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Chapter 123 Pan Lei is hugged by a woman


Nobody could sing like Tian Yuan.

He was out of tune from the minute he opened his mouth to sing in chorus with Pan Lei.

An intimate romantic duet song became a humorous song.

Despite his best efforts, Pan Lei was unable to match his "tune." It was a disaster.


Huang Kai burst out laughing, mockingly saying, "Let it be, let it be.

Ask someone else to take the microphone.

We can't afford to have Tian Yuan ruin our nice leisure night so soon."


Tian Yuan was super depressed.

He sang off-key, and the less said about his amazing jogging endurance, the better.

He was convinced that there were few people who were as much of a loser as he was.


Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan in front of him and sang to him "green flowers in the army." He then asked Tian Yuan to stand by his side, promising to sing him a love song that would make Tian Yuan cry.

Tian Yuan was confident he wouldn't cry, yet he was moved.


All I need is you,

So beautiful, so moving, your glare makes me coo,

I remember that mole I adore,

It makes me wanna do it more…


All warm feelings, gentleness, and sweetness were completely erased by these lyrics.


Tian Yuan looked Pan Lei in the eyes.

He was charmed at first, but as he heard these vulgar remarks that messed with the lyrics, his eyes widened.


"Hey, Leizi! Is there a mole on Tian Yuan’s body Do you know where it is Oh, right.

Naturally, you know." Lin Mu commented very cooperatively.


"Yes, he does.

I’ve kissed it many times.

It’s on his lower back you know, just above his left buttock.

He is completely unaware of it.

I love kissing it.

It’s red and about the size of a granule.

It’s so cute! Let me tell you, every time I kiss him there, he..."


Pan Lei was animated as he spoke.

Tian Yuan's patience had run out.

He'd never seen such a shameless sleazeball before.

He took up the microphone and smacked Pan Lei on the head.


"F**k you, b**t**d! Shut up for Laozi!"


Pan Lei grimaced in pain.

His family’s husband was too violent for him to continue.


"It’s improper to reveal boudoir secrets to one another.

We understand, we all understand."


Tian Yuan blushed as everyone clinked their bottles and downed their drinks, mocking and laughing.

He'd never seen hoodlums on the same level as these men.

Birds of a feather indeed flock together.

None of them were decent people!


"Enough! Guys, this is a private matter between the two of us.

Quit teasing!"


When they saw Pan Lei try to scare them, they burst out laughing and mocked, "You wife slave!"


Pan Ge couldn't come to karaoke in his police uniform, so he changed into more casual attire before joining them.

He grabbed the microphone.


"Tian'er, listen to second brother's singing."


Tian Yuan was quite excited to hear Pan Ge's singing voice.

He'd heard about Pan Ge's heartfelt rendition of Little White Poplar.

As expected, his singing was really fantastic.

The tenor and timbre were clear and resonant.

Tian Yuan's scalp went numb as he sang the portion with the highest note.

Huang Kai was the first to cheer.

Pan Ge appeared to be a serious individual, yet he kept far too many secrets.

A casual show of his hand was enough to startle them.


People who serve in the army are the best singers.

Despite the fact that the songs they can sing well are the most common military tunes, they elicit a distinct emotion in the listener.

Perhaps it is due to the troops' deep bond.

There are three types of connections that arouse intense emotions on Earth: classmates, comrades-in-arms, and inmates.


An individual who has served in the army will never forget their days as a soldier.

They will always have fond memories of the army and miss their comrades-in-arms.


Tian Yuan was going to applaud as Pan Ge sang the final note.

Pan Lei had been keeping a close eye on Tian Yuan since he was injured.

He reacted quickly and stopped Tian Yuan, concerned that clapping may aggravate the fracture.

He gripped Tian Yuan's good arm and clapped with his free hand.

Tian Yuan was able to cheer without risking injury in this manner.

It was merely that two men clapping with one hand each...

was considered a public display of affection.


As a result, they were met with unanimous scorn: "Tsk! You're making public displays of affection and flaunting about having a lover!"


Pan Ge appeared to have firmly seized the microphone.

He waved at Huang Kai.


"Come up here and sing along with me." Huang Kai dashed up and grabbed another microphone.


"Which one"


Pan Ge chose a song.

It was the most popular song at the time.

On the evening of the Spring Festival Gala, it was sung off-key.

Because it was a love song, it was re-performed at the Lantern Festival evening party.


Whoa! Wow! Awesome! Two men performing a love duet! What shocking news!


Gather around, everyone! Come, take a look! The Public Security Bureau’s chief and a man are singing "Because of LOVE[1]."


The Public Security Bureau’s chief and that hoodlum with underworld ties are singing "Because of LOVE" This world is truly brimming with bromance.


Huang Kai scratched his head.


"I can’t sing female voices."


"I can't sing female voices either.

Only male voices."


Tian Yuan got out his mobile phone, ready to record. Come on! Sing, sing! I want to hear the male-male rendition of Because of Love.


Pan Ge started singing.

Huang Kai was forced to sing Faye Wong's portion because he sang the part of Eason Chan.

Despite the fact that it was sung by two guys, because Pan Ge had lowered his voice, it did not sound silly like the YuanLei pair.

Rather, Pan Ge's husky voice made it a little moving.


Huang 'dumba**' Kai didn’t express any of Faye Wong’s emotions.

He sang like an emotionless robot, conveying zero romantic feelings.

What a pity for that wonderful song, and what a pity for Pan Ge's incredibly emotional interpretation.


Lin Mu and Zhang Hui exchanged glances before drinking quietly.

Pan Lei was completely engrossed in his stupidity.

His entire focus was on Tian Yuan.

