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Chapter 103 Help me serve my parents-in-law properly


Pan Lei stroked his chin in thought.

He wasn’t at home and couldn’t do anything personally, but he needed to do something to please his mother-in-law.


"Zhang Hui, my in-laws are here.

Serve some fine wine and good food on my behalf.

I am in the army and can't cook for them.

You help me serve my parents-in-laws properly."


"Leizi, are they my in-laws"


"Let me also mention that if my in-laws are unsatisfied, just you wait.

You joker, you won't get married, got it When you fall in love with someone, don't fall into my hands.

Be careful of me spreading rumors about you."


Zhang Hui pounded on the table.

Just how did he become acquainted with this guy when he was a child



I promise to provide excellent service to your parents-in-law, alright I’ll prepare a sumptuous fresh seafood banquet for them.

I’ll make them eat till they get diarrhea."


"Then I’ll put a laxative in your father-in-law’s wine."


"F**k! You conceited braggart! You win!"


Zhang Hui's matter is settled.

What else is there Oh, that’s right! Shopping.

Since my mother-in-law is here, she needs to buy some nice clothes to take home, and as her son-in-law, I must buy them for her.


"Eldest brother, Tian'er's parents are arriving later today.

Send a car to assist him in picking them up.

He hasn't got his driver's license yet.

By the way, can you get Tian'er some shopping coupons Let him take my mother-in-law shopping.

He is usually quite stingy.

I ripped one of his shirts the other day, and he quarreled with me for a long time.

I’m reluctant to force him to spend money."


"Oh So it’s okay to spend my money"


"Who made you my brother"


Pan Lei spoke boldly and confidently, as if he had justice on his side.

If you’re my brother and I'm not at home, you must assist me in taking care of my in-laws.


"Don't worry, I’ll try my best."


There was nothing that could be done about this type of younger brother.

Pan Zhan had helped him fight when he was younger, and when he was older, he helped him deal with the aftermath and kept him out of the police station.

Now that he was in love, he had to assist him in serving his in-laws. Ah, what exactly do I owe him!


"Mom, my mother-in-law has arrived.

Do you think I should get her a nice present"


Pan Lei dialed another number from the military camp.

Tian Yuan's parents arrived, and he wanted to annoy everyone.

He wasn't at home, but he wanted to make a good impression on his parents-in-law.


Dang Hong was equally concerned when she received the news.


"Oh! Should your father and I go meet them and have a meal with them to discuss the two of you But I haven't made any plans.

Your father's storehouse contains many supplements.

Should I send some"


"This time, they've come for a physical.

Tian'er said he'd find a time when we could all sit down and talk about it.

His parents are unaware of our relationship.

What will I do if you go to meet them when I'm not at home and Tian'er is thrashed by his parents Don't meet them on this visit.

However, supplements from my dad’s warehouse can be delivered."


"Okay, we'll do as you say.

Tian Yuan has told me that his parents are quite serious.

Not everyone is as open-minded about this issue as we are.

It's difficult to predict whether they'll truly beat him up.

Unfortunately, you children cannot comprehend the feelings of your parents.

Do you believe we would have been so accepting if we hadn't been helpless It's understandable if his parents are unable to accept it.

You said you’re back at the barracks That's fine; don't annoy them and wait for a better opportunity.

I'll have someone deliver the supplements.

Have you made any plans for their accommodation Do you want me to book a room in a five-star hotel for you"


"I’ve taken care of everything, Mom.

You pick out some good things from the storeroom.

The more, the better.

Send them to Tian Yuan."


Father Pan snorted: "Little bandit.

He’s robbing my warehouse again."


A luxurious extended Rolls-Royce drove to the entrance of the hospital.

A driver ran over and saluted when he saw Tian Yuan.



Tian, President Pan dispatched me.

I will pick you up and drop you off as long as madam is in town.

You must also accept this card.

President Pan has sent it to you."


Tian Yuan was speechless.

