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Chapter 101: The Appearance of a False Love Rival


Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan's knee and raised his head to kiss him.

He flattened his mouth as if he had been wronged.


"There's a girl on your internship team, baby.

You should keep your distance from her.

That girl is so adorable that I'm afraid you'll fall in love with her and abandon me."


Pan Lei believed that this preventive injection should be administered ahead of time.

He'd remain in the barracks for a long time and wouldn't be able to return home for months.

Around his family, who was the most attractive in the hospital, would be a woman.

He was agitated.

His Tian'er was a great catch.

He had a beautiful appearance, a good temper, and treated others with respect and kindness.

What if other people liked him



I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

What difference does it make whether she's cute or not"


He was a mature man and yet so petty.

Couldn't this tough guy be a little more generous


"Good! I like your response.

Let me kiss you again, darling."


"Get out! I have to go to work.

Step aside and take a seat.

Don't bother me."


With a smile, he pushed Pan Lei aside.

Pan Lei stole a kiss and sat on the office couch with a smile.


He took a seat on the couch and browsed magazines, occasionally looking up at Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was focused on his task.

He had a narrow back and hair that reached the coat collar.

Pan Lei could see Tian Yuan's ears, white and tender, when he looked over from the back.

A portion of his neck was exposed from his white coat when he lowered his head to write.

He'd left a purple mark a few days ago, but it had faded.

Pan Lei's eyes narrowed and he could only see a sliver of a trace.

The sun shone down on him, turning his skin white and soft.

It looked inviting, which made Pan Lei wonder if it was better to kiss, nibble, and leave a mark.


Pan Lei rubbed his chin and pondered.

Since the idea had appeared, he felt it had to be implemented.


There was no one in the office when Tian Yuan was writing.

Pan Lei rose from the couch and hugged Tian Yuan around the waist from behind.

He buried his head in Tian Yuan's shoulder and tucked his head in his neck.

He took a deep breath and smelled Tian Yuan's shower gel, which he found very aromatic.


Tian Yuan laughed, slightly tilting his neck.


"What are you up to"


Was this the so-called “very close relationship” It was intimate and sweet.


Pan Lei remained silent.

He rubbed his five o'clock shadow a few times on Tian Yuan's neck, then stretched out his tongue to lick it and nibble it a few times before kissing it heavily until a strawberry mark appeared.


"Hey, it's bright out! What exactly do you want, eh"


Please, brother, there are still people outside coming and going.

The door is not shut.

Isn't he embarrassed by this kind of public intimacy


Pan Lei quickly released Tian Yuan when he pinched him on the arm.


"Ouch, ouch, it hurts.

Honey, why did you pinch me, hmm"


Tian Yuan's face flushed: "You should go home right now.

If you stay here, you will cause me to be late for work.

Return home."


Pan Lei stretched his arms out again, this time with the intention of holding him.

Tian Yuan reached for a bulky medical record folder.

He would sever his claws if he dared to reach out and paw him.

That was the most effective way to deal with a wolf.


"Are you sure you won't miss me"


Pan Lei was extremely dissatisfied.

Didn't he just want to be hugged It had been a week since they had returned home, and Pan Lei had devoured Tian Yuan from head to toe.

Tian Yuan had taken a week off from work to rest.

Pan Lei was ready for something else after seeing Tian Yuan recuperate.


"Return home."


"Then allow me to kiss again."


Tian Yuan threw the file folder down, placed his hands in his coat pockets, gave Pan Lei the stink eye, and walked out.

As he walked away, the hem of his white coat created an arc.


Pan Lei smiled as he caressed his chin.

When his little ancestor was in a bad mood, he was incredibly endearing.

He twisted his waist, pounded his feet, and gazed at him with venom. Why is he so adorable


Since his boss at home told him he should go home, he would have to leave.

Pan Lei took a piece of paper and a pen, scribbled a few words, and walked away.

He made a point of greeting the ER doctor as he passed by.


Tian Yuan went to the ward for another round.

He inquired about the patients one by one, examined them, and gave nursing staff instructions about their recovery.

He said hello to the other doctors and exchanged a few words with them.

It had been more than an hour when he returned to his office, and Pan Lei was no longer there.


Tian Yuan felt a little lost. This scoundrel! So he actually left after I asked him to Take a look at how I deal with you.


A piece of paper was on the table.

The handwriting was unsightly, and the words were huge.

It said: Baby, ge will make you lunch.

 Wait for ge to bring you your food.

We'll talk about how to give a meeting kiss, a thank-you kiss, and a goodbye kiss.

Can we do some exercise tonight


There was a small figure doing push-ups on the paper.

Tian Yuan's face was flushed with rage. Bah! Certainly not! I'm not going to exercise with you.

Your endurance is exceptional.

After doing it once, Laozi will need to rest for two days.

My waist will ache, and my back will be sore.

You'll wring me dry and numb me from the waist down.

It will hurt and go numb.

Also…bah! bah! bah! What on earth am I thinking!


Why was he considering how to send himself to that famished beast for such intense and passionate stimulation


He balled up the paper, but as he was about to throw it away, he spread it out, folded it neatly, and placed it in his pocket. A**h**e.

Tian Yuan reprimanded, but the corners of his mouth raised in a smile.


