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Chapter 121 Tian Yuan's parents are wangled


"Xiao Yuan...how is Xiao Yuan doing"


As a mother who sincerely loved her son, Mother Tian knew she had been too cruel when she recalled what she had done.

Her words were extremely harsh and her actions were ruthless.

She was in a fit of anger and had gone overboard.

Tian Yuan had always been very obedient.

He was a naughty kid when he was young, but who wasn't when they were kids He matured into a calm man who listened to what they said.

They taught him he wasn't permitted to have puppy love at school, so he avoided girls.

He was a diligent student who never missed a class even in university.

He had been cautious and conscientious after passing the medical admission examination.

He'd always been a dutiful child.

How in the world could he have done something so universally shocking {T/N: Something that is against social morality.}


"He's fine, he's fine.

He just suffered a concussion and vomited for several days.

He's still on the sickbed and unable to get up.

The arm bones have fractured.

Luckily, the broken bones did not cause any nerve damage.

He is, after all, a doctor.

He wouldn't have been able to grasp a scalpel if his nerves had been injured.

He'd be ruined for the rest of his life.

Pan Lei has angered us numerous times, yet no matter how much our son irritates us, his father just whips his back a few times and grounds him.

You were too cruel, elder sister.

When Pan Lei brought the child to the hospital, it terrified me.

When I removed his clothes, I discovered he had bruises all over his body.

The wounds were bleeding and swollen.

When I saw it, it made me sad.

How could I not feel sorry for him He's my son.

His father was enraged to the point of insanity, and he made a huge fuss about assembling troops, assuming that the two children had been robbed.

He was eager to confront the person who had hurt the children.

When he found out that you were the one who hit him, his father beat Pan Lei, accusing him of failing to protect Tian Yuan."


"You shouldn't be so harsh in the future, elder sister.

That's our son. The palm and the back of the hand are the same. It hurts no matter which finger is bitten.

You can't hit Tian Yuan, and you can't hit Pan Lei either.

That kid simply has a nasty temper.

If you don't drive him mad, he won't go too far.

I heard he brought a few people to grab Tian Yuan and smash your door My boy did the right thing."

{T/N: Palm and back of hand is same means parents treat their children equally.}


The Tian family's parents' eyes were wide with disbelief.

The son was a bandit, the father was a warlord, and now the mother had joined forces with the villains.

This family was finally complete.


Dang Hong fixed her gaze on the security door.

Yup! She noticed the gunshot holes, as expected. Exactly how many shots did my son fire They seem to have only replaced the door latch rather than the door itself.


"It just goes to show that the young couple is madly in love.

My family's Leizi couldn't stand seeing Tian Yuan suffer, so he took desperate measures.

He is a manly man.

His father's education was not in vain."


When they arrived, they stated that they had come to apologize for their son's mistakes.

But, so far, they had wholeheartedly supported and encouraged their son.

Smashing the door of his in-laws' house was the correct thing to do, as did safeguarding Tian Yuan, and directly robbing people was also the right thing to do.


"Don't make a fuss the next time they come to visit.

It is neither a declaration of war against Japan nor a vow of resistance against the Americans.

If you have this much zeal, you will be directly incorporated into the army when the conflict begins.

There's nothing like being on the front lines."


Commander Pan remarked as he rose to his feet.

There was no need to waste time here because the situation had been settled.

They still had a lot of work to do.

They still had to go to the police station's welcoming dinner, which had been organized by the officers.


Dang Hong stood up as well.

As she proceeded to the door, she squeezed Mother Tian's hand repeatedly, stating that after they moved, their two families would be in close proximity, and she would have retired by then.

The two sisters could go shopping together and play Mahjong.

In the military compound, there were a lot of older sisters.

They could all go square dancing.


Mother Tian felt very awkward.

She truly didn't want this type of enthusiasm, or this kind of family.


Dang Hong also stated that they would be unable to stay for dinner.

