Film Making

Film is an accessible way for students of all abilities to learn about the world and express their thoughts, emotions and visions.

Who is it for?
For anyone who is interested in film, and the creative process that leads to a finished production. It may also be useful to students who would like to analyse the process of constructing a story line and script.

A typical session:
This workshop gives students the opportunity to see how films are constructed, from script writing and art direction through acting, use of camera to the editing stage.
The session starts with a social catch up to develop interpersonal skills and share ideas. A physical, vocal and mental warm up readies the body for creating and performing.
Students discuss and take on the roles of a variety of characters. Different filming techniques are studied and used each week to create a film from group ideas.

What will I learn?
Students will be given the opportunity to develop an awareness of the language of film, develop their skills in reading and making a film, composing music for film, signing and singing, concentration and the confidence to realise individual creativity.