Before receiving it, he grumbled that it was probably another of Pan Lei's insane ideas.

He contacted Pan Zhan to express his gratitude for whatever reason.

After all, the city didn't have many extended Rolls Royces.


"Feel free to use it.

I don’t need to attend any high-end parties during this time so I don't need to put up a show.

Leizi ordered me to serve your parents well.

That card is a mall shopping card.

Spend as much as you want.

It’s not a big deal.

Damn! I just want to know why I have to work harder than serving my mother-in-law when Leizi’s mother-in-law is here."


Pan Zhan rambled for a long time.


Tian Yuan had just hung up on Pan Zhan when Zhang Hui phoned.


"Hey, brother! After you receive uncle and auntie, come to my place for a meal, okay I’ve already been exhorted.

Is there anything that your parents avoid or are allergic to Let me know so that I can instruct my staff to take appropriate precautions."


"You don't need to spend so much money.

My parents visit every year, and we can eat at home."


Just how many people had Pan Lei put to work That jerk couldn't be happy unless he was causing trouble, right


"I won't be spared by the one in your family.

Please come to my restaurant, okay I'm in charge of every meal your folks eat while they're here.

In any case, arrive early.

I'll make your father a nice drink."


Everything was in order.

Tian Yuan only had to pick up his parents.


Tian Yuan's eyes welled up as he ran to the airport and noticed his mother's hair graying at the temples.

It was indeed as the expression goes.

Those who have parents at home should avoid traveling far.

If his parents did not reject Pan Lei, he planned to bring them to live with him and Pan Lei.


"Xiao Yuan, how long have you had this kind of car"


Mother Tian could not accept the black gleaming ultra expensive extended automobile.

Her son had taken out a loan to purchase his home.

However, that car was sufficient to purchase two residences.


"It belongs to a friend of mine.

When my friend found out I was coming to pick you up, he asked me to use his car."


"Your friend is quite generous."


Mother Tian may be considered close to her son.

Father Tian didn't crack a smile.

He looked sullen and solemn.

He just smiled slightly, despite the fact that he was overjoyed to see his son.

Tian Yuan couldn't help but notice his scalp becoming numb.

Pan Lei's parents and family appeared solemn, yet they all turned out to be really laid-back.

His father, however, had always been inexpressive.


"Since I'm here, Mom and Dad, you should remain for a while.

My place has been thoroughly cleaned.

It is best if you stay for an extended period of time.

I haven't seen you in a long time.

I miss you terribly."


"It is better for people to remain in familiar surroundings.

You're preoccupied with work.

Won’t staying here give you problems"


The warm atmosphere disappeared in an instant when Father Tian spoke, and everything became awkward.


Tian Yuan was used to it and said with a smile, "I'll take leave for a few days.

I've scheduled a physical examination for you for tomorrow.

I'm available to stay with you for a few days."


"It's not good to put off work."


Mother Tian patted her son's hand, "We’ll stay for a few days before heading back home.

You can come home to see us when you have a holiday.

Your father is right.

Don't put off your work."


"Mom, let's eat and then go home."


Tian Yuan had a close relationship with his mother and was respectful of his father.

Father Tian sat alongside them in silence, merely uttering "En" in response to Tian Yuan's suggestion to convey his approval.


Zhang Hui's restaurant was the best in city, and it was frequented by a large number of people.

There was a constant flow of individuals coming and going.

The decor, service, food, and even the waiters were all first-rate.

When the car arrived, a valet opened the door, and six lovely women in cheongsams greeted them with warm smiles.


"Welcome, Sir and Madam.

Please, this way."


Tian Yuan's heart was sobbing. Oh my goodness! Was there any need to go overboard, BOSS Zhang Hui Do you want to terrify my parents Damn it! Pan Lei, you scoundrel, you simply want to have fun, don't you You enjoy tormenting others, don't you Go ahead.

This will eventually let the cat out of the bag.


