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Chapter 117 Distressed mother-in-law


Before the Tian parents could comprehend what was going on, their son was abducted, leaving only the damaged security door and a swarm of neighbors witnessing the show.

Mother Tian, astonished and terrified, sobbed, but this time just her husband was by her side.

Her son had been carried away.


Pan Lei didn't have time to thank the local military base, so he rushed to call his second uncle and told him that the problem had been resolved.

Second uncle Pan inquired at the local military facility and was told that nothing serious had transpired, so he decided not to investigate any further.

It was unlikely that Pan Lei would have used force against his in-laws if he hadn't been pushed to do so.


Pan Lei didn't pause for a second.

He immediately took a plane and headed to their city with Tian Yuan.

He didn't dare allow Tian Yuan's feet touch the ground.

Anyone who wished to stare was welcome to do so.

He didn't give a damn.

He quickly disembarked the plane while clutching Tian Yuan in his arms.


Tian Yuan was only in a coma for a short time.

His head and body hurt horribly, and he had dizzy episodes when he opened his eyes, as well as nausea.

He was aware he suffered a concussion after being smacked on the head by his mother.

He'd be fine as long as he got enough rest.


"Let’s go home, alright"


Tian Yuan leaned against Pan Lei’s shoulders and spoke with him.


Pan Lei reported the Armed Police Hospital’s address and bowed his head to kiss his forehead.


"Be good, and go to sleep for a bit.

We’ll go home after a checkup.

You must make me feel at ease.

I’d like to know how seriously you’ve been harmed."


He didn't take the time to undress Tian Yuan and check his body.

He was afraid that if he saw a body covered in bruises, he would commit homicide in his rage.

He couldn't forgive himself, nor could he forgive Tian Yuan's parents.

The man he kept stating he wanted to protect was thrashed until he fainted in his presence, right in front of his eyes.

He had a strong urge to kill someone.


Tian Yuan lacked any strength.

He could only rely on Pan Lei, who made him feel at ease by listening to his heartbeat and inhaling his scent.

Pan Lei was always, always there, which was good, very good.

It looked as if his parents no longer wanted him, but there was still this man.

He was not alone.

He still had Pan Lei.


Pan Lei kissed his hand, then dropped his head and kissed his brow.

He could feel the size of the lump on Tian Yuan's head.

The old lady was far too ferocious.

It had already become purple and black.

Tian'er must be in a lot of agony.

He would have definitely taught them a lesson if they hadn't been Tian Yuan's parents, if they had been unrelated individuals.


He exited the vehicle, Tian Yuan in his arms.

He lacked faith in City's No.

1 Hospital's treatment capabilities.

He wanted his mother to tell him if Tian Yuan was all right.


As Pan Lei stepped into the hospital holding Tian Yuan, he ran into Lin Mu, who happened to be on the first level.

Lin Mu ran over when he spotted Pan Lei and saw Tian Yuan had fainted in his arms.

He became pale with dread and rushed them to the emergency department.


"What did you f**king do"


Were they arguing again What did Tian Yuan do to enrage Pan Lei


"What the hell are you talking about Check him quickly.

He was hit in the head and took a lot of blows to the body.

Give him a brain scan.

I believe he has a concussion."


Lin Mu didn’t waste time talking nonsense with him either.

He rushed Tian Yuan to the hospital’s emergency room.


"Pan Lei, if this is your doing, our[1] friendship is finished."


Pan Lei’s disposition was bad.

He was easily angered.

If he had hit his spouse, he truly had no sense of the gravity of things.

They would all despise him.


Dang Hong, who was also anxious, dashed downstairs.

She didn’t say anything and personally examined her son-in-law, removing the clothes off his body with the help of scissors.

The fair and slim body was covered in large and small bruises, the majority of which were long strips.

At a look, it was evident that he had been beaten with a stick.


Tian Yuan was fair-skinned.

