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Chapter 112 Parents-in-law are difficult to breach


Alert! Please remember that the characters are Asian.

Don't read the following chapters through a Western-culture lens.

You'll most likely be disgusted.

You have been warned.


Father Tian was the first to react.

He inhaled deeply.

It was obvious that this was not a ruse.

His son did not bring some random person to deceive them.

The clasped hands, solemn tone, and his confession said it all.

His honest and dutiful son, who had always been well-behaved until the age of twenty-eight, had truly presented a man for them to accept.


Tian Yuan's parents had always disciplined him strictly.

His parents, as Tian Yuan stated, were serious and conservative individuals, particularly his father.


Father Tian reached out and grabbed the teapot.

Mother Tian had just made hot tea, washed and cut the fruit, and set everything on the tea table.


The old man acted quickly, grabbing the teapot and hurling it at his son, Tian Yuan.


"I'm going to kill you! Unfilial son!"


Tian Yuan was unguarded.

He had no idea his parents would respond in such a ferocious manner.


Pan Lei, on the other hand, had been on high alert for quite some time.

He watched their faces turn pale when Tian Yuan introduced him as his lover.

He was vigilant in case something unexpected happened.

When Father Tian flung the hot teapot over, he quickly stood up and grabbed Tian Yuan in his arms before turning aside, avoiding the hot teapot. This old man is far too agitated. The water is so hot! How can he simply throw it What if Tian'er had been burned


The teapot brushed past Tin Yuan's hair as a result of Pan Lei's rapid response before falling to the ground and smashing into pieces.


Pan Lei's brows twitched, indicating that he was about to become enraged.

No one was permitted to harm Tian Yuan.

Furthermore, Tian Yuan was attacked while he was present.

But that was his father-in-law.

Otherwise, with his bad temper, he would have taken swift action.

They were Tian Yuan's parents, and he had pledged not to be furious about anything.

As a result, he merely held Tian Yuan and touched his face.


"Don't worry.

It'll be OK."


A teacup flew over Tian Yuan as he was about to speak.

Pan Lei was preoccupied by Tian Yuan's well-being, and was caught off guard.

The teacup landed on his head with a thud.

The teacup shattered, but Pan Lei's head was unharmed.


Tian Yuan was so terrified that he nearly screamed.

He trembled as he gripped Pan Lei's arm: "If you've got anything to say, say it.

What if you burn him"


Pan Lei couldn't take it any longer.

They could hit him as much as they wanted and in whatever way they wanted.

If they wanted to blame Tian Yuan, he'd take it.

They must, however, refrain from acting against Tian Yuan.


"You beast! I raised you! How dare you be annoyed with me! Have all the books you've read ended up in the stomach of a dog What are you thinking You've been a doctor for a long time; don't you see this is a disease This is a perversion.

Do you want to get poked in the back for the rest of your life"


Old man Tian pointed at his son and verbally abused him.


Tian Yuan bowed his head.

He had been expecting to be scolded like this for a long time, so he listened.

But he also wanted his parents to realize that he would not succumb since the person he loved was Pan Lei.

He was unconcerned about society's stares or condemnation.


"And you! I'm reprimanding my son.

What is it got to do with you Get out of my house right now! Get out of my house, get out!"


"You have no idea how good he is, Dad.

He is a wonderful man.

He is extremely nice to me.

We are sincere.

We're not playing around.

We want to be together for the rest of our lives.

Why must you separate us"


"I don't care if you're real or fake.

It's not going to work.

Get out there and find a woman to marry and have children with.

I swear to you, as long as I live, I will not allow such a scandal to occur in my family."


Enraged, old man Tian slammed the table.

Of course, he objected.

There was no way he was going to give his consent.

How could such a filthy thing have appeared in their erudite family! It was a disgrace! It was a moral decay! His son was possessed, right How could he be so vile!


"We've been together for quite some time.

It's not that I'm unfilial or don't listen to you; it's just that I love him.

He is very good to me.

There is no one else in the world who treats me as well as he does, not even you.

He is genuine with me.

He is a military officer with exemplary moral character.

His family has also been incredibly gracious to me.

Why are you constrained by conventional thinking You will also grow to like him as you interact with him more."


Mother Tian's patience had run out.

Who could possibly treat him better than his parents Did his parents neglect his food and clothing They raised him to adulthood and sent him to college.

Now that he was an adult and self-sufficient, he claimed his parents did not treat him well.

How were they, his parents, bad Was he willing to sever ties with them for the sake of this man


When Mother Tian raised her hand to slap Tian Yuan’s face, Pan Lei quickly extended his arm to block it.

No one could hurt Tian Yuan, not even a little.

They couldn't hurt him even if they were his parents.


"Please calm down."


"Go away! I’m teaching my son a lesson.

Who are you to step in Tian Yuan, did you find such a guy to infuriate us to death It’s impossible.

Tian Yuan, we will never accept him.

If you want to be with him, you must break relations with us!"


Tian Yuan's eyes were wet. Please don't use your parental authority to compel me.

He didn’t want to lose anyone; neither his parents nor Pan Lei.

He didn’t want to be without either of them.

On the one hand, he had his closest relatives, and on the other, he had his beloved.

Losing either of them would be worse than death for him.


"Please don't force me, Mom.

I love him.

I can't break up with him.

Do you want me to be miserable for the rest of my life I will never forget him, even if I break up with him, listen to you and marry a woman.

This is the man I love deeply, and he will be on my mind for the rest of my life.

Can you bear the thought of me always thinking of someone till the day I die"


"I'll kill you before you make me lose face so publicly!"


