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Chapter 118 Mother-in-law, you’re so kind


Resting as much as possible was better than anything else for healing from a concussion.

By the third day, the symptoms had subsided significantly, and Tian Yuan was no longer dizzy.

He was able to move about easily on the bed.

The main issue was that Pan Lei wouldn't let him leave the bed.

He quickly came to hug him in a princess carry as soon as his foot touched the ground.


"Where do you want to go, baby Tell me. Ge will carry you."


"I want to go outside and soak up some rays.

Even if you intend to raise a bird, it should be allowed to bask in the sun.

I've been stuck inside for three days."


"You're not allowed to go.

What makes you want to go out It's quite windy.

What if you get another cold And besides, which family's bird is as lovely as you You're my baby, and you're cuter than a kitten."


"You are the cat, you scoundrel; put me down!"


Tian Yuan was enraged to the point of insanity.

He kicked Pan Lei and pounded him with his fists, but he wasn't able to move him one inch.


"Hey, hey, hey, your hand, look after it! Don't hit me with your hands, you little idiot! Damn, this plaster is too f**king painful.

Ow! Ow! Stop, stop, stop! It can't control you, little b**t**d, can it"


This brat was addicted to fighting and beat him with his plaster-covered hand.

But could that hand be allowed to move The bones were cracked! Did he want the wound to worsen It stung a lot when he hit his head with the plastered hand.

He'd warned him, but Tian'er was still persistent.

In that case, he couldn't blame him.


Pan Lei threw him onto the bed and kissed him madly, biting and then licking his lips before a deep kiss.

It was a classic example of Pan Lei's kissing style.


You dare to bite me, dare to keep me from going out I want to bite your tongue!


Tian Yuan's tongue began to chase him, and he even used his teeth to do so.

But Pan Lei's tongue cleverly slipped away as soon as he opened his mouth.

Tian Yuan didn't open his mouth when he had another chance.

What if he bit him too hard and caused him to bleed If the bite was too serious, he wouldn't be able to eat, right


This brief hesitation allowed Pan Lei to seize the initiative.

Because Tian Yuan did not take advantage of this opportunity, he could only be harassed till he was giddy and his head was spinning.


He was kissed into dizziness, as imagined, and the world was indeed spinning.


Dang Hong pushed the door open and quickly closed it.

These two kids, this brat, had no idea how to close the door in broad daylight.


It's wonderful to be young and in love! Take a look at these two in love!


Before returning to her office, Mama Dang Hong sighed for young love and joy.

She, of course, shut the door and hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign.

It was okay for her to see it, but she couldn't let it be revealed to the other doctors and nurses.


However, they were still bothered by someone.

Lin Mu, Zhang Hui, and Huang Kai exchanged an ambiguous smile in response to the "Do Not Disturb" sign.

The three of them shared a knowing grin.

It seemed odd to have a do not disturb sign up during the day.

They had heard that Pan Lei was treating Tian Yuan with great care these days.

It might be thought of as their honeymoon phase.

Obviously, they must be engaged in a certain activity.


As a result, Lin Mu called 1,2,3...


The three of them slammed the door open and crammed in.


"Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing in broad daylight"


The three people shouted at the same time, causing the two men who were lingeringly kissing on the bed to tremble.

Tian Yuan bit down immediately, causing Pan Lei to groan in pain and raise his head while covering his mouth.


What could they do Remember, no matter how hungry or thirsty they were, this was a hospital, okay Wasn't it simply a kiss Was it necessary to scold so loudly


Tian Yuan got up swiftly and pried Pan Lei's hand away.

He had unintentionally bitten Pan Lei's lips, causing him to bleed.


Oh, dang! Tian Yuan's hospital gown had two buttons undone, exposing most of his shoulders.

Pan Lei must have made those little red marks on his chest and shoulder, right Even if the white patient gown covered up everything, the half-open look was too titillating, okay


"Well, well, well, you jerks.

You want to ruin a couple’s intimacy, eh"


Lin Mu responded quickly.


"Lewdness during the day sends you to hell."