They were going to the banquet since the chief of the Public Security Bureau had invited them.

Dang Hong remarked there was no need to see them off so many times, that the Tian family's parents escorted them downstairs out of courtesy.

They were taken aback by the size of the entourage.

So many vehicles and security guards… This official held way too much power.


Dang Hong phoned her son as the vehicle sped away.


"Tell Tian Yuan that his parents have been settled."


Pan Lei was jubilant, "Mom is mighty, mom is heroic, mom has ability!" He added that when the veteran set out, she outperformed them as expected.


"Don't let Tian Yuan communicate on the phone with his parents during this time.

Humph! Leave them hanging for a few days and make them realize that their sons are furious and serious.

Prepare for the future so that the next time you return, they don't show you angry looks.

Create the impression that Tian Yuan is very ill and on his sickbed as a result of his parents' actions.

Let them feel anxious and take the initiative to contact Tian Yuan.

Do you understand"


They would see results sooner or later if Tian Yuan ignored his parents and kept cool.


If Tian Yuan called them eagerly and took the initiative to apologize, the situation would be less than ideal.

However, if Tian Yuan did not contact them for say...two months, did not phone or visit them, they would conclude that their son was not the least concerned about being booted from home.

This would frighten them and force them to consent.


Nobody could question Dang Hong's abilities.

This lady was a modern-day Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang[1], the old empress dowager who assisted three generations of emperors.

She was the most difficult to deal with because she possessed both brains and beauty.


Pan Lei returned to the ward and showered Tian Yuan with fervent kisses.

Tian Yuan, who was drinking water, nearly died from suffocation.

He coughed, drenching the front of his clothes.


"Damn! Why are you acting crazy"


"Baby, dear, my mother is super capable.

Your parents agreed as soon as she set out.

Hahaha, isn’t it great Finally, it’s perfect.

Both of our parents have agreed, so we can now be together openly and publicly.

Honey, marry me, okay Let’s spend the rest of our lives together, okay"


"Really What method did mom employ to persuade them to agree We tried everything, but it didn't work.

How did she manage to succeed so quickly"


Tian Yuan found it difficult to believe.

How could it have gone so well He expected it would take a long time for his parents to acknowledge Pan Lei.

He never expected his mother to approve after only a few days of work.


"Don't ask about the process, only the result.

My mom is a true hero!"


Old ginger is spicier[2].

With such a mother, nothing was difficult.


Pan Lei stood with his hands on his hips, an arrogant and pleased smirk on his face.

He could also enter the Tian family's home.

He could also accompany Tian Yuan on a just and honorable visit to his family.

He could also call Tian Yuan's parents "mom and dad" and claim to be their daughter-in-law.


Take a look at what his mother said! She stated that it was a done deal! A done deal meant that everything was resolved.

It seemed unlikely that there would be any additional issues.


He had finally gotten what he desired.

You agree, I agree, your parents agree, my parents agree, and everyone agrees.

He finally received the recognition he had been waiting for all along.


Pan Lei leaped for joy, stood akimbo, and screamed with delight.

He expected it to be a struggle like the 25,000-mile Long March[3].

He never anticipated himself being able to fly in a plane.

So what if the distance was 25,000 miles Happiness arrived in a flash with this speed and strength! It was amazing!


"We'll go home after today's observation if I get the all-clear tomorrow.

Then we'll return to my hometown to see my parents again."


"My mother said we shouldn't go back.

Let them weigh the pros and cons for a time before we return.

Don't worry, your mom will call you on her own initiative."


Mama Dang Hong was a force to be reckoned with.

He would, of course, follow her directions.

Having Mama Dang Hong's advice was a great blessing.


At this time, the Pan family extended their deepest sympathies.

Because Grandma and Grandpa Pan were elderly, they did not visit the hospital.

They did, however, make a point of calling and arranging for someone to send a gift to their grandson-in-law.