"Someone is looking for you, Dr.



From outside the office, the young nurse spoke loudly.

Tian Yuan dashed out the door, only to collide with a girl.

She appeared out of nowhere, causing Tian Yuan to take a few steps back and nearly fall to the ground. Who is she Her strength is incredible.


Tian Yuan regained his equilibrium by holding the door frame.

He noticed a girl staring at him with her tongue stuck out in consternation.

She was absolutely adorable.


"This girl is looking for you, Dr.



The little nurse gave him a wink.

His tall and powerful boyfriend would be envious if he saw a girl looking for Dr.


When they got home, he'd punish Dr.

Tian in this way and that way.


Tian would undoubtedly be punished all night.

He would have to support his waist the next day at work.


"I apologize for inadvertently colliding with you.

I'm an intern for this year.

My name is  Zhang Yan.

I wanted to come earlier and look, so I dashed here.

You will be my teacher from now on."


Tian Yuan smiled.

She was a lovely young lady, as lively and cheerful as their little nurse.

She was adorable.


"Don't be so polite.

You came by yourself Aren't there four boys interning with you"


"They dragged their feet, so I dashed here without waiting for them."


"I see.

Then I'll accompany you to complete the formalities.

You can follow me for the next few months to gain clinical experience and become a better doctor."


Zhang Yan grinned.

When she smiled, she had two small dimples and her big eyes bent into crescents.



Tian, thank you so much.

I've been concerned that we'll be mentored by an elderly man.

I was feeling a little let down.

But now that I've seen you, I feel confident.


Tian, you're the most attractive doctor in the hospital.

Are you married Do you have  a girlfriend"


Tian Yuan couldn't help but respond to such a direct question.

He wondered if all girls these days were so straightforward.


"I'm not married, and I don't have a girlfriend."


At home, he had a boyfriend who was cooking for him, but he didn't say anything.

There was no need to discuss his personal matters.


"Shall I be Dr.

Tian's girlfriend" said Zhang Yan, bouncing after him.


Tian Yuan ignored the question and did not respond.

Pan Lei would be angry if he found out someone wanted to be his girlfriend within five minutes of meeting him.


"You are not permitted to be late for work.

You must report to work every day at 8 o'clock.

When you accompany me to the ward, you must follow me on the night shift as well.

During the night shift, you must go to the ward for inspection two or three times.

Patients who are critically ill should be closely monitored.

Your phone cannot be turned off, and you must always be reachable by phone.

Whether you are on leave or not, you must rush to the hospital to assist in an emergency.

You should enjoy your job because you chose it.

Being a good doctor entails being worthy of one's conscience as well as one's patients."



Tian, you're fantastic.

You are the most qualified physician.

We'll all graduate with distinction thanks to you.

What is your standard for girlfriends, Dr.



Zhang Yan dashed over to Tian Yuan and inquired.


Tian Yuan gave her a friendly smile: "You should follow and observe me as I perform surgery.

The surgical ward is staffed by four doctors.

You can ask them if you don't know something.

Each doctor is an excellent teacher."


Zhang Yan took a step back, waving her fingers at Tian Yuan as she listed facts about herself.



Tian, I'm 24 years old and I don't have a boyfriend.

I'm looking for a gentle male doctor to be my boyfriend.

This city is where my family lives.

I'm the only child in my family.

I don't have any bad habits.

I don't smoke, drink, or frequent bars.

I'm just a tad carefree.

When I see someone I like, I make a bold move.

I may sound a little brazen, but Dr.

Tian, I fell in love with you at first sight.

So, how about this I can chase you if you don't want to chase me."


Tian Yuan cleared his throat.

He was confessed to by a girl for the first time.

He would have considered it if he hadn't met Pan Lei, if they hadn't promised their entire lives and love to each other. IF he hadn't met Pan Lei.

But things were different now.

He had Pan Lei, whom he had entrusted his life to.

They had agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

Pan Lei's parents had high expectations for them.

Breakups couldn't happen and were unlikely to ever be contemplated.


"Work and romance can't go hand in hand.

I don't agree with office love because it can have a negative impact on patients, and I have someone in my heart.

I'm sorry."


Pan Lei had taken up residence in his heart and soul.

Never in his life would he be moved by anyone.


For a few seconds, Zhang Yan was stunned.

Tian Yuan lifted his feet and continued forward.

Zhang Yan bit her lower lip and dashed after him.

She smiled cheerfully as she walked backwards, continuing to face Tian Yuan.


"But you're not married, right Then I have a chance; gradually you'll discover if I'm right for you.

I won't give up."


Tian Yuan smiled.

The girl was far too outspoken and direct.

He was about to say something about how he didn't want to do this when he noticed that as soon as the elevator door opened, a stretcher was pushed out, and Zhang Yan was still walking backwards.

Tian Yuan reached out and pulled her away from the stretcher as it was about to hit her.

She would have undoubtedly bruised her leg if it had collided into her.


"Be careful.

You can't be so careless in the hospital.

Watch where you're going."


Tian Yuan stepped back and walked away.

Zhang Yan bit her lips.

Her eyes were no longer naïve as they were a moment ago.

Biting her lips was a type of determination to win.


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