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Chapter 01: The so-called Normal Meeting

Pan Lei believes that their first meeting was non-dramatic and perfectly normal.

A lot of people including him, met the other guy for the first time when they used their guns to speak with him.

This meeting is absolutely normal.

On this day, Tian Yuan was assigned on a night shift.

He is a surgeon.

Usually, there was no major surgery at night.

Therefore, his duties would normally include writing a case report and patrolling the ward.

After 12 o’clock, he could sleep for a while.

This is what he started doing as a doctor.

There’s nothing really different about being assigned on night shift.

Who knows that later in the night, he had just fallen asleep when he heard someone pounding at his door.

This time, it must be an emergency.

Otherwise, they would not call him so anxiously.

He hurried to put on his shoes and went to grab the white robe on the chair.

“Darn it! Human life is important! And here you are sleeping! Are you tired of living”

The man outside the door seemed impatient and had started cursing.

Tian Yuan was a little annoyed, so he was in no hurry to come out.

He also doesn’t want to curse back at anyone.

What kind of character does a person who rudely shouts at people have Was he thinking that he is inside his own home

“I’m coming.”

Tian Yuan was trying to fix his loose shoelace so he can wear his leather shoes properly but he just couldn’t do it.

He began to get anxious and the more he did, the more he couldn’t fix it.

Feeling frustrated, he just hurriedly put on his shoes and headed towards the door.

Just as he was about to reach the door, it was suddenly kicked open.

Even the door shaft was broken.

Just a few inches more and the whole door would have hit Tian Yuan’s face!

Tian Yuan was stunned in his place.

Why is a bandit here, ah How could this happen

At the doorway, stood a burly fellow.

Pan Lei saw Tian Yuan wearing a white robe, standing at the door.

He extended his thick and solid arm to push him forward.

“How could you be so slow Doctors save lives, and time is as important as life.

I don’t know if you are trying to lay eggs inside for you to move this slow”

Tian Yuan’s temper completely fired up.

Nobody had ever scolded him right under his nose.

Does he think that he will be afraid of him

“You, bandit! Do you usually call for people like this Have you not learned proper manners” Then he looked towards the broken door.

“Let me tell you.

If you do not fix my door today, I ‘your father‘, will take a scalpel and fight you with it.

My knowledge in anatomy is impeccable.

You dare to provoke me again and I will no longer be polite.”

Tian Yuan’s height only reached Pan Lei’s nose, but his arrogance is absolutely higher than him.

At this very moment, Tian Yuan was very furious.

The high-ranking officer Pan Lei was stunned.


Tian, ​​he is an officer of the special forces.” The little nurse, who was so scared that her face turned pale, wants to prevent Tian Yuan from being beaten by the officer, so she pulled him away towards the emergency room.

“Commando [1], ah! You are indeed impressive but you still need to compensate me for breaking my door.” Tian Yuan craned his neck, like a rooster that’s itching to fight.

His arrogance is still very much unbridled.

{T/N: [1] This is what we call the soldiers of the special forces or the soldiers who were specially trained to carry out hit-and-run raids into the enemy territory.

This should not be confused with the word ‘commander’.} 

When the nurse saw that things are looking bad, she quickly dragged Tian Yuan away and left.

The little nurse was so frightened! She was so surprised that the always gentle doctor is uncooperative this time.

“Don’t think that I’m afraid of you!” As Tian Yuan turned his head, he waved his fist at Pan Lei.

Pan Lei touched his chin and smiled.

No one dares to swear at him right under his nose.

“Excellent! This little doctor’s courage is not small, ah.”

When she can no longer see the bandit, the little nurse finally patted her chest.

She was so scared to death.

How could this happen

Earlier at one o’clock in the morning, the door of the emergency room was smashed open by around ten or so tall men dressed in camouflage. Their faces were still smeared with green and blue paints [2] when they rushed in carrying a person.

{T/N: [2] The military uses war paint to cover the faces of the soldiers as a camouflage to avoid detection from the enemy.}

“He is an important person.

