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Chapter 114 Accept the person I love, okay


Father Tian sat across from his son.

Tian Yuan had never given them cause to be concerned since he was a kid.

His academic performance had been excellent because his parents were both teachers, he did not mess around with his friends, did not mingle with bad students, and because he was not permitted to date at a young age, he never experienced any sort of puppy love.

He had devoted himself completely to his studies and had attended college.

In college, he even had a girlfriend.

How could he fall in love with a man, and why was he so fixated on him now Did he understand what love was Being in love was, at best, the starting stage of experiencing passion.

These feelings of love changed over the years.

What exactly was love After a couple had been together for a long time, their bond was like that of two capable assistants, not the sort to be called unforgettable.


When the mind is impulsive, it is easy to make mistakes.

His blunder was too serious to ignore, and it had to be rectified.


"Do you realize what you'll have to bear if you go down this road, Xiao Yuan A lifetime of ignominy! You won't have children or a typical family.

What should you do when you reach old age There will be no one to look after you.

What if he no longer wants you You'd wasted your entire life.

Why don't you give it some more thought What's so good about being with a man"


Father Tian's remarks were heartfelt and meaningful.

He was still their child, no matter how old he was.

For a while, he was immature and couldn't control himself.

He could be pardoned.

His son would still be his son as long as he broke up with that man.


"Dad, the two of us are together, and we're just like any other couple.

He gives me the money he makes.

When he returns, he takes care of everything.

He won't let me cook because he's afraid I'll cut my hand.

Their family is likewise excellent.

His mother had a discussion with us as well.

She stated that once our careers are secure and we have the time, we would be able to adopt a child.

We both agreed on it.

None of the awful scenarios you mentioned will occur.

He is the type of person who will adore someone until the end of time.

And he only loves me.

He will not abandon me.

You've only known him for a short time, so you have no idea how good he is.

In fact, you can get to know him if you let him stay at home for a few days.

This truly isn't a trivial matter to me, Dad.

I'm in love with him."


"Oh And what can happen as a result It's not appropriate to be with a man.

It's far too obscene!"


Mother Tian was unable to accept it.

What may two men hugging and cuddling be considered If she had known her son had this problem, she should have choked him to death to keep him from being an embarrassment. Can I still go outside What's wrong with today's morals Instead of men adoring women as they should, they liked men


"Mom, you're a teacher as well.

You're also very well-read.

As a doctor, I understand that falling in love with someone of the same gender is not an illness.

It is simply a form of love, nothing more."


"You had a girlfriend back then.

We even talked about it.

Did that strong man coerce you How can you fall in love with a man without rhyme or reason"


Tian Yuan had been kneeling with his head lowered the entire time, never standing up.

The day before yesterday, Pan Lei had left marks on his nape.

Although the marks had lightened, they were still fairly visible.

Pan Lei couldn't stop himself from kissing Tian Yuan.

He nipped and sucked after every kiss, leaving traces that took a few days to fade.

Tian Yuan's parents could easily see the fading markings right below his earlobes when he bowed his head.


"That's because I hadn't met him yet.

I knew who my beloved person was after meeting him.

I was apathetic when I ended my relationship with my girlfriend, and I never felt bad about it.

But he is different.

He burst into my life like a raging storm.

He is domineering but sensible, and he treats me wonderfully.

He drives me to and from work, cooks for me, and does my laundry.

He is also instructing me to drive.

He also assists me in hailing a taxi when I need to travel to the hospital in the middle of the night.

He took me home to meet his parents, and the entire family accepted our relationship.

He has a violent temper, but he never loses it with me - he dares not and is unwilling to.

He came back from the army in the middle of the night just to surprise me.

To make me happy, he treats me like a child and lavishes me with affection.

I couldn't live without him.

I'm deeply in love with him."


Mother Tian finally remembered seeing such faint traces when they visited Tian Yuan some time ago.

She mistook them for mosquito bites at the time.

But it was clear now that he'd been around the block.

It was painfully obvious that these traces were fading kiss marks.

Who kissed him Who was responsible for the traces


Kissing to this extent, could it be that they… What did he mean when he said "he came back in the middle of the night to surprise me" Were they living together Did they sleep together


No decent man would behave in this manner.

He did what a woman did: he lay down beneath a man.

That was too disgusting!


Mother Tian raised her hand and slapped Tian Yuan hard.


The heavy strike turned Tian Yuan's face to the side.

His complexion was fair, and when he was slapped on the face, it instantly turned red and inflamed.

Mother Tian's rage was not diminished by a single smack.

Tian Yuan was struck again with her backhand.

She slapped Tian Yuan's face, alternating between the left and right cheeks, till his face swelled.

His gums were split and he had blood stains at the corners of his lips.


"You wretch! You need a man, don’t you Do you wish to lie down and look pretty for a man You’d rather lie under a man than like a good woman You’re not a man, you’re a pansy, you’re a pervert! I would have strangled you if I had known you were going to be this disgusting."


This sentence hurt the most, especially hearing it from his mother's lips.

Was he wrong Had he made a blunder What was the problem with his love What wrong had he done Why was she insulting him with such harsh words


Tian Yuan lowered his head and ceased speaking.

He would be indifferent if hurling abuse could persuade them to accept Pan Lei.

It was just that the words were too offensive.


"Look at what you did...you'll be happy only when you anger us to death, won't you Who are your mother and I worrying about It's for you.

We won't scold you if you don't act so terribly.

You will not both achieve your desired objective.

Break up with him, okay.

Let your mother's friend introduce you to a good girl tomorrow.

Get married as soon as you can."


"Dad, I won’t get married.

I love only him."


They were free to scold as much as they wanted.

