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Chapter 191: The Legend of the Hero Again…

While the main force led by C-team “Wolf fang” desperately held off the ogre horde from the front, Tauro’s group, led by Bob, started from the left wing and gradually but surely reduced the number of ogres.

Because of Bob’s success, Elias also decided to switch to support magic instead of attack magic to help the senior adventurers in the C rank zone.

Tauro, who was also supporting the senior adventurers, was more comfortable now that Aeris had switched to support, and he used his bow and arrow with unparalleled accuracy to stop and wound the ogres.

At first, they were aiming for the vital points to finish them off, but the ogres were no scarecrows.

They were wary of Tauro’s high-powered arrows and began to avoid them or repel them with their weapons.

“As one might expect from a demon that specializes in physical combat, they aren’t so naive! “

Tauro then switched his attack method.

He stopped using the straight, powerful arrows of light and began to attack from behind his comrades, hiding himself and bending the trajectory of his arrows from a blind spot.

The ogres could no longer cope with this, and were shot through the legs, arms, shoulders, and thighs one after another, sapping their fighting strength.

The adventurers, who had managed to hold their own, began to lose ground.

However, the adventurers were not unscathed.

Many adventurers, especially those in the E ranks, were seriously or slightly wounded, and Tauro was in no condition to treat them.

Naturally, even in the village of Dansas, where many medicinal herbs can be found, there were few people who had potions for restoring magic power, as they were expensive.

Tauro, while covering for Bob and the others, threw the potion a long way and made a big show of it, even though there was a little distance between them and him as they came into view.

Tauro, whose dexterity status is superior due with his ability compensation, literally broke the bottles containing the potion in mid-air by throwing the potion a long way, and poured the contents over the heads of the injured, healing them.

At the same time, shards of glass also rained down, but that should be tolerated.

Aeris, who was watching in the background, was surprised to see Tauro performing such a trick while shooting arrows at the enemy, but she immediately drank the magic recovery potion Tauro had given her and covered Bob and the others with magic to increase their strength.

Thanks to Tauro’s superhuman support, the vanguard of the main group was able to maintain its position without collapsing.

In the meantime, Bob and his team completely defeated the ogres on the left flank and cut into the center.

As expected, the ogre hordes were now at a disadvantage.

If they were cut from behind, there was nothing they could do.

And since Bob’s magic sword was extremely sharp and his skill in using it was considerable, a slash would be fatal.

The battle was now decisive.

The hordes of the greatly reduced numbers of ogres were surrounded one by one, and then struck down, and in no time at all, they were all wiped out.

The adventurers all collapsed into a heap as soon as the battle was decided.

Although they had won, they were at the end of their physical strength.

Bob, however, did not slump down, but instead entered the village.

“Follow me, Tauro!”

Bob said, and Tauro and Aeris followed him.

Bob’s words were followed by Tauro and Aeris, who thought there might be survivors among the villagers who had failed to escape and had been attacked by the ogre pack.

Tauro gave Bob and Aeris rare advanced and intermediate potions, and they scattered to search for the wounded.

Unfortunately, most of the villagers who had failed to escape were dead.

However, Bob found two people who were treated in time and survived.

It was truly a miracle.

Bob was able to treat the fatal wounds with an advanced potion he had received from Tauro.

Tauro immediately rushed to the scene and healed them with additional potions.

Aeris also assisted with healing and strength-raising magic.

One of them was the village chief.

It seems that he had been standing his ground and resisting for the villagers until the end, and was saved by the arrival of the adventurers and their rush into battle.

When he regained consciousness from his injuries, he was very grateful to Bob for saving him.

The chief was very moved and grateful to learn that he was the hero of Dansas, a well-known hero in the neighboring villages when he heard his name.

When it was all over, Bob had killed by far the largest number of ogres.

The other adventurers were also very impressed, saying that they might have been doomed without Bob’s help.

No,” Bob said humbly, “they were all weakened, and I just put a stop to them.

Bob himself was modest, but that also contributed to everyone’s appreciation.

Tauro, as one of the witnesses who had seen Bob up close and personal, added his own flowery praise for his efforts.

“If it hadn’t been for Bob’s work, I think we would have been beaten in the end,”

“No, Tauro, you did a great job in the rearguard position.

Many of us were saved thanks to your hard work in the rear guard.”

Bob wanted everyone to know about the heroic efforts of this reliable boy, but they also saw it as a kind gesture on Bob’s part.

And so, another tale of great deeds was added to the legend of Bob’s heroism.


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