Sensory Textures & Music

(This workshop will take place in our brand new professionally designed  Sensory Room and iMUSE)
Who is it for?
This workshop is designed for students who have complex needs including wheelchair users and students who are on the Autistic Spectrum.  Each student would be assessed to determine their suitability.
A typical session:
The session is tailored to the individual and will begin in a calm, relaxed manner with investigation of texture and sound. Choice plays a large part in the session, and students are encouraged to gradually make independent choices using preferred methods of communication. Sounds, scents, colours, musical instruments, lighting and textured objects are used to allow a wide range of sensory experiences. Students are able to use this session to work on individual aims and develop motor and communication skills with support.
What will I learn?
The session is built around meaningful sensory experiences and each student will benefit in their own way from interactions and sensations.