Pan Zhan and Pan Ge were also commanded to visit the hospital by eldest and second uncles respectively.


Pan Zhan was away on business.

Sister-in-law Pan arrived, accompanied by Ling Si'er.

Ling Si'er raced over to Tian Yuan and yelled, "Auntie, Auntie!" as soon as she saw Tian Yuan.

Sister-in-law Pan stood despising and ridiculing Pan Lei for a full ten minutes, saying, "You still have your job as a SWAT military instructor Despite such poor skills Forget it.

Simply leave the army as soon as possible.

It costs the state money to support you.

You couldn't even protect your own man Your training is a waste."


Pan Lei fists were clenched. I must persevere.

A good man will never fight a lady.

He was itching to go toe-to-toe with his sister-in-law.

Eldest brother, however, had called and said, "Remember, she is your sister-in-law.

She will provoke you and wishes to engage in a physical fight with you.

Can you be beaten by a woman Don't harm her in any way.

We're planning to have a second child."


Huang Kai and Zhang Hui came by once a day to play cards, and Lin Mu would join them in passing.

They were entertained for a long time by playing cards.


Every time Huang Kai visited, he brought a large bouquet of roses.

The more Pan Lei looked at him, the more he found him loathsome.

What did he mean by bringing roses every time he came He thought he was wooing a girl!


When Pan Ge went to the hospital to see Tian Yuan, he was dressed in his police uniform.

Huang Kai and Zhang Hui trailed after him.

Pan Lei's eyes narrowed as he looked at the roses in Huang Kai's hand.

He couldn't take it anymore when he saw the four bouquets of bright red roses arranged around the single room.


"Huang Kai! What do you mean by bringing roses every time you visit You want to have an affair with my baby in front of me That's my man! Are you attempting to entice him by sending him roses"


Huang Kai was a little oblivious to these matters, so he simply drove to a flower shop and purchased roses.

He only knew that anytime he picked up a girl, he would offer her a bouquet of roses, which made her very pleased.


"Alright, alright.

Since you are jealous, I will bring casa blanca lilies next time."


Lilium casa blanca.

Baidu says it symbolizes great/deep love in flower language.


Huang Kai handed the large bouquet of roses to Pan Ge.


"For you."


Pan Ge took it with a peculiar expression on his face.

As a result, when he left, he was dressed in a police uniform and carrying ninety-nine red roses.

It drew a lot of attention.


"You sonofab***h, he's allergic to pollen#.

What do you mean by sending flowers to my lover You'd better not do it again unless you want us to be at odds."




Lin Mu, who was showing off his card skills on the side, chimed in.


"Sending jú huā (chrysanthemums[4]) is the most appropriate."


"F**k you, you b**t**d.

You’re cursing my family to die!"


Pan Lei howled and leapt, ready to bash Lin Mu.


"Tut! Ignorance kills people.

I used to tell you to study all the time when we were kids.

But you refused to listen.

Did you know there’s a variety of chrysanthemums called lintou They represent eternal love in flower language.

You should give them to Tian Yuan."



Pan Lei instantly softened and hugged Tian Yuan.



"Honey, I'll give you that jú huā to show my eternal love for you."


Zhang Hui and Lin Mu, the most rotten of the bunch, sniggered. If Pan Lei presents jú huā to Tian Yuan, should Tian Yuan give Pan Lei a cucumber, ah##


[1] If interested, you can read a short bio about empress on Wikipedia.

Read a detailed bio on Baidu.}


[2] A way of saying experienced people are wiser.

The full proverb is “Old ginger is spicier than new.”

[3] A retreat by the Red Army in which many people lost their lives and led to Mao Zedong emerging as a leader. Wikipedia.

[4] Lin Mu gave these flowers in Chapter 47, remember They are used in funerals in China. 

#Pan Lei is surely referring to Pan Ge here.

##jú huā means anus in slang.

I'm sure you know what cucumber refers to.



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