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Chapter 12: Try The Normal Way Of Chasing After People

Tian Yuan is currently having a headache.

Was Pan Lei saying that all of his family relatives would have to recognize him A chief of the police department had already led him to run and hide far away.

If there are a few more, then he must have to flee to the provinces.

“Pan Lei, I can’t climb high.”

Pan Lei looked at him with a strange expression.

“What can’t be climbed high We love each other and that has nothing to do with it.

This is how we determine the relationship.

The family members must know, ah.

It is such a simple matter of introducing you and that is in no way related to climbing the social ladder.

Moreover, I need assurance.

I, sometimes, have missions that could carry on for a month or two.

During those times, you may have a headache or a fever and encounter some difficulties, but I won’t be able to help you take care of them.

However, these people can help you in those times.

I must arrange your affairs now so I will be rest assured even knowing that I am not by your side.”

His task is absolutely confidential, and the communication with the outside world will be cut off.

If Tian Yuan went to find him but to no avail, his two brothers and his circle can lend him a helping hand.

He will not permit Tian Yuan to suffer even a little.

He must utilize all methods at his own disposal to ensure his safety.

Whether it’ll be an overbearing or a close-knit person, he will deal with them just the same. He doesn’t care about human rights.

He must protect his baby.

“You should not find it embarrassing.

Even if this is just my own willfulness, I will settle the matter myself.

Besides, if we are together, they will not think that you were trying to make connections with them.

For them, it will only be a slight effort on their part.”

“You don’t understand what I mean.

I don’t want to deal with you.

I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Don’t you understand”

Pan Lei stood up.

His look of helplessness is even greater than that of Tian Yuan’s frustration.

“I really don’t understand what you are trying to say.

At the moment, you don’t like me because you know too little about me.

When we get to have a deeper understanding of each other, you will know that I wholeheartedly love you… that I love you so much.

You will also realize by then that you have already fallen in love with me.

For the time being, you do not love me, but this is just a temporary situation.

It is not yet too late.”

How much of a blockhead is he No matter how many times he explained things to him, he will just turn a deaf ear to it.

How could a situation rapidly change substantially Can he guarantee that the feelings of today and tomorrow will not be the same Though he does not love him now, perhaps he will suddenly fall in love with him tomorrow Tian Yuan must have been playing the lute to a cow [1] or a barbaric bull, a bison, or a stupid cow.

“What are you staring at me for” Pan Lei feels that he does like this doctor, even his changing moods.

Sometimes, he becomes hot-tempered and gets angry but he would not tell the reason at all.

Like a girl, his anger comes abruptly, but dissipates with difficulty.

Tian Yuan is quite dumbfounded.

How did he come across with someone who does not know the meaning of rejection

Where could you find such person who, regardless of other people’s opinion, says things like: ‘This laozi fell in love with you. You should behave well and be obedient.

Just wait for me to spoil you.

Disobey my orders and I will use military force to keep you under my control.

Do you disagree’

Pan Lei’s mind does not accept other people’s refusal.

No objection is allowed.

Resistance is also useless.

The only way is to obediently fall in love with him.

He is indeed a bandit.

Could it be due to his family’s origins Their home definitely employs an administration using some sort of militarized strict hierarchy.

This means that the subordinates must obey their superiors and when the chiefs speak up, the soldiers cannot object.

Tian Yuan did not respond to him.

He understood that there is something called occupying an area that can’t be attacked and conquered.

He is just like a bunker.

Pan Lei fiercely slams the wall on the outside but he, however, will not move.

He will wait and see what he will do.

Tian Yuan still has his parents and he will have a wife and children in a few years.

He didn’t do anything differently while growing up for 28 years.

He is a capable and handsome man who doesn’t like men and who doesn’t like a second generation military man either.

After contemplating over these things, Tian Yuan walked over to the kitchen and decided to prepare his own food.

After eating, he will go to sleep and just ignore the bandit, treating him as air.

Pan Lei’s vacation will only take for a short while.

He will just continue to ignore him and though it would be tough, he should eventually retreat.

Pan Lei jumped up when he saw Tian Yuan slicing the meat with a kitchen knife.

Tian Yuan did not seem to look like a man at all if you consider his fair skin and tender features.

