Art & Design

Who is it for?
Our art workshops are aimed at anyone who enjoys practical, creative activities. Tasks are group-based, but tailored to the interests and level of the individual.
A typical session:
The class work within a theme or project to create individual pieces. A recent exhibition was entitled ‘Magical Places’ which allowed students to investigate, design and realise their own magical place through a variety of techniques. These included 3D art forms, sculpture, mixed media, drawing, painting and collage. Links with other workshops provide music and dramatic additions to these projects.
What will I learn?
Students are given the opportunity to achieve their own artistic visions, while engaging with external artists/agencies within the Edinburgh Palette community. Students develop skills to work with a wide variety of materials and techniques. Emphasis on the use of recycled materials and the chance to have artwork exhibited regularly forms a major part of the ethos of the workshop.