Fashion Design

Who is it for?
This is a hands-on, creative workshop. It is ideal for anyone who has an interest in fashion or costume and would like to see their designs come to life.
A typical session:
We are influenced by fashion through the ages and we like to start our session with a discussion and a chance to look through a variety of fashion magazines, which help to inspire creativity. We each have a fashion design book and we use this to keep all our ideas and projects together. Time is allocated to research and sharing our thoughts and designs with each other. We are currently working towards realising our designs and showing them off in an Upward Mobility fashion show. 
What will I learn?
Students will be introduced to new craft processes and fabric manipulation techniques such as felting, knitting, tie-dye and many more. Students will also be encouraged to confidently work towards deadlines, source a variety of materials and expand their knowledge of texture and colour work. The process from initial idea to design and final creation is explored at the individual student’s pace within a supportive and friendly environment.