Who is it for?
The session is for anyone who is creative, imaginative and is interested in the visual arts and film production or wants to get involved with them.
A typical session:
The workshop offers the opportunity to the students to combine art techniques and technology in order to produce a film.
The session starts with a social catch up to develop interpersonal skills and share ideas. Based on the group’s suggestions a film project is undertaken and each student is asked to contribute in the process of producing it. That includes writing the script, dividing it into scenes, deciding on the materials and techniques that will be used for recreating each scene in the film, making the animations, etc and finally the filming, editing and addition of voice-over and sound track of the film.
What will I learn?
The primary objective of this workshop is to teach participants how art (still images or animation), sound, and video can be utilised in the production of a film. Students will develop an understanding of filming technology and the filming process as well as how to make informed choices as to which type of art best suits a particular task.