All doctors are very concerned about the maintenance of their hands.

Tian Yuan’s hands were delicate and soft, and in the eyes of Pan Lei, even the fingernails that were built flat are suffused with pale pink luster.

Like the color of the pearl necklace that he saw his mother wear before, they were undeniably beautiful.

Pan Lei took away the kitchen knife from Tian Yuan’s hand, held his shoulder and pushed him straight to the door.

“You go watch television while I cook.

The doctor must be careful and should protect their hands.

These hands are used to treat illnesses and to save lives.

What would I do if you cut a wound When I’m at home, I’ll cook.

But when I’m not at home, I’ll call the restaurant and get them to deliver you a takeout.

I’ll do the greasy menial work.”

Tian Yuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Ever since he was little, he had never received this kind of courtesy.

He is a boy and his parents educated him from childhood that he has to shoulder the responsibility and not to rely on others.

When he started working, the house chores were all done by him.

He never thought that house chores must be a woman’s work, and he did everything he could.

However, Pan Lei appears to be good to him.

Tian Yuan feels like he is currently being spoiled by this man.

“I’m not a big young master.

If I should say, you are the young master of a noble family.”

Pan Lei didn’t pay any attention to him.

His movements were skillful and fast.

He warmed up the pot, put in the right amount of oil, stir fried the shredded pork, added green vegetables, poured in water, and after the water boiled, he threw in the noodles.

More than ten minutes later, a piping hot shredded pork noodles was poured out of the pot.

Pan Lei seasoned the pork noodles and when he thought that the taste is already good enough, he used a soup ladle to send in a little soup towards Tian Yuan’s lips.

“You should taste it and see if it’s too salty.” Tian Yuan also did not feel embarrassed.

He opened his mouth and then said, “Good.”

Following the pork noodles, Pan Lei also scooped out some rice from the rice cooker, beat the eggs and cut the cucumber.

“My parents only lived with me when I was a teenager.

My dad used to stay in a military district in the southwest region.

At that time, I was still a child.

I didn’t live in my big uncle’s home but stayed at my second uncles’s home instead.

The feelings of us three brothers (cousins) are not bad.

Although the three of us are the only children of our respective parents, I did not feel lonely.

At that time, I was mischievous.

The conditions were not very good and the family was also not wealthy.

Uncle’s family will only eat meat once a month.

My two elder brothers and I spent our days in the military district all day long.

Sometimes, we bring along a group of people in the courtyard up the mountain and hunt some rabbits.

Then, we go down the river to catch fish.

In the yard, there was a girl who would always play with us.

One time, when we went to the river, the girl almost drowned.

As punishment, my uncle took his leather belt out and whipped the three of us.

We also steal the guns of the security guards.

When I was twelve years old, I was already shooting ten rings during target practice.

Because of this, the three of us took lesser beatings.

We have also tried smashing someone else’s glass, and kidnapped the old commander’s family dog.

We took the dog and went to run up the mountain, and the poor dog got exhausted after not eating for three days.

When I caught sight of the staff officer’s thrush [2] , I thought that it looked pretty good, so I stole it, roast it and then ate it.

There was a time when I grabbed a mouse and stuffed it into the female dressing room of the Song And Dance Troupe.

I did all the bad things.

I was the unequaled overlord of the military courtyard in our military district.

I had an invincible hand over the world.

But my eldest brother and second brother will not let me play if I go wild.

Don’t you know that my uncle’s leather belt had changed several times”

Tian Yuan bent over and giggled, and when he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he burst out laughing.

He swayed to and fro while holding on to the door frame.

How come the naughty child did not get angry Pan Lei was amused.


Notes:[1] 對牛彈琴 | duì niú tánqín | to play the lute to a cow (idiom) – It means ‘offering a treat to an unappreciative audience’ or ‘to preach to deaf ears’[2] thrush – The Chinese hwamei or melodious laughing thrush (Garrulax canorus) is a passerine bird of eastern Asia in the family Leiothrichidae.

The name “hwamei” comes from the Chinese 畫眉 (huà-méi) and means “painted eyebrow” referring to the distinctive marking around the bird’s eyes.

The species is a popular cage-bird because of its attractive song.

Find out more in Wikipedia


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