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Chapter 100 Dr.

Li's dismissal


The city's number one hospital convened an all-staff meeting.

The conference was attended by all of the hospital's doctors and nurses, as well as the Health Bureau officials and police officers.

The situation appeared to be dire, and the mood was solemn.


The mood grew exceedingly tense as soon as Dean Zhao slammed the table.


"The hospital has a morally corrupt doctor, which is a slap in the face to the hospital's reputation.

As a doctor, I'm embarrassed to have such a person on my team.


Li, you will no longer be a doctor at our hospital.

The hospital administration has chosen to expel you.

The hospital will not be held liable for your actions."


The surgical director coughed.

He had to hide and recuperate for a week after Pan Lei punched him and damaged his teeth.

He'd used overtime as an excuse to spend every night of the week at Dr.




Li risked her life to ensure the safety of more than 20 individuals.

Is this how she'll be rewarded for it"


Dean Zhao was enraged.

He needed to be firm at this point since too many people were watching his behavior.


"If you're still defending your junior, you'll be let go along with her.

Her actions delayed the patient's treatment and caused the patient's death, resulting in a slew of complications and hazards.

Your salary will be deducted for a half-year period, and a major demerit will be recorded against you.

I don't want to talk about it any longer.


Li will be fired as soon as feasible to make place for other outstanding individuals."


The director of surgery intended to make a big deal out of it.

Instead of receiving any rewards, he had caused himself injury.

He wilted and scratched his nose in embarrassment.



Li stood up abruptly.

"Why am I being blamed for delaying the patient's treatment Dr.

Tian's improper rescue caused the medical accident."


Dang Hong's brows twitched.

When Tian Yuan glanced at her, she motioned for him not to remain silent.

A son must follow his mother’s instructions.


"Why are you being so unreasonable The nurses and doctors in the emergency room are aware of the situation at that time.

They said you simply sat in your office and refused to treat the patient.

The anesthesiologist had arrived, and everything was in order.

You were the one who did not go to attend the surgery.

So, what is it that you’re quibbling about"


"I was on leave that day.

It was none of my business."


Dang Hong coughed, and Dean Zhao stopped talking.


Dang Hong said softly, "This is the general meeting of your hospital, and has nothing to do with me.

In normal circumstances, I would not say anything.

However, I accompanied the Health Bureau officials to see my son, and after hearing what happened, I feel compelled to speak up as a doctor.

Doctor Li, our job is saving lives and healing the wounded.

Can you offset all your mistakes by saying you were on leave A doctor's phone cannot be switched off.

As long as there is an emergency, they must arrive in time to help.

These are basic professional ethics.

You endanger the patient if you wait even a minute.

You were in the hospital at the time.

All of the doctors were engaged and unable to perform the rescue surgery.

What were you up to You didn't even move, according to what I've heard.

Where had your conscience and professional ethics gone As for what you said, it is easy to say that Doctor Tian's fault caused the medical accident.

We have representatives from the Health Bureau with us.

If there is any ambiguity on this subject, the Armed Police Hospital can step in as a third party.

We'll transport the deceased’s body back to the Armed Police Hospital's forensic department to determine the cause of death.

I can't allow you to splash dirty water on my son.

If the forensic study concludes that the delay was too long and the patient lost too much blood, well, you may be prosecuted."


Doctor Li had no chance to respond to Dang Hong's statements.

Her words were perfectly rational and sensible.


Dang Hong had chosen the civilized path to see who would have the last laugh.



Li must be expelled.

She will never be hired again." Dean Zhao gave a final comment before adjourning the assembly.

The Health Bureau came forward before the workers had even stood up.


"The Health Bureau will undoubtedly look into what you did.

Your medical qualifying certificate has been revoked.

You must be prepared to cooperate with our investigation and inquiry at any moment."


Pan Ge gave his opponent a wink: "Please come with us.

The police will conduct a thorough investigation into this incident."


Beauty Dr.

Li bowed her head.

She had been arrogant and proud.

It was acceptable for her to fight for the promotion, but she shouldn't have put the patient's life in jeopardy.

That was a huge blunder.


She was enraged as she passed Tian Yuan and wanted to open her mouth and curse.

Pan Lei appeared at the meeting room's door at that same moment.

If the vile woman intended to harm even a strand of his family's hair, he would immediately hurl her downstairs.



Li twitched her lips, said nothing, bowed her head, and walked behind the cops.


Dang Hong smiled, finally satisfied.

Bullying her son was equal to looking for death.

They planned to sue her once the police intervened and her medical qualification certificate was canceled.

She would be imprisoned for a few years, according to the Pan family's decision.


"Good son, work hard.

If someone bullies you, tell your mom, okay Even if Leizi is not around, other members of the family will help you.

The Armed Police Hospital has a heart transplant surgery scheduled for this Saturday.

I’ll send a car to pick you up so that you can observe the operation."


"Thank you, Mom."


He didn't have to worry about anything when Pan Lei was around.

Pan Lei handled everything.

He now had the backing of his mother-in-law.

Tian Yuan believed himself to be quite fortunate.


"Hush, child.

Don't say that.

Go to work, I’ll take my leave."


She straightened Tian Yuan's collar, just like a loving mother.

Pan Lei stood at attention and saluted his mother, receiving Dang Hong’s whack in return.


Pan Lei breathed a sense of relief as he smiled and waved goodbye to his Mighty Mother.


When the director of surgery watched this scene, he locked his gaze on Tian Yuan.

Humph! Dang Hong's appearance to visit him was clearly a cover-up.