Father Tian had never imagined that his son would threaten them in this manner.

He had matured, he was an adult, and now that he was self-sufficient, he dared to threaten his parents He would beat him to death in order to prevent him from making a spectacle of himself.

He looked around, dashed into the kitchen, ripped a mop down, and emerged with a wooden stick.


"Please, Papa Tian, calm down.

Tian Yuan's health is poor.

He will fall ill if you hit him.

Mama Tian, please persuade Papa Tian.

Even if it's incorrect, it's my fault.

I should not have let myself fall in love with him.

But now we're in love and happy.

He's met my parents.

We want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Except for the fact that I am a man, our lives are identical to those of other married couples.

Why are you unable to accept it Please, Papa Tian, let go of your rage.

You must not beat Tian'er; he really can't take it!"


Pan Lei was intercepting Mother Tian's slaps, making sure they didn't hit Tian Tuan in the face, while Father Tian hurried over with a wooden stick.

He was unable to withstand the dual onslaught.

To counter the twin strikes, he could only hold Tian Yuan in his arms and guard his left and right sides as much as he could.

It made no difference if they hit him.

He couldn't let Tian Yuan suffer any harm. These in-laws are too vicious. He was a little scared.


He was protecting Tian Yuan by hugging him.

He held him close and tightly to protect him, yet their actions were inappropriate in the eyes of the old couple.

It was only more fuel on the fire.

It was this man! This man had led their son astray! Without him, their son would have stayed obedient and clever.


Father Tian was puffing furiously and pointing at his son.


"Speak! Will you end your relationship with him"


Tian Yuan stood unflinchingly in front of his father.


"I'm not going to break up with him.

We love each other.

Please, Dad and Mom, let us be together."


Their romantic journey had always been uneventful.

Everything had gone smoothly, whether it was their first meeting, their romance, or Pan Lei's family's acceptance.

All of them were roads that Pan Lei had paved for him since he had sworn not to let him endure even the least grievance.

He would not compromise now, as he stood in front of his parents.

He had to work hard for his happiness.

They adored one other and couldn't face the thought of losing their lover.

Why must couples like them be forcibly separated Wasn’t that too cruel Why must the outcome of this conflict be determined by choosing between one’s parents and one’s beloved


"Very well.

What a good son! You don't want to break up, right You want to humiliate me, don't you Then I'll just beat you to death so your mother and I don't lose face when we go out!"


The wooden stick was lifted high and quickly dropped.

Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan into his arms with one hand while stretching his other arm out to block it.

The mop stick hit his arm and snapped.

He'd been trained to shatter ten of these sticks in a row.

Naturally, he was OK.

He had been trained, but Tian Yuan had not.

If this stick landed on Tian Yuan's head, wouldn't he be knocked out right away Why were parents so cruel to their children Despite the fact that he was frequently beaten by his father, he had been disciplined since he was a child.

He was tough and had grown accustomed to it.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, couldn't handle it.

His physique was too poor. He's too weak! Do you truly intend to murder him


"Uncle, I shouldn't meddle because you're disciplining your child.

But Tian Yuan is your son.

You’re being so cruel! Do you want his life We love each other.

This was originally a matter of our feelings for each other.

Why are you escalating it to the point of bodily harm My parents are unconcerned about who I have fallen in love with.

They are really nice to Tian Yuan and do not feel humiliated.

Nowadays, everyone has the liberty to love.

Why are you still stuck in old feudal thoughts Please don't be so obstinate.

Why can’t you go out if we love each other You cannot pressurize us under the guise of your face.

Have we violated the law Have we caused any harm If you use force to separate us, that’s really breaking the law.

If he does marry a woman, that's causing harm to someone.

How come you can't figure this out"


He really couldn't take it anymore.

How pedantic were they to be like this Why didn't they think about Tian Yuan This matter concerned Tian Yuan's future life, and it was possibly the most important point in his life.


"I’m disciplining my son! It has nothing to do with you! Get out of here!"


Pan Lei's rage erupted.


"Your son is my lover.

If you want to force him, sever your ties immediately.

We, the Pan family, will promptly carry him into the house in an eight-person big sedan chair[1]! You want to beat him Not while I'm still living! I said no one can hurt him.

If you even touch his finger again, I..."


I won’t be polite! He hadn’t uttered these words yet, but Tian Yuan's brows had already creased.


"Pan Lei, they are my parents."


Pan Lei was indignant, but he could only endure it.

What could he do They were Tian Yuan’s parents.

He would have used his fists long ago if they were regular insignificant folks.

He put up with it because they were Tian Yuan's folks.

He couldn't, however, forgive them for striking Tian Yuan.


"I’m sorry.

I didn't speak properly.

But if you have something to say, say it.

If you want to fight, just beat me."


"B*st**d! Don't think I won't hit you, son of a b***h!"


Mother Tian slapped Pan Lei across the face, causing him to "Sss!" as his face turned to the side.

The old lady's hand was quite strong.


"Mom, what are you doing Why are you hitting him Pan Lei, does it hurt"


Tian Yuan didn't expect his parents would start beating Pan Lei.

In any case, this was a child born to someone else's family.

They couldn't possibly reprimand him like an elder.

Were they dizzy from rage as a result of this matter Even if Pan Lei was wrong, even if he made a thousand blunders, only his parents could chastise him.

They had no right!


"Forget it.

My mother-in-law hit me.

It's not that big of a deal."


[1] Pan Lei is saying that Tian Yuan will marry into the Pan family with a lot of pomp.


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