The lobby manager greeted them personally, smiling with softness and courtesy.


"Please accompany me, Sir and Madam.

Everything is prepared for your arrival."


The elevator went higher and higher until it reached the top floor, where the top VIPs were received.

A waiter walked over and saluted them as soon as they stepped onto the carpet.

Tian Yuan gulped nervously. What are you doing, Zhang Hui They entered a super luxurious private room once the waiter pulled the door open.

Genuine antiques, mahogany furniture, and crystal lamps were used to decorate the space.

It was extravagant and breathtaking.


A beautiful waitress brought lemonade, making Mother Tian feel uneasy and turn her gaze to Tian Yuan. What is this


Tian Yuan didn’t know either.

Were they supposed to drink it


"Please wash your hands first with this lemonade so you can enjoy your meal."


The lobby manager extended his hand and started serving Mother Tian.


"Why did you choose this place for dinner, Tian Yuan Do you have any idea what this is It exemplifies a typical capitalist atmosphere.

What have your mother and I become"


Tian Yuan shrank his neck in fear when Father Tian slammed the table, and waved his hand to the lobby manager, signaling that he tone it down quickly. Zhang Hui, brother, you made a big deal out of nothing.

We're just a regular family.

They are unable to accept such a hoopla.


"Serve the food quickly.

Don't make a fuss."


The lobby manager clapped his hands, and the attendants started bringing out the dishes.

More than a kilogram of lobster, abalones which were bigger than a fist, and groupers stuffed to the brim in a bowl.

Each dish was more gorgeous than the last, and the table for twenty people was filled in the blink of an eye.


"Sir and madam, please enjoy your meal.

Our president is here."


Tian Yuan jumped up with a whoosh and blocked Zhang Hui as soon as he walked through the door.


"Are you insane, Big Brother Are you attempting to frighten my parents to death! My father is enraged.

Take a look at his expression! Why did you go so overboard"


"I'm assisting Leizi in serving your folks.

I can only carry out the instructions he gave me.

What are you afraid of This is how high-quality hospitality should be."


Zhang Hui pushed Tian Yuan aside, the smile on his face devoid of irritation.

He appeared to be a very successful person.


"I'm truly sorry, Uncle and Auntie.

I heard Tian Yuan mention you were coming today, but your nephew did not welcome you personally.

Because Tian Yuan, my brothers, and I are dear friends, I will look after you.

Please don't be embarrassed.

We entertain our brothers' parents in this manner whenever they come around.

Uncle, this is an old Moutai from the 1980s.

It is unquestionably a good thing, and it is priceless in the market.

Do you want to try it"


Moutai from the 1980s was excellent.

A bottle of Moutai like that might easily fetch a million dollars today.[1]

Zhang Hui was unquestionably an expert at conversing with others.

Tian Yuan's parents' rage was soothed by a few words.

He poured the old man a drink of Moutai.

Father Tian finally smiled as he inhaled the wonderful aroma.


"Since when did my son have friends like you This kid dislikes competition.

He doesn't have a lot of friends.

They are all his classmates and coworkers.

How did so many nice buddies appear out of nowhere"


"We got to know each other through Pan..."


"Dad, Zhang Hui was unwell once, and I happened to be the one who took care of him in the hospital.

That’s how I met this group of friends."


Tian Yuan hurriedly interjected and diverted the conversation away from Pan Lei just as Zhang Hui was ready to open his mouth and speak about him.


Zhang Hui raised his eyebrows at Tian Yuan, who blinked back.

Zhang Hui smiled in understanding. I see.

Tian Yuan's parents don't know about Pan Lei yet.


Why don't you explain it plainly now, you moron I'll see how it ends if you wait until the beans are spilled.


[1] This was mentioned in a previous chapter.

Moutai is a Chinese distilled liquor with a high alcohol content.

To clarify, the author is not exaggerating.

A 500ml bottle can easily fetch a million dollars at auction, especially if it is in pristine condition.


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