About Us

Upward Mobility was introduced as a summer project in 2006 by a small group of people who worked with adults with intellectual disabilities.  At the time we saw people who were bored and easily distracted often resulting in challenging behaviour.  They were not experiencing any of the richness that life has to offer to mainstream society.  We saw the solution as simple - workshops, initially Creative Movement, Drama, School of Rock and Art.  These workshops all contributed to a documentary film project about our journey entitled 'The Dream of Wong Tong!' (screened at the Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh, in December of 2006).  This event raised awareness of our project and secured the continuation of the Upward Mobility Project at the end of the initial pilot phase.  
Now over 9 years later, the project is running over 70 workshops a week in Creative Arts, Employability and Health and Wellbeing subjects for over 135 students.  Based at Edinburgh Palette Artists’ Studios, but with satellite locations across Edinburgh and East Lothian, we offer workshops that enable physical and practical learning. 

One parent recently commented:
"The ethos is so refreshing, they work with the students and don’t try and put them in a box, which we have had experience of before… they inspire students to be creative and meet them where they are at… my daughter feels understood… what more could you ask for."

All workshops are structured around the Scottish Governments Curriculum For Excellence with set aims and objectives that ensure personal development, confidence building and greater independence. We involve students in running the project, we also run regular respite trips via 'Outward Mobility' and have exciting plans for the coming years!

Annual Report 
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