Literacy & Numeracy

Who is it for?
This is usually a one-to-one session for anyone wishing to improve existing literacy and/or numeracy skills.
A typical session
Each session is built around the needs of the student – literacy covers phonics, reading and oral work. Students are also encouraged to undertake comprehension activities and expand their personal reading to match their development. Numeracy covers number work, money, real life problems and weight/measure.
What can students expect to learn in 10 weeks?
Literacy students will learn to identify and blend sounds, read and spell gradually more complex words and use sentences within written tasks. Comprehension and practical understanding are incorporated as each student progresses. The sessions are adapted to suit the needs of each student.  Numeracy students learn to transfer skills into real life situations – paying in a shop, telling the time, reading timetables, etc. The sessions are based around the Curriculum for Excellence and provide a progressive programme for individuals.