These blue-green and purple marks were particularly obvious on him.


"Mom, I'm fine.

I just have a headache.

I think it’s a concussion."


Father Pan had thrashed Pan Lei many times over the years, but the only time Dang Hong felt truly distressed was when Pan Lei was eighteen and nearly had his back split by the whip.

When she saw such an obedient and lovable child covered in bruises, she felt very sorry for him.

She stroked Tian Yuan's hair and spoke in a voice that was a little choked with emotions.


"Good boy, it's alright.

Mom is here, and mom will treat you."


Lin Mu accompanied Tian Yuan upstairs for a medical examination to do a comprehensive body testing, including a brain scan, a CT scan, and a PET scan, in the event that a bone had been fractured.


Dang Hong took Pan Lei and waited outside.

Pan Lei was burning with anxiety, so despite the fact that he was in a hospital, he took out a cigarette and smoked it.

Dang Hong glared at him before opening a nearby window.


"Why is he in such bad shape Did his parents beat him"


"If they hadn’t been his parents, I would have battered them into honeycomb briquettes[2].

I was angered to death.

They beat him up right in front of me with such a long stick."


"Were you dead! Why didn’t you stop them"


"I was outside their house, and they refused to open the door for me.

That’s why I had to ask for a gun."


Dang Hong gave a nod.

She has a good understanding of her son.

He did a great job of restraining himself and not shooting Tian Yuan's parents.


"Don't worry, I believe it is primarily trauma.

I’ll work with your father on his parents.

Don’t let Tian Yuan go home for a year, so he doesn’t fall sick from worry and anger.

I’m sure I can handle them.

Let me see who dared to beat my son so cruelly."


Tian Yuan was moved to a single ward.

Lin Mu soon arrived with his X-rays, and the tension eased a little.


"He has a concussion and will need to recover for a few days.

The bones of the left arm and forearm have some cracks and have been put in a plaster.

The rest is trauma.

Make him rest as much as possible.

It’s nothing serious."


As Pan Lei sighed in relief, so did the others.

Fortunately, nothing serious occurred.

Otherwise, Pan Lei, the violent dragon, would undoubtedly go on a rampage.


Pan Lei kicked the wall.


"I looked for so many people to wait on them in vain.

If I had known it would turn out this way, I wouldn’t have pestered him to go see them.

Look how great visiting them was! He’s hurt from head to toe.

See how they beat him up! The bump on his head is huge!"


"Did you expect your in-laws to be easy to deal with They simply cannot accept it for the time being.

Do you think all parents are as accepting as me and your father It took us over ten years to embrace this fact.

But there's nothing we can do about it.

This is your life.

Your father and I will be at ease as long as you are happy.

Don't blame his parents; they, too, want Tian Yuan to have a wonderful life."


Dang Hong was glaring at him angrily.


"It’s just like what you see on TV.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will always be natural enemies.

In ancient times, no one treated a daughter-in-law like a daughter.

Not asking her to wipe the floor on her knees and wait on you for three meals a day was already considered pretty good."


Lin Mu would not pass up this fantastic opportunity to taunt Pan Lei.

This omnipotent man had infiltrated military bases in other nations, assassinated terrorists, and rescued hostages, but he couldn't handle his in-laws.

But it was the case! In-laws were difficult to breach.


"You seem to be quite idle Go on, return to your department.

Isn't there a heart surgery scheduled today Go, go, get ready."


Lin Mu didn't have a choice but to leave.

After all, these were the dean's instructions.


"I requested that some liquid food be prepared by the cafeteria.

Make sure he eats something when he wakes up."


When Lin Mu left, Dang Hong sighed.


"Don't go back to the army for a few days.

He'll undoubtedly be under a lot of psychological stress as a result of this unfortunate situation.

You should accompany him more often.

Tian Yuan is gentle, but he acts tough.

Don't let him smother his emotions and become tight-lipped about the problem."