"Peeking into the intimacy of a couple curses you with a stye[1]."


Pan Lei licked his lips to ease the bleeding bite spot.

He ignored it and turned around to button Tian Yuan's clothes.


"Close the buttons.

You can't just let these three people stare at you."


Tian Yuan slugged him. You assume that everyone is the same as you.


Pan Lei did not flush in embarrassment after being in flagrante delicto or being struck by Tian Yuan.

He welcomed the three visitors and invited them to take a seat.


"What brought the three of you together"


"We heard you were in the hospital, so we came to convey our sympathies."


Huang Kai was carrying a large bouquet of roses like the previous time.

They'd think he was there to pick up a girl if they didn't know better.

Zhang Hui was really practical, but it was the same old, same old.

He brought stewed snow clams with white fungus as well as a plethora of supplements.

Lin Mu was behaving strangely.

His hands were jammed in his white coat, as if he was concealing something.


"Pan Lei mentioned that you've been vomiting lately.

When we asked if you were expecting, he responded yes, twins."


Tian Yuan stared angrily at Pan Lei and lifted the large bouquet of roses, pummeling Pan Lei with it.

The petals flew throughout the single room, resembling a rose petal shower.

In TV serials, it was a classic and lovely image.

In a petal shower, a man and a woman exchange intense glances.


Sadly, this was not the case with them.

Tian Yuan chased and beat Pan Lei.


"I’m going to kill you, I’ll definitely kill you.

You talked rubbish again! I’m going to beat you to death."


"Hey, hey! Outsiders are here! What if my mother sees this Can you save me some face"


Pan Lei dodged from left to right, convinced that his family was growing stronger and stronger.

He'd been thrashed twice.


"Let mom see how her son is a hoodlum who only knows to brag and spout nonsense."


"Am I wrong When did I talk nonsense Haven't you always wanted to adopt a child How am I wrong to say so"


Tian Yuan was gasping with wrath as he hurled the bouquet's stems at Pan Lei and pointed to the vivid red petals on the floor.


"Clean up for me."


Pan Lei felt wronged.

Tian Yuan's words were becoming increasingly venomous.

Zhang Hui, Huang Kai, and Lin Mu had all run up to the bed when he started sweeping the floor with a broom.


Nobody was paying attention to Pan Lei.


"Tian Yuan, there’s no problem with your head, right"


Tian Yuan sat on the bed and motioned for all three of them to join him.

The three visitors removed their shoes and sat cross-legged across from each other.


Pan Lei mumbled to himself, You think this is a kangtou[2] in the countryside, eh Just put a table in the middle and play Mahjong directly.


They surrounded his family's Tian'er and had no notion of leaving him some space.

There was no room for him to sit next to Tian Yuan once he finished cleaning.

Why should he sweep the petals that had fallen to the floor as the four of them sat there, all pally


"Everything’s fine.

I'm feeling better, but they won't let me leave the hospital."


"It doesn't hurt to keep a closer eye on things.

Just stay here, please.

I also have someone with whom I can talk."


Lin Mu smiled and finally removed his hand from his coat pocket, revealing a fresh new deck of cards.


"I'm sure you're tired of being in the hospital, and Pan Lei is seizing every opportunity to kiss and bite you, right How does playing cards sound I heard from Pan Ge that you're a good player.

Come on! Let's play some cards."


Lin Mu imitated Chow Yun-Fat's shuffling moves in the gambling film[3], swishing them like an expert.

Tian Yuan's eyes widened in awe after witnessing his card skills. Wow! It turns out that there really is such a cool card shuffling technique.


"Pan Lei, Pan Lei, give me money in small denominations and coins."


He'd changed his clothes a long time ago and didn't have a single penny on him at the time.


Pan Lei eventually finished cleaning up, squeezed and squeezed, squeezed and squeezed, and finally squeezed out a spot next to Tian Yuan.

Five grown men sat on a slightly older, single-person sick bed.

Fortunately, the bed at the Armed Police Hospital was sturdy.

Otherwise, it would have collapsed by then.


"I forgot to bring my wallet.

