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Chapter 102 Tian Yuan’s parents pay him a visit


"I'm sorry, baby.

I received a call from the army, and I must depart.

I can't bring you lunch anymore, and I can't give you my kiss.

For the time being, we'll have to put the evening workout on hold.

When I return, let's use our bodies to get in touch with one other thoroughly."


Pan Lei abruptly called, and the instant he opened his mouth, he announced that he was going, leaving Tian Yuan bewildered.


"How come you're in such a rush to leave"


"It's nothing special.

I’ve been on leave for quite long this time.

Those soldiers need to be trained.

As their instructor, I can't be absent indefinitely."


Tian Yuan felt relieved when he heard this.

At the very least, he wasn't going on a mission.


"When are you going to return"


Pan Lei smiled and lowered his voice, as if he were speaking directly into Tian Yuan's ear.


"Baby, you hate parting with me, don’t you Come on, cry ge.

You only need to speak one line: “Ge, I hate to part with you.” I’ll turn around right away and come to the hospital to kiss you goodbye before leaving."


Tian Yuan's ears turned bright red.


"F**k you! Can’t you be serious! Pay attention to safety, return early, and return safely."


"Baby, I can't bear to leave you."


Pan Lei voiced his dissatisfaction over the phone.

As he stared at their instructor, the car driver's face was filled with horror.

Devil Pan, who bent forward and slung people around like sacks while cursing loudly in the squadron, was acting coquettishly


"I know.

You must notify me if you are required to go out on a mission."


Tian Yuan let out a sigh.

When he mentioned going on a mission, he was reminded of the scenario in which Pan Lei was holding a detonator, which made him nervous.


"You'd better be careful about your safety.

Remember, your life is mine in this lifetime.

You are not permitted to have an accident as long as I am alive."


Pan Lei grinned.

His baby was not very skilled at acting.

His darling's heart was overflowing with him.

His every move had the potential to impact his heart, and his missions were the thing he was most concerned about.

He was terrified to state he wanted to live to a ripe old age in wedded bliss since he would be alone for a lifetime if he died.

Pan Lei felt bad because of his concern.

How was that even possible He had sworn not to abandon him for the rest of his life.


"Baby, our simple life has just begun, and happy days are on their way.

Don't worry! Come on, be obedient and give me a kiss."


"Stop joking.

We're speaking on the phone."


"So what if we're talking on the phone Kiss me, be good, kiss me quickly."


Tian Yuan took a look around.

While he was in a nook talking on the phone, the interns were gossiping and making a racket.

There were a lot of people, but this guy wanted to kiss him over the phone.

Was  there anything more shameful


"There is someone around you.

We’ll talk about it when you get home."


When he got home, they could kiss whenever he pleased.

That would be nice.


Pan Lei glared at the driver, who drove intently, pretending to be serious about not hearing anything and focusing his gaze outside the windscreen. I didn’t hear or see anything.


"Baby, no one can hear you.

Come on! Give me a kiss, okay Hurry up, hurry up."




"You’ve got such a childish temper.

If you’re embarrassed, simply state that you have a toothache: “Sss, sss, sss, toothache, booboo, baby has a toothache.” Say it.”


Huh Could it work Shouldn't a toothache be accompanied by a “Sss!” sound How did it become a “Booboo baby” sound


Tian Yuan found it both amusing and extremely embarrassing. This guy is not at all serious.


"Ouch! Toothache.

Good Now, pay attention to safety.

Come back soon."


He hung up the phone with a snap.

His face was flushed from the little interlude, which had made him feel a little ashamed.


Pan Lei took a look at his phone.

This little ancestor was attempting to muddle through it in such a silly manner. When I return, I'll toss him from the living room to the bedroom, to the bathroom, and back to the living room.

I'm going to eat him whole.

I'll make him unable to get up the next day and request a leave of absence.


Just you wait till I come back.


Zhang Yan saw Tian Yuan's eyes bright with happiness after the phone call.


"Doctor Tian, ​​you look very happy."


Tian Yuan coughed and hid his joy entirely.

Yes, he was overjoyed.

There was someone who adored him, which made him quite happy.


"I will take you to the next ward."


Let's get to work.

He's left, yet life must continue on.


Tian Yuan promised himself that when Pan Lei got home, he would not be as busy.

When Pan Lei was around, there was a really vibrant atmosphere at home.

That guy was a chatterbox.

The other walked into the kitchen as soon as he opened the refrigerator.

Even when he was reading a book and had nothing to say to him, he would make a lot of noise, saying things like, "Baby, look at this line", "Are you hungry, baby", "Come here, baby.

Let me kiss you."


He never felt lonely when he was with Pan Lei.


Someone brought lunch to the office at midday.


"Dean Dang Hong requested that I send it."



It used to be Zhang Hui, or Pan Lei instigating Pan Ge, but now it was even better.

That guy simply called his mother-in-law.

He couldn’t stop his shenanigans for even a second.

It was just lunch.

He'd been eating in the cafeteria for a long time.

Did Pan Lei believe he would go hungry if he wasn’t there Could he not treat him like a child He was twenty-eight years old.

He had been living independently for many years.

He was delighted to receive three homemade meals every day, but asking his working mother-in-law to let someone deliver food to him What was this What



Tian has someone special to deliver meals." Zhang Yan raised her head to peek at him and asked, "Girlfriend"


Tian Yuan was irritated by the girl.

Every time she opened her mouth, she asked about his girlfriend.

She was too preoccupied with him.


"My mother."


He was a little overwhelmed by his mother-in-law’s kindness.


