Sensory Room

What is it?
A safe and interactive environment, where the senses can be explored through exciting installations such as bubble panels, UV blacklights, or calming activities such as relaxing into soft seating with gentle music. Almost everything can be controlled by the student, with a staff member present to guide and encourage exploration and discovery.
Who is it for?
The relaxation elements can prove useful for students, particularly for those who have high anxiety, or epilepsy, as a calm space can reduce the frequency of seizures.
Overview of session:
Sessions can be highly adapted to different needs and favourite activities of the individual, but will usually feature a mix of calming and stimulating activities, with the session finishing with something the student finds relaxing. The use of Switches to use the devices such as sound systems and lighting will allow choice and control, as well as allowing opportunities for interaction, turn-taking, concentration building, discovery of new sensations, encouraging movement and fun!