Green Seeds - Community Garden Project

Who is it for?
Community gardening has been shown to have a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits. This workshop is suited to students of all abilities. Over a four year period, Green Seeds Community Garden Projects have provided placements for students with a variety of needs and requirements
A typical session:
The content of the community garden session will vary depending on the time of year. Sessions always begin with a social catch up to allow the daily planned tasks to be discussed. Tasks may include: sowing seeds in a poly tunnel, preparing raised beds for transplanting young plants, watering plants, learning when and how to harvest a crop and mowing the lawn. Advice concerning the use and preparation of vegetables in meals are incorporated into the session content, helping students to contribute to their healthy lifestyle.
What will I learn?
Among the skills acquired during a block within the green seeds project, students may be given the opportunity to learn about propagating fruits and vegetables, constructing a raised bed, to care and tend developing plants, safely use tools such as lawn mowers, hoes, spades and other common garden implements.