When the phone rang, he sighed when he saw the caller id.

It read, "Mom." Was his mother-in-law calling him on the phone




The person on the other end of the phone burst out laughing the moment he uttered "mom."


"Did you miss your mother Mom misses you, too, good son."


Tian Yuan then recognized that this "mom" was his mother, not his mother-in-law.

His misunderstanding stemmed from the fact that he had saved both of their cell phone numbers as "MOM."


"What made you decide to call me today, Mom"


Tian Yuan inquired, a smile on his face.

He hadn't seen his parents for the last six months, and he missed them terribly.


"Isn't it almost time for the semi-annual physical I miss you terribly.

Your father stated that since we aren't too busy these days, we may come and see you ahead of time."


"That's fantastic.

I'll meet you at the airport.

When are you going to arrive"


"We're at the airport now.

We'll arrive there later today."



I'll leave early to meet you at the airport."


It was for the best that Pan Lei had to leave.

He envisioned what would happen if his parents came to visit one day, and when they arrived home after their flight, Pan Lei opened the door and ran into his parents.

His folks would not be the least bit pleased unlike Pan Lei's parents.

He would almost certainly be killed if they found out about his relationship with Pan Lei.

There would undoubtedly be a quarrel.

His parents were the ones who knew him the best.

It was a good thing Pan Lei had gone.

They had averted a catastrophe.


He'd go home first and hide Pan Lei's clothes and any other traces he could find.

Otherwise, his parents would discover that it was a residence they shared as soon as they came in.


Pan Lei had stated that as long as he brought him to his parents, he would be responsible for them.

Tian Yuan’s only job was to stand with him, and everything would be okay.


But now that his parents were on their way, Pan Lei was nowhere to be found.

He lacked the guts to tell his parents "I have a lover, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives together.

My partner is a man." He was timid and didn't dare to say anything.

He would definitely be beaten to death by his parents without Pan Lei.


Well, as the saying goes, when the sky falls, the tall man holds it up.

In their house, Pan Lei was that tall man.

He stated he would hold it up, so let him return and do so.

He didn't have the guts to say it without his support.


Pan Lei was in the middle of eating when his phone rang.

He slurped the soup gleefully when he noticed the caller ID.


"Darling, do you miss me I knew you did! Come on, give me a kiss."


"Pan Lei, um, I’ve to tell you something." Tian Yuan stated as he took a deep breath.


Pan Lei smiled and sipped the soup.

What could be making him sound so solemn


"My parents are flying in today, and I’ll meet them up at the airport in the afternoon."


When Pan Lei heard the unexpected news, he spat out the soup.


"Ah, what My mother-in-law is coming Damn! Wait for me.

I'll take a leave of absence and return right away."


Did they have to pick today out of all days Couldn’t they have arrived a few days earlier or later He had been at home for a few days and would have discussed the matter with his parents-in-law.

Wouldn’t that have been fantastic Tian Yuan was at home alone at the time.

Could he handle it on his own


No, that won’t do.

His parents-in-law had arrived, and he, as their son-in-law, had to greet them.

He would have to pick them up at the airport with Tian Yuan to make a good impression on them.


"Don't come back.

How can you request leave as soon as you return to work I doubt you’ll be allowed to return.

My parents will be staying with me for two or three days.

They will return after the check-up.

Why are you tossing about We’ll wait until you return the next time.

I’ll also ask for leave from the hospital, and we’ll travel to my hometown together."


Pan Lei drove him home to see his parents and other relatives.

He couldn't keep Pan Lei hidden.

But once their relationship was revealed, it would be a bloodbath.

His parents would erupt.

For the time being, he had to keep it hidden.

He felt obligated to apologize to Pan Lei.

He was twenty-eight years old this year, and he was essentially married.

But his parents didn't know, so they'd undoubtedly bring it up, knowingly or unwittingly.

This issue needed to be clarified in order to avoid unneeded complications.

If his parents planned a blind date for him, if he went on a blind date behind Pan Lei's back, according to Pan Lei’s personality, he would dare to demolish the entire building.


They needed to find a time when Pan Lei was at home, and then he would take Pan Lei to his hometown and tell his parents, "I love this man, I want to live with him for the rest of my life." Pan Lei would be entirely behind him and he would not be concerned.


"Can you handle it alone"


Tian Yuan smiled.

This guy really regarded himself as a child.


"My parents come to see me twice a year for a physical examination.

Why can't I handle it on my own It's not that big of a deal.

I'll tell you one thing.

Because my parents are here, try to phone me in the middle of the night, and don't talk rubbish."


"We’re a legitimate couple, we’re not just messing around.

Why the f**k should we be sneaky"


Pan Lei was quite dissatisfied with Tian Yuan’s directive.

Why should he call in the dead of night He would think about his Tian’er anytime he felt like it.

And whenever he thought of Tian’er, he would call him.

He was happy to be scolded by him.

Wouldn't it be cruel to avoid calling him until midnight Tian Yuan worked long hours.

If he called Tian’er in the middle of the night, he wouldn’t be able to sleep well.


Legitimate Their numerous comrades[1] would rejoice if their relationship was lawful.

They would be the first pair to register for marriage if the country made same-sex marriage legal.

It was pointless to argue with him.

He was an annoying troublemaker who believed that by acting shamelessly and making a ridiculous spectacle, he could accomplish anything—even come out of the closet.


"It's best to be careful."


[1] Comrades is used to refer to the LGBT community in general.

Of course, for our story, it refers to the gay community.


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