Bike Club

Who is it for?
Upward Mobility’s Bike Club is perfect for students who wish to both improve their health, activity levels and fitness, and enjoy being outside with a fun group of people. Sessions are built around building confidence, self esteem and friendships, while having ‘mini travel adventures’ within a safe supported group.
A typical session:
We like to start with a catch up to share our news and weekly achievements, followed by a run through of our plan for the day. This might include:  Route planning for long and short trips in and around Edinburgh, Bike training, Refresher sessions, Simple bike maintenance, Long and short bike ride outs to country and city attractions, Picnics and visits to other bike-affiliated organisations.  The day usually ends as it began, with a cup of tea and a look back over how the day went as a group.
What will I learn?
Students will be introduced to, among other skills, simple bike care and maintenance, bikeability, cycle safety and considerate behaviour in public places. Students will also learn how to work as a team and encourage each other, develop their coordination and learn more about the wide variety of places we visit.