Even if there had been a spectacular striptease on stage, it wouldn't have piqued his interest.


The performance did not receive the effusive applause that Little White Poplar had received previously, but it was not horrible either.

At the very least, this duet was not as out of tune as the last duo.


The women selling drinks then took turns singing.

The crowd kept ordering more booze.

They started with beer and worked their way up to Chivas Regal.

The waiters had cleared the liquor bottles three times, but the gang continued to drink.


Tian Yuan felt compelled to drink fruit juice.

He and Lin Mu both knew that when there were injuries on the body, one should avoid drinking.

So he drank fruit juice as he should have.


The bunch drank loudly together till they flopped down, drunk as a skunk.

Pan Lei felt his pants were too tight and went to relieve himself.


"Hey! When I'm not by Tian Yuan's side, keep an eye on him for me.

Don’t let any woman approach him."


Pan Lei staggered a little since he had a little too much to drink.

Tian Yuan supported him because he was afraid he might tumble.


Pan Lei refused his help.

Despite his inebriation, he was aware that Tian Yuan had been injured.

He didn't want to risk hurting Tian'er in case he truly lost his balance.


"It only takes five minutes to use the restroom.

Don’t worry.

What can happen in such a short period of time Don’t delay me.

I might pee my pants."


Pan Lei confidently headed to the restroom after saying this.


The other members of the group continued to drink.

Huang Kai had the evil intention of replacing the fruit juice in Tian Yuan's hand with liquor, but no one dared to act rashly after Pan Ge coughed in warning.

Tian Yuan sat quietly listening to the women sing and occasionally responding to their idle talk.

He felt that Pan Lei had been gone for far too long.


It's simply a trip to the restroom.

How much time does he need to pee Why hasn't he returned when he claimed he'd be back in five minutes


The group drank their fifth bottle of beer since Pan Lei left.

{T/N: I guess the author forgot that they upgraded to Chivas Regal…}


Did he fall in the restroom because he drank too much Or…did he get into a fight with someone because of his bad temper People come here with the mindset that they will not leave unless they are dead-drunk…


Not good.

I better go and take a look.


Pan Lei was indeed inebriated.

He couldn't find their private room after leaving the restroom. This karaoke corridor is strange.

The corridor and each private room are all the same color and have the same painted patterns! Pan Lei couldn't identify the north from the south after going back and forth on exiting the restroom.


A waiter kindly stepped forward.


"Are you looking for your room, sir I can take you back."


"No need."


Pan Lei was slightly irritated.

He'd been in a virgin forest for more than a month and hadn't gotten lost.

How could he possibly get lost in this teeny-tiny karaoke hallway What a joke! Wouldn't that be an insult to his profession He was a military instructor for special forces soldiers.

Finding the private room was a piece of cake.


He walked along the hallway relying on his memory. I remember taking this route.

It should be on the left side.


Who would have imagined a woman would collide with him and slam right into his arms Pan Lei frowned heavily.


"You’re drunk, sister."


Pan Lei shoved her aside.

The woman’s face was flushed from drinking.

She was obviously drunk.

Pan Lei avoided her, trying to return as soon as possible. Is Tian’er okay Did Huang Kai, Lin Mu, and Zhang Hui get together and tease him They’d better not bully him.


As he was about to depart, the woman unexpectedly hugged his waist from behind.


"Good brother, join me for a drink."


Pan Lei yelled: "Hey, hey, hey! I’ve got a boyfriend! Don't touch me!"


Pan Lei furiously yanked the woman's arm away from him.

God only knows how much alcohol that sister had consumed in order to gain so much power in her frail arms! Pan Lei was unable to escape! When Pan Lei used brute force, the woman began to sob.


This was precisely what Pan Lei feared the most. Why is she crying As a result, everyone who walked by stared at them, certain that Pan Lei was an a**h**e who had abandoned a woman after having a good time. I’m innocent! I’m a goner if Tian Yuan sees me like this.


Needless to say, when he looked up, he found Tian Yuan standing five steps away from him, staring at him coldly.

When he examined the woman's face, his expression darkened and became frightening.


Pan Lei mumbled foolishly, "Shit! My family’s hair has exploded."


Pan Lei yanked the woman away from his body, ignoring the weeping woman.


"Honey, she clung to me.

I didn’t do anything.

I’ve never met her! You have to believe me."


Tian Yuan looked at him coldly, resembling a large portable cold storehouse.

He glared at Pan Lei with narrowed eyes, furious to the max.


He was worried that Pan Lei might have an accident as a result of drinking too much, so he came out to look for him, taking the path to the lavatory.

When he walked around the corner, he was surprised to see an unfamiliar woman hugging Pan Lei from behind.


BOOM! His rage erupted like a volcano in an instant.


F**k you, Pan Lei.

You went to the toilet and took your time to womanize! Sonofab***h! If this young master doesn’t teach you a lesson, you’ll think this young master is easily bullied.


Still not pushing her away! Still not rejecting her! Have you got addicted to it, b**t**d Are you smitten by the woman’s soft body You b**t**d, you lecher, I’m going to chop it off!


Pan Lei trembled with fear and sobered up.

When has his family ever had such a gloomy, icy expression Tian’er had argued with him, kicked him, but he’d never given him the silent treatment, no matter how enraged he was.

With his narrow-eyed look, he reminded Pan Lei of those China-invading Japs. I hate those motherf**k**s! He could hear Tian Yuan clenching his teeth in rage.


"Baby, I'm really innocent.

You gotta believe me."


"We’re leaving."


See how I sort you out after we get home.

Laozi will make you recite House Rule No.

9 a hundred times.


[1] Here’s the YouTube link with English subtitles.


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