Hurry up and save him! Else, I will blow up your hospital!”

The one who yelled was none other than the bandit guy himself! Suddenly, he aimed the gun at the head of the doctor on duty in the emergency room.

This made the doctor tremble in fear, and the little nurse scream in fright.

The bandit lifted the gun and swept his eyes at everyone.

“…or I could just blow off your heads!”

The doctor shivered when he heard this and the nurse did not dare to move.

The doctor turned his eyes towards the patient.

Looking at his current state, it was most likely that the patient could not be saved.

His camouflage is dyed red with blood and he is entirely unconscious.

With a brief examination, the doctor can deduce that the bullet that penetrated his chest had passed through the left side.

According to this rate of bleeding, it was estimated that the bullet hit the aorta.

“Go and call Dr.

Tian immediately,” the doctor instructed.

All of a sudden, the bandit guy was the first person to rush out.

He was dragging the little nurse with him while ordering her to get Tian Yuan out.

Going back at the present time, Tian Yuan entered the emergency room after being dragged away.

When the doctor in the emergency room saw him, he almost cried.

It was as if he saw the Buddha himself.

Immediately, the nurse around began to give him a report.

“A cursory examination revealed that the bullet penetrated the left side of the patient’s chest and hit the arteries.

The blood pressure drops rapidly, the heart rate is sixty, the blood loss is severe, and the breathing is difficult.”

Tian Yuan flipped over the patient’s eyes and looked back at the instrument again.

“Prepare a blood bag for blood transfusion.

Prepare the adrenal gland hormone and inform the anesthesiology department to hurry into the emergency room.

This situation cannot be sent upstairs to the operating room.

We’ll just do the surgery here.

Let the head nurse come over to be my assistant.

And… ”

Tian Yuan looked around the overcrowded emergency room.

A group of fierce-looking men, who are more than 1.8 meters tall, are standing still like statues in the emergency room and as a result, they’re blocking off the lights.

“Quickly, vacate the room.” Tian Yuan ordered.

The nurses did not dare to chase the people out.

These men have guns in their hands.

They do not want their heads to be pointed at with a gun by these people.

They’re here in the hospital to save lives, not in a bank to be robbed by bandits.

Pan Lei pushed the people away from Tian Yuan and asked, “Do you promise to save him”

Tian Yuan stared at him.

“Even a simple appendix operation will have accidents.

Which doctor will guarantee that there will absolutely be no accident We will do our best.

You and your brothers can only rely on fate.”

Pan Lei stared back at Tian Yuan.

The doctor’s words make people very uncomfortable.

What do you mean by doing your best and us relying on fate Are these words uttered to fool people

Without saying anything, he aimed the gun in his hand at Tian Yuan’s temple.

As long as he moves his fingers, Tian Yuan’s head would absolutely end up like that of a smashed watermelon.

“If you can’t save him, I’ll bury you together with him,” he threatened.

Tian Yuan sneered and picked up a scalpel and aimed at the patient’s left chest.

“If you do not vacate the room, I will directly send him off to see the King of Hell.”

“If you dare kill me, I’ll stab this knife straight into his heart.

Let’s see whose hand is faster,” he added.

In the middle of confrontation, it seems that the doctor who saves lives is forced to commit murder when provoked.

The nurse bit her handkerchief and she almost cried.


Tian is not usually like this.

He is very gentle.

He can make people comfortable with just his laugh.

He is very kind to everyone.

Why is he going against these special forces These people are not simple.

They are the national special forces!

“Pan, it’s alright…” One of the men called out.

Hearing this, Pan Lei turned a finger and the gun was put into the holster.

He turned around to those people and waved his hand.

“Let’s go outside and wait.”

Alright, the little doctor looks sincere and was even more insane than he was.

However, he would like to see if his medical skills could justify the madness he just showed.

The time should not be delayed even by a minute; otherwise, his brother will be in a more dangerous situation.

Should something bad happens, the little doctor must be prepared to face him for the consequences.


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