Instead of money, let's use slips of paper to play.

Tian'er is unable to exert himself physically due to a cracked bone in his arm.

Let's do it this way.

I'll lend him a hand and assist him in holding the cards."




The three visitors exchanged winks.

They were going to join hands and have fun with Pan Lei and Tian Yuan today.

Pan Lei stated that he would assist Tian Yuan in holding the cards, but in truth, he made it clear that he wished to assist Tian Yuan.

They were all seasoned card players.

Tian Yuan's card skills were deplorable.

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were lovers, so he didn't want to see his family's forehead covered with slips of paper and wished to play together.

But he had forgotten that the three of them were teammates.


In reality, the three of them were there to amuse Tian Yuan and make him happy.

They were all aware that Tian Yuan had gone to see his parents with Pan Lei and that something awful had happened.

Tian Yuan was gentle and a little introverted, as all the brothers knew.

Pan Lei was behaving like a clown to keep him distracted and needed assistance.

After some deliberation, they decided to visit together and play cards.

They would take Tian Yuan singing and drinking when he was released from the hospital.

They would not allow him to have a heart knot[4].


They had a fantastic time.

The hearts of the two husbands were linked.

Tian Yuan was lucky, and under Pan Lei's command, they won three games in a row.

The three people were dissatisfied and continued to play.

They were resolute not to leave that evening without sticking paper on Tian Yuan's brow.


Dang Hong glanced at her watch.

It had been two hours since then. Those two kids must have stopped messing around by now, right


She was only looking for Pan Lei to ask him the address of Tian Yuan's family house.

The elderly couple wished to speak with them.


As she approached the single-person ward, she heard a loud yell from inside, "Look at my bomb!"


Bomb What's that Dang Hong pushed open the door to find five grown men seated in a circle on the bed.

Tian Yuan exclaimed, "A pair of kings!" when Pan Lei tossed out two cards.

{Translator: They're playing "Fighting the landlord" and "bomb" is when you get four cards of the same rank.

Read more on Wikipedia.} 


The couple complemented each other perfectly.


Oh! They’re playing cards in the hospital ward.


When Dang Hong coughed, all five of them looked over at the same time, making her chuckle.

She could no longer maintain her solemn demeanor.

Each of those five men had a piece of paper stuck to his brow, regardless of who they were.

Tian Yuan's forehead had the most paper slips.

Their fluttering was like that of a curtain.


They were all in their thirties.

Could they not be so childish Did they think they looked handsome with paper slips stuck on their heads


Tian Yuan ripped off the paper slips quickly, feeling as if he had been caught reading a novel by the teacher in a self-study class.




"How did you manage to lose so badly Your head is packed with paper slips."


Dang Hong assisted Tian Yuan in removing the remaining sticky paper slips.

She possessed an intrinsic majesty, and those little rascals would not dare to act presumptuous in front of her.


Dang Hong drew a chair and sat next to Tian Yuan.


"Mom will join you.

We three ladies shall fight with them as a team."


"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Pan Lei.

"My mother is so amazing, cool, and wonderful!" He leaned over and kissed his mother’s cheek, yelling, “Come on! Let’s continue playing.”


Nobody expected the solemn Dean Dang Hong to sit down with them, the younger generation, to play cards.


"Who asked you to band together and bully my son It's three against two.

That's not fair.

It's fair for us three ladies to form a team.

Come on, come on, let's play with money this time."


Dang Hong opened her purse with a snap, counted out the change, and placed it in front of Tian Yuan.


"Use this money to win it all.

Let's all* go out to lunch at a restaurant later."


That’s very kind of you mom!


[1] A stye is a bacterial infection of an oil gland in the eyelid which results in a red tender bump at the edge of the eyelid.

[2] A kang is a heatable brick bed.

Tou means top.

So, kangtou is the top of a heatable brick bed.

You can read more about kang bed-stoves on wikipedia.

[3] This might refer to the 1989 film God of Gamblers.

[4] xīn jié: a matter that gnaws at one's mind.

*Dang Hong's "all" here refers to TY, PL, and her.

It does not include the other three people.


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