He was not going to break up with Pan Lei.

As for leaving him That was simply impossible.


"Oh, my child! Why are you so stubborn"


Father Tian sighed.

Who was this child’s obstinate personality like


"You are utterly disgusting."


Tian Yuan was pained by Mother Tian's expression as she gazed at him.

It was a look that suggested she was staring at a pervert or something filthy.


"I'm sorry I didn't consider your feelings, Mom, but I love him.

My feelings are my own, and you have no say in the matter.

Am I disgusting Did I murder or set fire to someone Why are you staring at me like this when I haven't broken any laws His parents are able to leave the house, and his parents are able to accept our feelings.

Why are you unable to accept it In any case, you are a teacher.

Why are you so closed-minded"


"Their entire family is perverted, so they can raise that kind of thing.

By being so disgraceful, you are demeaning your father's and my reputations.

We have always worked as teachers with a clear conscience.

Should we let you, an unfilial son, destroy our reputation now that we’re old Everyone will point and remark that we raised a good son who gladly sleeps with a man as soon as we leave the house."


"Mom, don't say such vulgar things, okay"


"I’m saying vulgar things Isn't what you do dirty"


Tian Yuan didn't talk back to his parents.

He wouldn't be suffering in silence like this if it were not for him insistent on getting their approval.

His mother was absolutely furious.

Her good son, who had always been well-behaved, had now learned to talk back.

Just because of that kind of man, he was talking back to his parents.

She couldn't accept it.


Tian Yuan stood up angrily.

They were being deliberately provocative.

Besides, it didn't make much sense to continue in this manner.

It was preferable to return as soon as possible and wait for them to figure it out.

He had brought Pan Lei home to let him meet his parents and gain their approval; not to accept insults and to be labelled disgraceful. Mom went too far.


"Kneel! I dare you to try standing up."


Tian Yuan had no choice but to kneel once more.


The more Mother Tian reflected on her son's statements, the more enraged she became.

She hurled it towards Tian Yuan without looking at what she had picked up at random.

Tian Yuan had his head bowed and was unguarded.

Something suddenly crashed into him on the shoulder.

It collided with Tian Yuan and shattered into pieces on the floor.

It was the flower vase on the coffee table.


"Stop it! Why are you hitting him"


Father Tian was somewhat unable to put up with it any longer.

The vase had been filled with water and flowers.

It had to have hurt Tian Yuan terribly when it hit him.

His son was still his son, no matter how wrong he was.

It was that man's fault that he made so many blunders.


"Will he repent if I don’t beat him Look at him! There’s no sign of him reflecting on his mistakes! He’s still talking back! He’s grown up and become independent; now he knows what freedom is, doesn’t he Freedom What nonsense! I have the final say at home.

He’s my son, and I’ll take care of him.

He’s not allowed to go to work.

He will reflect upon himself at home.

When he realizes his mistakes and makes amends, he’ll go on a blind date and marry right away."


"I'm right! Whoever I fall in love with is my business.

I won't get married."


"I see you’re still reluctant to admit your mistake."


Mother Tian grabbed the broken mop rod and smacked Tian Yuan repeatedly.

Tian Yuan dodged to the left and to the right, but the rod kept coming at him.

He was beaten like this as a child when he was disobedient.

When he grew up, he was obedient, and he received less corporal punishment.

He was nearly thirty years old and still getting thrashed.


He lacked Pan Lei's strong arms and physical strength.

A few hefty blows landed on his arms, causing him to clench his teeth in agony, but there was nothing he could do.


"You're not going to accept your mistakes, are you Let me see whether you dare to be obstinate.

Hurry up and admit your mistakes."


Mother Tian's rage was unrelenting.

She was rather harsh when she saw Tian Yuan refuse to accept he was wrong and continued to beat him.


Tian Yuan's stubborn and irritable temper had been aroused by this stage. Hit me, hit me, hit me.

I'm not going to admit any mistakes.

I'm right! Why should I admit to my mistake


"I am right!" Tian Yuan yelled.


When Mother Tian heard this, she lost her head.

She swung the rod in the direction of Tian Yuan's head.


"Since you wish to be foolish, I will support you for a lifetime.

I don't want you to make me lose face so conspicuously!"


Tian Yuan blocked the rod with his arm, causing it to snap again.

His arm bones appeared to be cracked as well.

His face turned pale from agony as he broke out in a cold sweat.


When Father Tian saw that things had gone out of hand, he rushed to assist his son in standing up.


"Quick! Hurry up and go to your room."


His son was a fool.

Since he was a child, he had no idea how to flee and avoid being thrashed.

If he had run away, his mother would not have been able to beat him, and her rage would have calmed down by the time he returned.

But all he did was stand there and wait to be beaten.

Wasn't his refusal to recognize his mistakes fueling the fire


Tian Yuan's mother raised the rod and struck him on the back as soon as he turned around.

Tian Yuan grunted in pain and staggered a few steps as a result of the hard blow.

He was feeling a little overwhelmed by the pain in his back and arms.


"Get inside the room quickly! Why are you still standing here stupidly!"


Tian Yuan propped up his arm and entered his room, closing the door behind him.

He could still hear his mother sobbing and shouting herself hoarse.


How did things get to this point He sat on the bed, almost crying.

All he did was bring his lover to meet his parents.

How did it come to be this way


Poor Tian Yuan.

You're probably outraged at this point.

But, I'd like to state that Mother Tian is not overreacting.

In rural areas, people can go as far as spurning the homosexual's family socially.

Also, I'm an Asian, and believe me when I say that we don't consider beating our children to be abuse in the same way that the West does.

Growing up, I took my fair share of thrashings.

Oh, the stories I could tell you... 


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