowly.


"Over there is the reconnaissance company.

The company commander is my former comrade-in-arms.

If I get the chance, I’ll introduce you to him.

The clinic is located on the farthest block over there.

There are two military doctors and three nurses on the staff.

Remember when I told you about these three female nurses When my scumbag boys break their skins, they always look for these nurses.

They are unafraid of walking large distances.

Our commando encampment is at the very end, and driving there takes more than ten minutes.

The administrative staff are housed in the row of buildings on that side.

There are logistics, warehouses, and offices over there.

Soldiers in the Special Forces have independent administrative areas.

Dormitories, training fields, and warehouses are all self-contained.

It encompasses several hundred acres of land.

The place is quite large.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see something new."


"Where am I going to stay"


"Of course you’ll stay with me.

I have an independent dorm room.

I changed my single bed a long time ago.

I requested them to get me a king-sized double bed just for you.

I didn’t want you to reside in the area where visiting relatives stay.

It is too far away from me.

I want you to live with me, to get out of bed every morning to the sounds of commando training, to eat at the cafeteria, and to live in the barracks.

I want you to live as near to our barracks as possible.

I cannot take you to training with me, but you’ll be where I am.

For the next forty days, I want you to be right in front of my eyes, day and night.

We haven’t seen each other in much too long.

I want to look at you all day."


Pan Lei took Tian Yuan’s hand and kissed it as he switched gears.


"Won’t you get tired of it"


"Even if I look for a lifetime, I won’t get tired."


Tian Yuan smiled as he looked at Pan Lei.

He, too, wouldn't be bored.

He wished to look at him in this way for the rest of his life, without any difference or distance.

He had fallen in love with a soldier, but he had no regrets.

So what if they had to live apart, or if they could only stay together for a short duration each time They would ensure that every day together was warm and sweet, and that was perfectly fine.


Pan Lei smiled at Tian Yuan.

He was truly happy.

He was familiar with Tian Yuan’s life and wanted Tian Yuan to be aware of his own.

It was a military camp surrounded by a horde of hot-blooded men.

They guarded their home and defended their country.

They carried guns and surged forward with little regard for personal safety.

He wanted Tian Yuan to know about this kind of passion and patriotism.


He loved this barracks, the clothes on his body, and the man sitting beside him.

He wanted his lover to understand and support him, as well as experience his preferences. I hope you like what I like and love the place that I love.

Love me, love the army, love the barracks, love this band of brothers with whom I share life and death.


He’d defend home and country, wouldn’t be distracted by children, and would only have deep feelings for Tian’er.


The jeep came to a halt outside the commando garrison.

Pan Lei stood there clutching Tian Yuan's hand as he opened the vehicle door.

A group of people who were still conducting hand-to-hand combat drills in the quagmire ceased fighting.

They were covered from head to toe in mud.

When they grinned, all you could see were rows of white teeth, not their faces.

Their clothes, heads, and faces were all muddy.

They all appeared to have just rolled out of the mud.

They couldn't clean themselves up unless they were dismissed by their superior.


They let out loud wolf howls as soon as they saw their Squadron Leader Pan approach hand in hand with Tian Yuan.


"Ohhh, Squadron Leader Pan’s lover! Squadron Leader Pan’s sweetheart has finally come!"


Tian Yuan's face was a little flushed.

Their enthusiasm was palpable.

There was no disdain or ridicule.

They immediately burst out in cheers.

Squadron Leader Pan’s exceedingly well-protected lover could be said to have arrived at long last, ah! Squadron Leader Pan would be a fire-breathing dinosaur otherwise.


"What's his name Call him Dr.


If you keep shouting, I’ll have you leapfrog 50 km with a load."


Pan Lei appeared calm and composed, but his eyes were bright with a smile.


"Don't pay attention to them, Tian'er.

Let's head to the dorm."






[1] Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, with loss of traction, while maintaining control and driving the car through the entirety of a corner.

Source: Wikipedia.

[2] A man with a big smile and evil intentions.


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