Pan Lei decided to request a month's leave.

Tian Yuan's body required recuperation.

In addition, his arm had cracked bones.

What was to be done if he didn't serve Tian'er well and the root source of the problem wasn't cured


Tian Yuan awoke in a trance, feeling his hand being clasped, and sighed in relief without opening his eyes.

He could smell Pan Lei's scent in the air, which relaxed and calmed him.


"You’re awake Still uncomfortable Let me help you get up.

Would you like to drink the millet porridge that Lin Mu sent you"


Pan Lei greeted Tian Yuan with a bright smile.

Tian Yuan shook his head, indicating that he didn't want to eat anything, and then closed his eyes when he felt the world spin.


"I’ll help you up."


Pan Lei carefully supported his back, half-cuddling him, and helped him sit up before stuffing a pillow behind his back.


Tian Yuan’s nausea became stronger and stronger, making him realize he would throw up the moment he opened his mouth, so he pushed Pan Lei away before puking.

Pan Lei was alert and quick to react.

He supported Tian Yuan’s waist with one hand, and grabbed the spittoon with the other, bringing it to him, and letting him vomit.


Tian Yuan’s vomit was stomach acid.

Pan Lei knew this was a consequence of the concussion, so he merely patted Tian Yuan’s back while holding him.


Tian Yuan felt a little better after vomiting for a while.

Pan Lei invited him to lean on him and twisted awkwardly to obtain a tissue to wipe his mouth.


But before he could put down the spittoon, Tian Yuan grabbed it again and vomited.


"How come it's like pregnancy, baby Are you really giving me one"


Tian Yuan glared at him fiercely.

Couldn't he say something nice He had to provoke and anger him, didn’t he


Pan Lei chuckled and chu~, kissed him on the forehead.


"Do you still feel like throwing up If you don't, I'll put it away."


When Tian Yuan leaned back on the pillow, Pan Lei put the spittoon away and sat beside him, pouting his lips for a kiss.


Tian Yuan shoved his huge head away.


"I just threw up.

I need to brush my teeth."


Pan Lei kissed him passionately.


"What's the big deal I kiss, touch, and swallow your little head."


It was impossible to discuss the mood when Pan Lei was around.

When he should have been dejected and depressed, Pan Lei immediately started talking rubbish and made him forget his grief.

Pan Lei mischievously laughed and grabbed Tian Yuan's hand as he lifted his arm for a slap.

He shifted his body and leaned half of it on the bed's head, embracing Tian Yuan.


"Okay, okay, I won't bother you.

If you feel uncomfortable, rest some more.

Mom advised you to get more sleep.

Mom and dad said they will take care of your parents, so we can live our little life in peace.

As the saying goes, when veterans embark on a campaign, they outperform us.

You must not let your imagination run wild, got it With your little body, if there is an illness, I will suffer to death.

You must get better quickly for the sake of family harmony, a harmonious society, and a prosperous motherland.



Tian Yuan sighed.

He needed to untangle the knot of his sadness.


"Let me tell you something.

I took a month off to accompany you.

We are a young couple that has never spent so much time together leisurely.

During this time, you must get better quickly, and then I will teach you how to drive.

Try to get your driver's license while I’m at home.

Mom said if you want, we can go stay at the military district compound for a month to let you recuperate."


Pan Lei kept bantering, disorderly talking of irrelevant things, to keep Tian Yuan from wasting time on an intractable subject.

He was a narrow-minded person who couldn't pretend about a lot of things.

He, too, was upset and couldn't think of a better way to ease the tension.


[1] Lin Mu says “you and the few of us” implying Pan Lei’s friends as a whole.

[2] I'm not sure if Pan Lei means he'd like to shoot them till they resembled sieves or beat them to a pulp.

As a result, I've translated this literally.

You are free to interpret it as you see fit.

BTW, honeycomb briquette is a block of compressed coal dust or peat used as fuel.

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