Health, Well-being & Relaxation

Who is it for?
This workshop is for anyone who enjoys being in a calm relaxed environment which helps uncover strengths, talents and promotes personal development and well-being.
A typical session:
The session focuses on a range of health and well-being topics, such as relaxation, movement and exercise, focus and concentration, assertiveness, positive thinking and strategies for reducing stress, as well as other elements such as healthy lifestyle, breathing exercises and finding which techniques work well for each individual student. The workshop also includes some light head/shoulder massage, which the students pair up to give and receive.
What will I learn?
Students will be given the opportunity to learn how to control and communicate different feelings and experiences, which will encourage and allow them to enjoy a relaxing session. Students will take part and learn how to perform a variety of relaxation techniques. There is a high emphasis on empathy and group work, encouraging positive interactions.