Digital Photography

Who is it for?
This workshop is for students wishing to learn a variety of photography skills. These include taking pictures using different settings, discovering the different roles within photography projects and practicing editing techniques.
A typical session:
Each week the group undertake tasks, which allow them to learn about and explore different aspects of photography. The workshop has a particular focus each week. Examples include taking photos in sepia, black & white, studying a theme such as camera angles, movement, colour and many more. Students may carry out individual projects to provide as much variety as possible within the session.
The nature of the workshop provides the opportunity for the group to visit different places in Edinburgh including the Botanic Gardens, Portobello Beach, The Grassmarket and photograph selected objects or scenes. There may be excursions further afield such as to Linlithgow, South Queensferry or Glasgow.
What will I learn?
Students will be given the opportunity to learn a wide variety of photographic techniques and editing skills to produce a high standard of photographs, which may then be exhibited.