He'd let Dr.

Li down.

He felt terrible for his little mistress.

If the occasion arose, he would retaliate against Tian Yuan.


Pan Lei hugged Tian Yuan's shoulders as they proceeded towards his office.

He admired Tian Yuan's appearance in a white coat. Take a look around the hospital, he thought smugly. No one will be more attractive than my man.

He wanted to do this and that with Tian Yuan while he was wearing the coat.


"Excuse me, Dr.


Come with me," The director of surgery intercepted them halfway.


Pan Lei turned around with Tian Yuan in his arms, raised his chin and stared at the director of surgery.


What did he intend to do with Tian Yuan His little mistress had been sacked, so did the director of surgery wish to express his rage on his mistress's behalf Did he intend to make Tian Yuan's life more difficult Pan Lei's punch didn't appear to have wounded him much the last time.

His chin was not wrapped in a bandage.

That was excellent.

Perhaps he had forgotten about the agony.

Pan Lei resolved to beat him once more to test if he remembered the pain.


Tian Yuan had quite a few opinions concerning the director of surgery.

Despite the fact that they were deputy director and director, they had a feud.

"What can I do for you" Tian Yuan questioned nicely.


Pan Lei, on the other hand, didn't mince words: "Hey, do you want to rant on behalf of your Dr.

Li I’m warning you, you’d better behave yourself.

The Health Bureau personnel have most likely not yet departed.

Do you want me to call them back and check your personal bank account to see how much benefits you've earned from pharmacists"


The director of surgery waved his hand rapidly.

He couldn't rile up this family.

"No, no, it's just about work," he hastily countered.


Tian Yuan stroked Pan Lei’s back to calm him down.

He couldn't possibly be so pompous.

After all, he worked in a hospital and was a subordinate to the director.

"Please go to my office.

I'll return as soon as possible."


Pan Lei agreed with a nod, "Where's your phone If he dares to say even one foul word to you, call me.

I’ll beat him to death."


"All right, stop it." Tian Yuan wanted to laugh.

Pan Lei was afraid that he would suffer a loss.

If anyone bullied him or said anything negative, Pan Lei would explode.

This stubborn jerk had a nasty temper.

He overprotected him.


"Be careful," Pan Lei finally said.

Tian Yuan patted him on the arm.

It wasn't a fight; it was work.


Pan Lei stood there watching Tian Yuan walk inside the surgery director's office.

He didn't want to go, so he waited outside the door.

If he heard a loud sound inside, he'd rush in and beat the surgery director once more.


Pan Lei's feelings for Tian Yuan appeared to have deepened.

He couldn't stand it if somebody spoke anything negative about Tian Yuan.

Perhaps it wasn't an exaggeration to claim that if anyone looked at Tian Yuan with an unfriendly gaze, Pan Lei would dig out their eyeballs.

Tian Yuan found this kind of domineering love to be quite heartwarming.


The director: "It's just routine.

That is to say, the Medical University has assigned some interns.

You must bring them with you.

They’ll be here this afternoon."


Tian Yuan was well aware of the situation and was unsurprised.

He had previously given guidance to interns.


"There aren't many of them.

There are just five students in the team.

They won’t be assigned to other doctors during their three-month internship.

Simply put, you’ll have to work a little harder, Dr.



Tian Yuan gave a nod.

He was assigned seven interns the last time.

There were only five interns this time.

The number was not large.

He could handle it.


"That's all there is to it.

There is no other issue.

Please speak with your partner, Dr.


I work as a director.

Don't allow your boyfriend to yell and point at me all day.

It's damaging to my reputation."


Pan Lei didn't care if the individuals surrounding the director were patients or other doctors, or how many there were.

Pan Lei disliked the director and didn’t give him any face.


"I'll talk to him," Tian Yuan said with a smile and a nod.


Pan Lei was smitten with him.

He didn't consider it a negative habit that needed to be broken.

It was a manifestation of Pan Lei's love for him.

He was happy about it.


The information regarding the interns was given to Tian Yuan by the director of surgery.

Tian Yuan took a look and discovered there were four boys and one girl.


There was nothing further to say after discussing the interns.

Tian Yuan opened the door to find Pan Lei beaming back at him.

This guy was simply standing outside the entrance, waiting for him.


He didn't hide anything and didn't believe there was anything to hide.

He stretched out and took Pan Lei's hand, walking back to his office with him hand in hand.


"Eh Is he trying to bully you Isn't it exhausting to work with interns" Pan Lei examined the interns' information.

He believed the girl was an eyesore.

His first impression was not favorable.

Her grin was too dazzling, and her demeanor was too endearing.

She was like a hidden bomb.


"I had more interns than that last year.

This year, there are fewer.

It's not a big deal.

It's basically mentoring them while I work." Tian Yuan examined his shoes.

He was wearing lace-up leather shoes.

The shoelace was dangling, causing him to smirk mischievously.


"The shoelace is loose," he said as he positioned his foot in front of Pan Lei.


When Pan Lei noticed Tian Yuan blinking at him, he stood up and kissed him before smiling and accepting his pettiness.

He knelt down and laced his shoes.


"I can pamper you in any way you want, baby.

But what are you going to do when I go to work"


"I won't wear such shoes.

I'll only wear them when you're at home."


Regardless of whether a man was attractive or not, a crew cut will make him appear so.

And Pan Lei was without a doubt the most attractive man.

Tian Yuan caressed his hair as he squatted to knot Tian Yuan's shoelaces.

In a crew cut, Pan Lei appeared powerful and masculine.

He was a true macho man.


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