Games Making

Who is it for?
Anyone who loves coming up with ideas on how to make giant sized games. Must love getting hands dirty, as lots of painting and modelling work involved.
Overview of session:
The students decide what kind of game they would like to make as a group. In the past we have made character skittles, giant snakes and ladders, and we are currently working on a giant race track for our ‘Wacky Races’ game. Each student has also made their own 3D model car to race against each other.
What will I learn?
This is a student led workshop, where the whole group decides on what the next project will be. Each student gets the chance to work on individual tasks and as part of a group, that contributes to the final game being made. Students are encouraged to work as independently as possible, gathering materials, coming up with ideas and following tasks to completion. Great opportunity to get your hands dirty!